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Big Tech, Election, Benefits

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For years, the left has treated the idea that big tech stifling conservative voices was a conspiracy; it turns out there is proof that this is actually happening. Next, the Presidential election is far from over as the Trump legal team continues to challenge the legitimacy of the 2020 election results in many states. Finally, AMAC social security advisor Gerry Hafer is here to discuss AMAC’s Social Security Advisor Services.

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Art A
8 days ago

FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL. THESE SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE ARE WORTH A FORTUNE. WHAT WAS THE MICHIGAN TRANSACTION WORTH? $25,000,000? When you have large amounts of cash involved,the results are not always pristine. Ben mentioned that Liz Warren and two other Senators sent letter(s) of concern regarding election integrity. I believe that they sent the communication to the investment firms with major interests in ESS,Hart,and Dominion not to the companies themselves. Who has the biggest stake? There are many items to be resolved yet in regard to our election integrity including how 3 companies currently control 75% of the market. The… Read more »

David B.
8 days ago

This is only the beginning of the “1984-ish” scenario that will end with all our homes being internally monitored by “Big-Brother”. You can laugh at that, but look how far things have come towards that end. And a large segment of the (young?) people accept these draconion measures. They say, after all, if you got nothing to hide, why worry?

8 days ago

AMAC please, please add a Parler button so that we can forward directly to Parler. We don’t want to use Twitter!!!!!

8 days ago

Here’s a question for AMAC would it be possible for you to do some research on one of the conservative Social Media sites and give an over view of them, one that comes to mind is “PARLER” your guidance would be most helpful of letting conservative voices being heard. Joe Biden is the most fraudulent president ever elected, there is to much information showing over vote, people voting twice, voting machine’s switching votes and the dead voting, if we the people and the courts don’t fix the system we will never have a free and fair election

John A. Fallon
8 days ago

What happened to the durham investigation? We have all seen the illegal activities of the socialist/dems, unfortunately the vast majority of lawyers are socialists, one lies and the rest swear to it, they are destroying our justice system with the help of greedy self-serving politicians(who are mostly lawyers) the biggest mistake this nation ever made was allowing lawyers to become LAWMAKERS! MAJOR CONFLICT OF INTEREST, the constitution restricts the way lawyers conduct thier business which is why they HATE the constitution.

Sally Duncan
8 days ago

Please go onto Parler and Rumble. They are great alternatives to twitter & facebook. For search engine is my go to. I don’t use twitter or facebook anymore.

Phil Hammersley
8 days ago

Isn’t it amazing how these billionaires have “selective amnesia?” Sort of like Hillary on her cattle futures, Whitewater, etc. They “don’t know” that they are sharing information with each other? If that were true, they should be thrown out of their companies for malfeasance, Dorsey says, “We made a mistake” AFTER the election? Corruption running rampant!

8 days ago

Democrat Communists always, always say they don’t know, they’re not familiar, etc. LIARS, liars, liars.
They know they are lying. It’s their legal strategy to avoid prosecution for what they sent Michael Flynn for supposedly doing in the poor man’s illegal entrapment.

Three Point Paper
8 days ago

Greetings, First and foremost; Myself and that of my family members do not utilize Twitter, Facebook, nor any type of social media outlet of the like, So please AMAC, do include a form of communications with AMAC directly, outside of Twitter, Facebook. The Parlor button which has been suggested would be a better option than what is available presently.. As for the Big Tech Company(s), stating that there is no reason for anyone to question what the Big Tech Company(s) are doing, and have done! It is my Duty as an American Born Patriot Citizen to always question those Big… Read more »

Bill Brown
7 days ago

If you believe in Socialism or any system other than Free Market Capitalism, you have been BRAINWASHED!!  For Socialism to exist, “the elites” must, by necessity, forcibly take (e.g. taxes) what everybody earns and dole it back-out to match their version of equity!!  And, of course, “the elites” “earn” the right to keep “their share”!!  Through generations of Socialism, Communism, that impossible mythical state where there will be no need for Government because all People have become “enlightened,” is achieved!!!  Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution 2.0!!!  Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!!  Stand-up for Our Republic!!!!  Remove Every DemocRat!!!!!

John A. Fallon
7 days ago

Just tried to comment on an article on immigration by fauxnews, no comments allowed, they claimed immigrants have been mistreated and denied entrance for four years, my comment was that the immigration laws were set up to allow educated and well trained people entry to make AMERICA BETTER! Not to allow criminals(murderers, rapists, drug dealers,
welfare freeloaders) socialist/dems want to destroy our legal system and allow these animals to do whatever they want
(as long as they vote for them) bring back law and order!!

Linda M DuBois
9 days ago


Bill Brown
7 days ago

The vast majority of Mail-In Ballots were not approved by their State Legislature and are therefore not Constitutional!!! Get this issue to the Supreme Court and America’s battle is WON and the cheating DemocRat/Communists LOSE!!!  Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution 2.0!!!  Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!!  Stand-up for Our Republic!!!!  Remove Every DemocRat!!!!

8 days ago

Trump was temporarily going to stop taking payroll taxes to help hurting businesses.

Why aren’t we talking about privatizing Social Security instead of celebrating it?

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