At CPAC, Trump Defends America’s Values, Condemns Green New Deal

Trump American ValuesWASHINGTON — President Donald Trump spoke for more than two hours on the last day of a packed Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on March 2.

He hit on all the major topics of his “America First” agenda, while mixing in some off-script riffing that resonated with the appreciative crowd.

At one point, he said: “I’m totally off script right now. And this is how I got elected, by being off script.”

“Our movement and our future in our country is unlimited,” Trump said. “I think we’re going to do even better in 2020.”

He touched on the booming economy, low unemployment numbers, the resurgence in manufacturing, stronger military, and a strengthening of traditional values.

“We’re reclaiming our nation’s priceless heritage,” he said.

Trump explained his use of the tariff system as leverage to secure better trade deals, and to protect U.S. interests—with an overall goal of having reciprocity and dropping tariffs altogether.

“With your help, we’re reversing decades of blunders and betrayals … It’s been done by the failed ruling class that enriched foreign countries at our expense,” he said. “America is winning again, America is respected again, and the world knows it.”

Trump ridiculed the Green New Deal that was recently introduced by Democrats.

“No planes. No energy. When the wind stops blowing, that’s the end of your electric. It would force the destruction or renovation of virtually every structure in the United States,” he said. “Perhaps nothing is more extreme than the Democrat plan to take over American energy.”

Trump said he encourages the Democrats to embrace the new plan, insinuating it’ll make it easier for him to win in 2020.  “This is a killer … I want them to embrace this plan. … I just want to be the Republican that runs against them.”

As with Vice President Mike Pence’s speech the day prior, Trump criticized the Democrats’ push for socialism.

“Democratic lawmakers are now embracing socialism. They want to replace individual rights with total government domination,” he said. “Socialism is not about the environment. It’s not about justice. It’s not about virtue. Socialism is about only one thing—it’s called power for the ruling class.”

Trump’s actions as president have pushed back from a drift to socialism, and toward a reduction in government oversight and regulation.

“The future does not belong to those who believe in socialism,” he said. “The future belongs to those who believe in freedom. I have said it before, and I will say it again: America will never be a socialist country.”

Trump praised young conservatives, singling out Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens. He invited onto stage Hayden Williams, who was punched in the face while recruiting conservative students at the University of California–Berkeley on Feb. 20.

“If these socialist progressives had their way, they’d put the Constitution through a paper shredder,” Williams said.

Trump suggested that Williams should sue the offender and the university.

He also said he will soon sign an executive order that will require colleges to support free speech if they want federal funding.

“Every day, we’re restoring common sense and the timeless values that unite us all, we believe in the Constitution and the rule of law,” Trump said. “We’re hopefully going to be here for six more years, so you’re in good shape.”

Trump brought up the crisis at the southern border, defending the national emergency he declared to redirect money to build around 234 miles of border fencing.

“The lawless chaos on our southern border provides a lucrative cash flow to some of the most dangerous criminal organizations on the planet. Deadly cartels constantly violate our borders,” he said. “We are being invaded. We’re being invaded by drugs, by people, by criminals, and we have to stop it.”

He talked about switching to a merit-based immigration system, while putting an end to chain migration, the diversity visa lottery, the anchor baby phenomenon, and sanctuary cities.

“We need an immigration policy where people coming in will love our country and love our fellow citizens. And this includes shutting down sanctuary cities,” he said.

The president criticized Senate Democrats for supporting late-term abortions, and even infanticide. On Feb. 26, 44 Democrats voted against a bill that would protect the life of a child who was born alive after a botched abortion.

Trump also defended his position with the North Korea denuclearization negotiations.

“I just returned from Vietnam, where I had very productive meetings with Kim Jong Un,” he said. “I had to walk. Because every once in a while you have to walk. The deal wasn’t a deal that was acceptable to me.”

His tone remained lighthearted when turning to topics such as the special counsel investigation by Robert Mueller; first criticizing former Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the investigation, before launching into an attack on Mueller and his team.

“Robert Mueller put 13 of the angriest Democrats in the history of our country on the commission,” he said, adding that one was involved with the Clinton Foundation. Trump said he had a nasty business transaction with Robert Mueller years ago, which is not often mentioned as a conflict of interest. Trump moved on to slam former FBI Director James Comey, calling him a “dirty cop.”

Feeding off the responsive crowd, Trump spent much of his speech entertaining the audience with stories about generals, his trip to Iraq over Christmas, and several Democrats—at one point, saying: “I’m going to regret this speech.”

As with his Make America Great Again rallies, Trump elicited familiar chants from the audience, including “U-S-A,” “Lock her up,” and “Build the wall.”

The “32 big, fat rallies” that he held before the 2018 midterm elections were instrumental in bolstering the Senate, and consequently, nominations to the judiciary, Trump said.

The audience for CPAC was a record size, according to American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp.

Aside from more than 9,000 people in attendance at the main site in Maryland, another almost 20,000 attended at three satellite campuses around the country.

