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AMAC’s Founder, Dan Weber

February 16, 2011

BOHEMIA, NY, Feb 16 – Dan Weber, president of the conservative Association of Mature American Citizens [], accuses AARP of “betraying its membership.”

AARP claims it represents the interests of all older Americans and that it is “politically neutral” in order to entice a bigger membership, he says.  “In reality, AARP has always harbored a prejudice for liberal causes.  It has tried to keep its intentions under wraps all these years because there were big bucks at stake.”

But, Weber says, its bias was exposed and the AARP is finally out of the closet in a recent interview with former President George W. Bush when the editor of the AARP magazine made a blatant attempt to ambush Mr. Bush, accusing the Republican Party of “obstructionism” and “extremism.” 

“Mr. Bush refused to take the bait and offered a positive response to a very negative point of view.  But, in the meantime, the AARP got its liberal message across, further promoting a transparent leftist agenda,” Weber concludes.

“In contrast, AMAC has never shied away from its responsibility to deal with facts and not opinionated hyperbole.  Indeed, we have a conservative outlook because our members have a conservative outlook, but we take to task political positions that contradict the espoused views of our membership, whether they come from Republicans or Democrats.”


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9 years ago

AARP sent my wife an automatic card for membership. Be assured she sent it back stating she preferred AMAC ! The problem with AMAC is getting the word/ membership out there.

Mark Boyd
10 years ago

You are so right. You need to go to to see how Senator Carraro best represents your position.

George Michaud
10 years ago

I just shared this on a FACEBOOK page with the hopes that it may help bring more folks to wake up and sign up with AMAC. AARP is not for us, that’s for sure. As long as AMAC remains conservative and does what they say and follows conservative principles with seniors at heart and for the benefit of all seniors in all ways we will support AMAC. Just stay this way. Don’t let a little money sway your thinking in the future.

Edmund L. McCabe
10 years ago

We (my wife and I) have been members of Amac for about a year. We tell others about why we no longer take an active roll in AARP. But we do retain our membership because AARP publishes a very good magazine, and we do get a discount at motels, etc. We wish they had a local organization that meets once a month like the AARP, but we, along with most of our friends just don’t have the energy anymore to assist with the formation of a local chapter. Hopefully, others in their late fifties or sixties will try to get one started here in Hays, Ks. Ed

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