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middle class 36

Biden’s Hidden War – On the Middle Class

family 3

Americans Say Supercharged Second Death Tax Targets Family-Owned Businesses and Farms

China 28

Thwarting China on 5G Is Greatest Untold Success Story of the Trump Administration

Portland 143

After Murders Skyrocket by 800%, Radical Portland DA Says Refund the Police and Bring in the Feds

infrastructure 23

Is an Infrastructure Deal Close? What Democrats Want and How They (Don’t) Plan to Pay for it.

China 27

Is China Getting Ready for War? As the Coast Guard says, Semper Paratus, We Must Be Always Ready

border 156

At Border, Harris Accidentally Visits City that Proves Walls Work

Biden 30

Biden Faces Drawback After A Series Of Losses In Court

President 19

President Biden Shows Signs of Cognitive Decline

Inflation 16

The Gathering Financial Storm of Inflation