Reprinted with permission from - The Epoch Times - by Charlotte Cuthbertson

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Diane Robinson
1 year ago

I’m so thankful to God for putting President Trump in office. I worry about the safety and we’ll being of my children and grandchildren. Finally we have a President who cares about all of the American people and not just himself.

1 year ago

True, it is all common sense but far more than that. We have a second chance to continue to preserve our cherished values by reelecting President Trump. But we can’t rest on our laurels; we must put up a great fight and not be complacent. God bless President Trump and our great nation!

Phyllis Poole
1 year ago

It’s so refreshing to hear common sense!! Pass this speech on to as many young people as possible. Especially those who are in college getting a mind full of garbage- anti America and anti GOD!!!!!

Frank S.
1 year ago

Everything the president spoke of exudes common sense (even if you may not always agree in the way he states it). That anything he said evokes hatred from the Left proves how far out of touch they have become with traditional American values. There can be no doubt anymore that the Left’s hatred for this man far exceeds their concern for America. (I can’t say their “love” for America because I don’t think they ever truly loved this country.) There are evil forces at work here, and if left unchecked the entire world will be the worse for it. I… Read more »

Kathy Maczko
1 year ago

Keep up the great job, Mr. President. That’s why I voted for you.

1 year ago

I was able to listen to only part of President Trump’s CPAC speech, and look forward to hearing it in its entirety. And then I tuned into Mark Levin’s program last night on Fox, and heard the walkawaycampaign.com’s founder explain how he changed his political affiliation from liberal to Trump “lover”. Now that’s a one-two punch! That is precisely the message we need to get out to everyone, especially to the fence-sitters and to those on the left, who will RUIN THIS COUNTRY if they follow their government-takes-all socialist leaders. And, AMAC, I hope you WILL have a booth next… Read more »

Joan Lane
1 year ago

HAIL TO THE CHIEF! I hope these Democrat Socialists get beat to a pulp in the 2020 election.

1 year ago

it’s time for the people to rise up and tell congress enough already stop the BS investigations

1 year ago

If Trump didn’t have to fight with these leftists all the time, he could get so much more done for America! He has done so much for us already! The only way we can get a Congress to work together is to vote the leftists out, but is that possible with so many ignorant or blind people who think they are right? I hope 2020 shows that America can work together to make “America great again.”

Frank S.
1 year ago

In my previous comment, I forgot to mention Bernie Sanders’ speech, aired by CNN at the exact time President Trump was delivering his speech…what a “coincidence.” As sickening as it is to listen to, you need to do so. His plans for America are incredibly fantastical, with “free” tuition for all, “free” child care (after all, who better than the State to raise your kids), “free” single-payer universal health care, and the “free” list just goes on and on. Apart from raising the taxes on the rich he never addressed how his giveaways will be paid for. Did he address… Read more »

Edward Finley
1 year ago

There were even more people like myself, who picked up the CPAC Rally on my e-mails and trust me! I passed several Youtube videos of speeches along to friends and family! We The People need to start our own media campaign,however we can do it! Get the word out that these leftist medias are trying to hide and spin in a negative way. Mostly lying and hiding the truth. If Facebook, Twitter, Google and other formats try to shut down free speech, we need to fight them,sue them, whatever it takes, but keep putting the truth out there. We are… Read more »

1 year ago

If we don’t stand up and fight back, all the good President Trump has done will begone, and we will
be living in a “socialist utopia”. A godless “socialist utopia”!!!!

1 year ago

Greatest President in my lifetime and I will be 85 this year. A Congress & Senate that are discouraging at best oh how they lack leadership. What a nation we COULD be if these 2 groups were really concerned for the USA

Michael Cozzi
1 year ago

Cortez is blowing smoke up everybody’s ass with this crap

1 year ago

I’ve said it before and I will stand by it: America’s real enemy, our real problem, is the overwhelming treasonous democrat party communists, mainstream media, hollywood, environmental whack jobs, antifa, weak republican representatives, …etc. The open boarder problem, gangs, drugs, human trafficking, sanctuary cities, international matters: these are the symptoms and results of the PROBLEM. President Trump has addressed each of these matters with viable, logical and moral solutions, and the left is doing everything in its power to ensure failure, creating obstruction. I’m disgusted our taxes are wasted on their salaries and their “agenda.” It’s not what they’re paid… Read more »

1 year ago

Thank you for this report!
It strengthens our hope for the future!
Support for President Trump all the way!

Thomas H
1 year ago

Finally… a REAL President!

Todd Taylor
1 year ago

The majority of Americans have rejected the Green Deal!

1 year ago

Let them institute their energy plans in their states . When no Sun for days and no wind they will think of something , their the smartest in the room . Now more practical plans and renewable sources like Texas that in some spots use the animal waste products for energy to heat , light and even power their trucks to recoup the supply . Even that nutjob Gore was speechless and a clean source of energy too . Print those stories please instead of the babble coming out of the nutjobs pieholes !

R.S. Helms
1 year ago

Now if the Socialists would get out of his way, America would be great again.

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