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First up, Goya foods is the latest victim of the left and the media as they are attacking the CEO for supporting a policy that was supported by President Donald Trump. Also, Joe Biden has decided to look at Bernie Sanders and AOC for advice on the climate change policy. AMAC Action President Bob Carlstrom is here to talk about the campaign.

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Walter Hyde
2 months ago


Diana Folk
2 months ago

Thanks for the truth of politics. Lord help Americans to wake up!

2 months ago

Good for Goya! We shopped for Goya products today. A number of the products were sold out. Yes! We did not realize Goya had so many different choices. Thank you to the Democrats for pointing these choices out to us. I am sure we will continue to support Goya products.

2 months ago

Groundhog Day anyone? Haven’t you seen this before? Democrats want to spend money on climate change – this time in the $trillions. Spending money on something they have no control over! Such a waste! During the 2016 election, a list was released of the 27 most important issues to the American people in order of relevance. Climate change was at the bottom! Biden will raise taxes to spend your money on this nonsense!

Karen Fazio
2 months ago

How can anyone in all good conscience, vote for Biden??? Just the fact he is listening to AOC and Sanders is reason enough to really second guess your choice. Climate change is something the left is pushing as a life threatening issue. We have only been recording weather for about 170 years or so. Not really long enough to study the ebbs and flow of the earth. Sounds like it’s simply a song and dance to separate us from our money. Add on top of that how he wants to raise taxes by 4T in the next 10 years!!! Increase… Read more »

Phil Hammersley
2 months ago

DIMMS are all haters on the national level! If you are a Democrat who loves America you need to vote Republican once to get rid of the treasonous DIMM leaders like Pelosi, AOC, Omar, etc. Are you really in favor of infanticide, communist economic plans, and riots in the street?

Burton Pauly
2 months ago

The dumocRats are more screwed up than Hogan’s goat. In my opinion the Jack ass party is mostly do nothing commies.

Magic man
2 months ago

I pray the silent majority is paying attention. Because the country really needs President Trump. Along with people that can think. James Madison warned of government making snap decisions. We need to pay attention.

Art A
2 months ago

Climate change. Climate Change. Now we are only 9 years from the point of no return. Sleepy Joe should also put Al Gore on his advisory group. You know the guy who flew all over the world on his save the planet tour and burned thousands of gallons of jet fuel in the process. Also how about one of Obama and Biden’s sweetheart deals in the energy sector? Who remembers Solyndra the solar panel manufacturer? They were given $600,000,000 in loan guarantees and were expected to supply panels to meet California’s new building codes that required solar on every new… Read more »

John A. Fallon
2 months ago

Why was my post deleted? I commented on how hard it is to connect with AMAC and foxnews on items that go against socialist/dem ideas, this is a violation of my freedom of speech, you don’t get to choose what I read or think, I can make my own choices and they DO NOT include leftist idiotology and hate. TRUMP2020 KAG.

Phyllis Poole
2 months ago

We need PRAYER to combat this siege of the devil!! He’s been loose since the 1880s. You can see from that time how the world has changed and only GOD can stop him. Read The Book of Revelation when the Blessed Virgin does battle with the devil. That’s where our world is right now! And the 3 dsys darkness’ will clean the world from. Evil! Read the Bible and PRAY!!!

2 months ago

If Biden and his vermin are somehow elected in November, you and I can kiss America bye-bye. The country that we once knew will be OVER!

Tom singler
2 months ago

Thank you for some real news on what is really going on.

Dorothy Kearney
2 months ago

Biden is just like Obama, ready and willing to give America away. He sides with China and wants WHO to take our money and make decisions that favor China. Anyone voting for Biden is voting against America’s sovereignty, and that certainly is not me.

Phil M
2 months ago

My comments here are about the video, and not about AMAC, in general. While I agree 100% with the points of view in this week’s video, this was not Ben’s best performance. The news was old, it came across as whining, and the interview with AMAC Action was not informative. I like to share these videos, but will probably pass this week, as it was not a very powerful, positive and persuasive example of conservatism on display. We can and should do better to change the hearts and minds of people.

Karen L Mitchell
2 months ago

Lately I have been feeling very anxious all the time. I believe it is because of terror going on right now. Also the polls are are not in the President’s favor. Someone wrote Black Lives Matter in chalk on the sidewalk of all our neighborhood.We washed it off and it reappeared. When I notified our association I was called a racist. I tried to tell them I feared the message not the chalk it was written in. It has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with vandalism. They don’t get it!

2 months ago

AMAC is a breath of fresh air from the “media.” God bless and keep it up.
“The only thing we have to fear is fear, itself” Winston Churchill

2 months ago

I am a member.

Stan d. Upnow
2 months ago

Maybe we could offer the Chinese something so that the next virus they unleash on the world will only affect Progressive-Socialists. If Only.

Walter Hyde
2 months ago


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