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Abusive Oversight is Not a Strategy – Democrats Should Put America First


Abuse of congressional oversight is not a strategy.  Nor is reckless impeachment talk.  In the end, the Democrats are in a bind – and should cut their losses, admit errors, and put America first.  National Democratic leaders are stuck.  They have one message: Repudiate President Trump.  The message is emotional, intentionally provocative, and overtly divisive.  It is not reasoned, but reviling and invites violence.  Humility, bipartisanship and putting America first would go farther.

Whether the messenger is an avowed socialist, vaguely utopian communist, lively senators who promise wand-waving debt forgiveness, free medicine, free college, legalized drugs to “spread joy,” late term abortion on demand, and government control of weather, or old Joe Biden, caught red-handed giving another man’s speech as his own, shameless demagogue and master of the misspoken word, apologist for unwanted kisses and hugs, does not matter. 

Democrats have painted themselves into a corner.  They were sure Trump’s 2016 win could be blamed on “Russian collusion.”   They awaited the finding.  But after 1.5 million documents, 500 interviews, and 35 million dollars in taxpayer money, they were left flatfooted.  They remain shell-shocked.  The “Mueller Report” found no culpability by Trump for Russian interference in the 2016 process.

They were doubly down when no recommendation – on top of a missing predicate – for obstruction of justice.  President Trump had, on the facts, not obstructed Mueller’s Investigation.  The nerve of the former FBI Director and Special Prosecutor to speak unadulterated truth, instead of assigning guilt, was infuriating.

Worse than infuriating, the development is becoming politically scary.  Democrats invested two years in the wrong message.  They wanted President Trump removed, condemned by Mueller, impeached.  There were no findings to support that outcome.  The political crater is deep.

Mueller’s report gives just hen scratching, a colorful list of complaints by Mueller’s largely Democratic team of prosecutors that Trump complained incessantly of being falsely accused.  Of what?  Of a crime they could not find and concluded he did not commit. 

This must be hard to fathom for Democratic voters.  Their leaders misled them.  The same leaders remain unrepentant.  They overplayed their hand, overstated facts – based on nothing.  No predicate crime existed.  Every document and witness requested was produced.  It must leave the left uneasy.

What does the Democratic Party run on for 2020?  More overstatement, insinuation, and empty allegation?  Impeachment?  Dead-end “socialism for all?”  They put all their eggs in one basket, and Mueller stepped on it.  

The Democratic messenger – whether an inveterate socialist or dozing Joe – faces a steep slope.  An impeachment vote, even in the House, comes with risks. Only 37 percent of Americans even want the topic discussed.  Impeachment is a loser. If they sidestep impeachment, the slope remains steep.

Democrats must contend with the best American economy in three generations, record-breaking growth and unemployment (including for minorities), high labor participation, dollar value, rebalancing of trade advantages, and wage growth. 

To that, add Trump’s uncompromising protection of the US border, attention to international disentanglement and focused national security engagements (including in the Middle East, Far East, Europe and combatting global socialism), record of putting constitutionalists on federal courts, advancing quality healthcare (lower premiums and coverage for pre-existing conditions), insistence on transparency within law enforcement and intelligence, and ending morally repugnant policies, like late term and at-birth abortions.

Many Democrats feel painted into a corner, divided over whether to push impeachment, press a losing argument by politicizing their subpoena power, or taking another course.  There is another way.  Democrats could take a deep breath, and recognize that much of what this President supports – stronger defense, selective international engagements, fair trade, border protection, economic growth, tax cuts, less regulation, and moral compass – is what most of America wants. 

Most of America is not interested in impeachment.   Democrats could put America above party.  They could stop the socialist nonsense, field a candidate who cuts back toward center, try to beat President Trump by adopting his own positions – arguing they can implement them better.   They can draw distinctions at the periphery.

But do not count on this.  The Democratic Party is in a funk.  House leaders are divided, demoralized and deaf to anything but anti-Trump sloganeering.  Withdrawal from their political addiction is hard.  They have conditioned their base and media to berate, harass, resist and remove a President – reversing an election.  They call this the top national priority.  

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Michael cozzi
1 year ago

Democrats don’t want to make America great they want to tear it down

1 year ago

The Democrats have proved that they DO NOT love America. Anyone who votes for them also dose not love America, I will never never vote for any Democrat for any US Government. State, County or Local position.
Democrats hate President Trump so much that they would rather let our country be destroyed than to give him a win on securing our border.

