police defund 2

Defund the Police? In Our Biggest Cities, Homicides Are Up 24 Percent So Far This Year

Trump 102

Trump to Sign Sweeping Executive Order to Reduce US Reliance on China

Antifa protest 12

Journalist Warns Congress Antifa Plans to Spread Violence Across America

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Trump Administration Proposes Policies to Provide Seniors with More Choices and Lower Costs for Surgeries

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Portland Rioters Using Coordinated Tactics to Launch Laser Attacks on Federal Officers


Millions Worth of PPP Loans Went to Chinese-Owned Companies, Report Finds

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The 2020 Battle for America’s Suburbs

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All Animals are Equal…?

border 67

Trump Wins Border Wall Victory at Supreme Court – Narrowly

Kavanaugh new york times attack American exceptionalism 131

Liberals Feel Sting of “Cancel Culture”