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Better For America: Defending 2A

Robert “Bobby” Charles joins the Better for America Podcast today. Bobby brings a unique perspective having served in past White House administrations and as a former litigator. Bobby and Rebecca reflect on the past and how drastically America is changing before our eyes. Our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights are under fire with H.R. 1 and H.R. 127, and AMAC is taking an extreme stance against these bills. We are being tested right now. How far will they push us?

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Karen Dawson
1 month ago

That quote was from Churchill not FDR

Albin Kutz
1 month ago

Excellent and encouraging article interview with Bobby Charles.

J. Farley
1 month ago

I will not, I repeat will not give up my 2 nd amendment rights, I will not comply with their Anti-American infringement of the Constitution, I will fight them on the soap box, I will fight them at the ballot box and when it comes down to it I have a few more boxes I can go too. The dirty , slime-ball Democrats and their GESTEPO and Brown Shirts will have to come and get them as I am in my late 70s, and I don’t give a S##T anymore, once they get the guns the rest of the Bill of Rights will be gone in a Heartbeat. Those who fail to fight for the 2nd Amendment deserve to loose all of their other rights. Ben Franklin wrote: those who give up their liberty form security have none and deserve neither. that may not be the accurate quote but its close

J. Farley
1 month ago
Reply to  J. Farley

Should say : Liberty for Security

Lynda Buchholz
1 month ago

Is all this because history isn’t being taught anymore? There are examples in history of what happens when these basic rights are taken away. Keep up the fight!! Thanks.

June Darley
1 month ago
Reply to  Lynda Buchholz

You are so right—we better wake up and pray that God does move on this group that is taking
the Nation over with evil and hate to all people.

1 month ago
Reply to  June Darley

You cannot wait for God. This fight is up to us, and if we sit by and watch, the results will be out doing.

That is one problem our party has, we allow these things to happen. We are constantly b by ring played, and we just keep letting it happen, unfortunately.

Don Pierce
1 month ago
Reply to  June Darley

I guess there were a lot of Germans who thought that maybe God would step in and stop the Nazis, well the U.S.A. finally did, but who is going to step in and save us????

1 month ago
Reply to  Don Pierce

We The People

1 month ago
Reply to  HocasPocas

Are “We the people” plentiful to defeat this evil? It isn’t the younger generation.

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