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AMAC is Helping Members Save on Prescriptions!

RX Card pharmacy prescriptions members saveAMAC has saved our members an average of 69.68% off the retail price of prescriptions, resulting in savings of $13,175,519.85 for Amac members over the last 7 years. Members that are uninsured, underinsured, have high deductible health plans or don’t have a drug covered under their health insurance have used the Amac Rx Card to save money since 2012. Members using Medicare Part D have used the discount drug card when they’re in the “donut hole” and when they don’t have coverage for their prescribed medication.

The card has:

  • No eligibility requirements
  • No paperwork to fill out
  • No limits on card usage
  • No expiration date
  • No fee ever charged for the card
  • All Amac members’ families can use the card
  • Pet prescriptions that are also available for human consumption are covered using the Amac Rx Card
  • Nationwide pharmacy coverage including major chain pharmacies and local pharmacies

How do I get the card?

  • A card is inserted into this Amac Magazine
  • You can also download or print additional cards at
  • Call us at 888-262-2006, and we will US mail you a card or email you a card
  • You can send to your phone and other devices via text, email or via social media links and we will forward you a card

The Best way to save is to check prescription pricing with our online pricing tool at pricing.   This will ensure you are getting the lowest available price at the local pharmacy of your choice. Use the “Get Free Card” feature on the pricing tool to get the free card for your use at your chosen pharmacy.

If you have existing prescription benefit coverage, ask your pharmacist to compare your cost using your existing coverage to the discount provided by the AMAC Rx Card and choose the one that provides you with the lowest cost.

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