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Dems ONLY want power & to Hell with America & the average Joe. Common sense Dems have No power in DNC unless they shift to GOP?
Keep Dems divided,we take House again maybe unless GOP cleans out RINOs.

1 year ago

If Democrats continue with this path they will completely destroy America..I think that they want another Communist Utopia where only they have the power ,the wealth and the privilege.

1 year ago

These are NOT Democrats! I was a Democrat and I would support who ever was elected President, then work on building a platform for the next Presidential Elections! An American, always moved to support the President that was elected, that was the only way to ensure a Strong America! It was Never the Democrats agenda to Destroy the country when we lost an election! These are subversive individuals who have infiltrated our Congress and have only one intention! That is to Gain power for their Party Leaders while pitting American against American! This is a Vile Group of people bent… Read more »

Richard Wildhirt
1 year ago

The Democrats need to stop wasting my hard earned money. This is not what I pay my taxes for. What’s the big deal if a Republican is doing well with this country? It doesn’t mean the Democrats are bad. Just accept it, celebrate how well our country is doing, and move on. Yeah, move on.

1 year ago

If no one has figured it out yet, the reason that Democraps and many Republican D.C. denizens hate President Trump is because he is NOT one of them. He is SUCCESSFUL. They are pulls on the teeth of the American taxpayers. He is OUTSPOKEN. They are showboating do-nothings that talk out of both sides of their mouths. He uses COMMON SENSE. They have no sense, but lots and lots of hatred for people that are not in “the good ole boys club” of Washington hierarchy. He was exposed them for the frauds that they are. Make no mistake about it,… Read more »

Steve Weeks, Sr
1 year ago

You should not describe the Democrats as Democratic as they are far from it.

1 year ago

I first voted in 1964, did not vote for LBJ, when the democraps pushed the 1968 gun control act through I swore I would NEVER vote for a democrap and to date I have not and I never will! But it`s getting that the republicans are almost as bad. We definitely need to take our government back from the Politian’s and give it back to the people.

1 year ago

The Democrats are
Anti Trump
Anti Catholic
Anti Jews
Anti Nature
Anti God
That’s why I am
Anti Democrat

1 year ago

Last week the RNC called and I managed to speak to a live person and I proceeded to complain to him about the republicans NOT backing President Trump and do you know what that POS said. “we`ll just put you on the DO NOT CALL LIST.”

1 year ago

Any one who would vote for a Democrat after what we have seen the past two years must have lost their mine. Or didn’t have one to lose

Patricia VanBuren
1 year ago

Most Democrats won’t even listen to the facts about Trump and our economy. They just close their ears or walk away saying we will be sorry because he is bad for our country. They are so jealous that he is really doing what he said he would. He is great for our country.

Rick J.
1 year ago

The 2020 election, will be the do or die point in our countries history. If democraps retake the oval office
and the senate, the USA so many of us grew up in and love, will be lost. If Republicans can retake the house,
and if President Trump can win reelection, the country will have bought some time. To save the the country,
will take years of Republican leadership, to rebuild a solid democratic foundation.

1 year ago

Another fantasy article from the author. Calling on Democrats to admit their mistakes, abandon their hate of both President Trump and the Constitution, and work for the betterment of all Americans is asking Democrats in Washington to put something they aren’t. That being patriotic citizens of the United States and completely abandoning their self-serving ways and list for power. Sorry, but it just isn’t going to happen and no wringing of the hands by the author is going to bring about such a transformation.

1 year ago

Absolutely the best article I have read in a long time. Totally agree

1 year ago

Liberals care only about the liberal cause and hate this country, our freedoms and our God. They will answer for their treason when they are burning in hell.

1 year ago

Democrats are a losing brand. Nothing new. Get rid of Trump. That is all they know or care about. Why they still have a base is beyond me. Some Americans must be as dumb and ignorant as a door.

Neal Christensen
1 year ago

I would like to assume that most Democrats (not those on the national stage) are moderate, good Americans who wish the best for America. But, it doesn’t matter if they are or even if they do far outnumber the radicals because the radicals are in charge and have all of the MSM trumpeting their message. And in the end, these “good” Democrats will help the radical faction consolidate their power because they will vote for the candidates put forward by the party.

Charlene Denney
1 year ago

Facebook wouldn’t let me share this message.

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