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Aldrin 11

Exclusive Interview with Buzz Aldrin: Reflections on America, Space Exploration, and Moon Walking


AMAC Backs Reform of the Social Security WEP Clause that Penalizes Private Sector Workers

golden years 4

The ‘Golden Years’ Can Feel Oppressive

COVID-19 42

The Shameful Side Effect of COVID-19: Mindless and Deliberate Attacks on Our Way of Life

America's 19

Life, Liberty and Happiness Depend on Law, Order and History

Trump 22

President Trump Issued a Police Reform Order; Senate Democrats Killed a Motion to Create a Police Reform Law

dole 2

President Trump Signs AMAC Supported Major Medical Facility Authorization Act into Law

testing 46

The Reopening of America Does Not Signal an ‘All Clear’ When it Comes to COVID-19, says AMAC

trump leadership 21

OPINION: We Now Know – Trump’s Leadership Saved Lives

space force start 14

The Fledgling U.S. Space Force is Off to an Impressive, if Not Mysterious Start, says AMAC