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AMAC Scores a Major Victory for Seniors! President Trump’s Rebate Rule Will Significantly Lower Drug Costs for Medicare Beneficiaries


AMAC Action Senior Vice President Andy Mangione and physician members of the Free2Care Coalition point out President Trump’s rebate rule Executive Order

AMAC Action has been working for years to address the middleman money in the outpatient prescription drug supply chain. Why? Because the prices Americans pay for prescriptions are high in part due to middleman profiteering.

AMAC has lobbied Members of Congress and the Trump Administration on our own and in alliance with a coalition of physician and patient advocates to detail how these rebate relationships negatively impact the list cost of prescription drugs.

President Trump signed four Executive Orders on July 24th and one in particular will have a huge impact on the cost of prescription drugs for America’s seniors. He resurrected a policy involving the rebates pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) receive from drug manufacturers that his Administration considered last year.

His new Executive Order compels PBMs to share the approximately $30 billion they receive from pharmaceutical companies for Part D drugs with Medicare beneficiaries at the pharmacy counter to lower out-of-pocket medication expenses for seniors. The President said his Executive Order will result in a 30 percent reduction in drug costs for seniors.

AMAC members have consistently voiced their concern over the price they pay for prescription drugs. We have heard from many members who relate how the high cost of their medicines puts financial stress on them to cover life’s other expenses during their retirement years.

It is also worth noting that AMAC has been the only national member benefits organization representing millions of seniors whose advocacy affiliate is steadily highlighting the problems with these drug middleman-manufacturer relationships on Capitol Hill. The actions taken by President Trump and AMAC bring a healthy dose of reform to these relationships.  They represent another kept promise to mature Americans by the Trump Administration and a perceptible step forward towards responsive health care reform that America’s seniors deserve.

You can read the rebate rule Executive Order here.

Andrew Mangione is Senior Vice President for AMAC’s advocacy affiliate, AMAC Action. He leads AMAC’s grassroots efforts, represents AMAC’s membership in Washington, D.C., and helps chart the association’s policy course. He also serves as a national spokesperson.

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Jayne Jones
2 months ago

There are too many people out there that believe AARP is the ONLY choice for them, I was one!
Thank you for your continued dedication to taking care of us seniors! God bless ✝️

Patriot Will
2 months ago

With no exaggeration, I am frequently awe struck when I think of all the times President Trump has and is fighting for the good of all Americans. Of course, the radical, destructive left totally ignores all the nobility of character that President Trump exhibits.

Jeanette Fenton
2 months ago

Fantastic! Our drug costs are out of control and excessive. Totally crazy, bordering criminal.

2 months ago

good work AMAC‼️

M M Collins
2 months ago

This why I joined AMAC and told AARP to pound sand!

David Spade
2 months ago

I just received a prescription that cost only 24 percent of what I paid 90 days ago. I will save $1,000+ for the year. Thanks to the lobbying efforts from groups like AMAC and President Trump’s push, that is a meaningful savings for my family and other families in America.

Glenn Lego
2 months ago

My wife will appreciate one of the things especially since she is a diabetic and needs insulin to survive.

Allan Brem
2 months ago

Moving in the direction of a real affordable care act.

2 months ago

AARP 👎dumped them when AMAC was just starting. BEST decision I’ve ever made concerning who represents my wife and I in our retirement.
Keep up the good work

John Giametta
2 months ago

Fantastic AMAC! This is why I joined YOU!

2 months ago

I just refilled a prescription, through the PBM my former company has me use. This year it is $90 for a three month supply. Last year that same three month supply cost me $20. Luckily for me, I can afford this but if costs keep rising at over 400% per prescription it sill become a problem. I will be very interested in seeing the price the next time I renew.

2 months ago

Another good thing that the Trumpster has done in less than 4 years and I hope he wins in a landslide this November and the country does not haveto deal with a stooge like Biden and his slop dogs Pelosi and Schumer////

2 months ago

I thank God for AMAC! So glad I found out about you when I did, wasted years with AARP

2 months ago

Our out of pocket drug expenses have gone up significantly just this year! Some change to Medicare according to the Pharmacy.
A 30% saving would help us significantly!!!!

2 months ago

Thanks for your help. As a senior I appreciate it!!! I only take one medicine at present but that can change quickly!!

Dan W.
2 months ago

If we really want to slice into drug costs, the next step must be to allow Medicare (the CMS) to negotiate drug prices with the drug manufacturers.

2 months ago

I’ve been taking Enbrel, (Tier 5 Specialty medication) for 10 years. When I retire on Medicare, I will not be able to afford to pay one third of $3300.00 p/mo to continue using it. I’m hoping that the cost of specialty medications will come down also.

Marlene M Ramseyer
2 months ago

I am hoping this will reduce the cost of a med that costs me $300+ for a three month supply. Totally out of control. Thank you President Trump as you continue to work for the good of America. Thank you AMAC – I, too, have dumped AARP to come this direction.

Dennis mahood
2 months ago

Unless the Democrats win in November and do away with it, you know they will never let Our President win anything.

Pamela Clymer
2 months ago

I hope this works for the drug my husband takes (multaq) for afib. If he falls into the medicare donut hole it could cost $700 a month!

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