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Better For America: Conservative Revelation with Congressman Byron Donalds

You may know Byron Donalds as the congressman who, for reasons unknown, was recently denied admittance to the Conservative Black Caucus. Was it due to his outspoken support for Donald Trump or is something else going on? Rep. Donalds talks about this as well as how he came to serve the people of Southwest Florida’s District 19. As a businessman, volunteer, and now elected official, Rep. Donalds has spent his life serving others. Join us to hear how he attained his American dream, his thoughts on critical race theory, and why he feels the Left’s subjective standards are negatively affecting education. Demand Better, Be Better – that’s Congressman Byron Donalds’ optimistic outlook for 2022!

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David McKinley Paine
3 months ago

I am very impressed with Congressman Donalds. I like his even-tempered analysis and delivery. Keep up the good work Sir!

Victoria Johnson
3 months ago

God bless you and your mother for knowing the value of education and discipline in your life to bring you to where you are today. Your story reminds me of the background of Dr. Ben Carson, a man whom I’ve loved and admired since I first heard of him many years ago.
May you have a long and successful career in the political arena or wherever God and life directs your efforts.
Sincerely, Victoria Johnson

3 months ago

We certainly need more like you Sir. Best of luck. Let’s annihilate the communist Dem agenda.

Gail Dahl
3 months ago

You are such a great guy Mr Donald. I like you I sure wish you were my congressman here in AZ.
thank you for explaining things so well. I wish you well in your work there in Washington DC
I want you to know I will be Praying for you GOD BLESS.
Love from Granny

3 months ago

Does it seem that Florida is choking off the liberal (Communistic) claptrap of the DemocRats? It is well past time for many food Americans that have been snookered by DemocRat propaganda which is intended for the DemocRats to keep movement in the direction of Communism and eventually to transfer the USA in to an autocratic Communistic government … well disguised, of course, by their rhetorical propaganda. Kudos to Mr. Donald … he seems to know what is best for Floridians and USA citizens.

Lorraine Reid
3 months ago

Thank you for your strength. Mr. Donald. Stay strong and continue to use your voice!

Reda Stinemetz
4 months ago

God Bless AMAC and Congressman Byron .a true. And Honest. Man .Praying for you.and The United States of America.Amen..

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