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wealth tax 28

The Socialists Have a “Wealth Tax,” The Globalists Have a “Global Minimum Tax,” and Democrats Want to Impose Both on the American People

Border 19

Harris AWOL on Border – More Oversight Needed

biden 31

In the Middle East, Biden Punishes Friends and Rewards Foes

Trump 24

Watch Out for Iran – Absolutely No Appeasement

Nevada 51

Chaos in Nevada as Democrat Civil War Rages On

Democrats 22

Democrats in Chaos

state 24

State Policy: How States are Adjusting Their Laws in the Biden Era

critical race theory 61

The States That Are Taking Action Against Critical Race Theory

farmers 84

The Biden Regime Shows ‘Shameful’ Racial Bias as It Gets Ready to Dole Out Funds for Needy Farmers

border 24

These Are Bad Times on the Southern Border and the Biden-Harris Solutions Are Making It Worse