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CORTES: The Statistical Case Against Biden’s Win

statisticalThe statistical case is, admittedly, circumstantial rather than conclusive.
But the numbers also firmly point to the intense improbability of the accuracy of the present Biden lead. The statistical case provides more than enough reasonable suspicion to require hand recounts and immediate investigation into fraudulent activities, including the new damning revelations of on-the-record whistleblowers.

There are four key elements to the numerical thesis:


Clearly, high turnout was expected in an intensely political year with vastly expanded access to mail-in voting. But the kinds of numbers reported simply defy reasonable expectations.
For Wisconsin overall, the turnout was above 90% of registered voters. Even in a state with same-day registration, such a number seems implausible.

After all, in Australia, a place where voting is mandatory, and failing to vote is punishable with stiff fines, the total turnout for the most recent election was still only 92%.

Even more importantly, looking within the Wisconsin vote, the decisive locale for Biden was, unsurprisingly, Milwaukee. Wisconsin’s largest city reported an 84% turnout to secure a 145,916 vote lead there for Biden.
Consider a comparison to another very similar Midwestern city, Cleveland, OH. Milwaukee has a population of 590,000, 67% of them minorities. Cleveland has 381,000 people with 60% of them minorities.

But Milwaukee’s 84% turnout dwarfs Cleveland’s more believable 51% turnout rate. Like many of the suspect statistical trends evident from last Tuesday, the abnormal factors favoring Biden seem only present in the key swing states that Biden allegedly won.


The breakouts higher for Biden relative to Obama’s performances in key areas simply do not seem credible.

Could a candidate as doddering and lazy as Biden really have massively outpaced the vote totals of a politician who boasted rock star appeal?

For example, consider that in key Pennsylvania counties of Chester, Cumberland, and Montgomery, Biden bested the Obama election performances by factors of 1.24-1.43 times. For Montgomery County, Obama won this swing county by 59,000 votes in his 2012 re-election.

But in 2020, Biden won Montgomery County by a whopping 131,000 votes, more than twice the prior Obama margin.

Biden’s 2020 total vote in Montgomery is reported at 313,000, crushing Obama’s 233,000 take in 2012 – and population growth does not explain the gains, as the county only grew by 22,000 residents during those eight years.

Such eye-popping outperformance vs.Obama, in just the right places, naturally raises a lot of suspicion.


Trump campaign legal counsel Sidney Powell reports that, nationwide, over 450,000 Biden-only ballots were cast, meaning the voter allegedly selected Biden but then neglected down-ballot candidates, including closely-contested Senate and House races.

Again, this phenomenon appears far more prominently in battleground states, raising the alarm for manipulation.

Why would so many people vote Biden–only in battleground Georgia, but not in deeply-red Wyoming, for instance?

In the Peach State, President Trump’s vote total almost exactly tracked the vote totals for the Republican senate candidates, separated by merely 818 votes out of 2.43 million votes Trump earned there. But, Joe Biden saw an astounding surplus of 95,801 votes over the Democratic Senate candidates.

By comparison, in Wyoming Biden only registered a surplus “Biden-only” take of just 725 votes over the Democratic Senate candidate there, or about 1/4th his take in in Georgia, on a percentage basis.

The Biden-only ballots do not conclusively prove fraud, but they sure reek of something very amiss.


Democratic governors clamored for massive amounts of mail-in voting, knowing full well that most states would become overwhelmed and wholly unable to establish the validity and legality of almost all the votes that poured in via mail.

In the case of Pennsylvania, Governor Wolf made such changes unilaterally, in stark violation of Pennsylvania law and in contradiction of the clear US Constitutional assignment of voting regulatory authority to state legislatures, not governors. Governor Wolf’s election boards clearly just accepted the ballots… en masse, without appropriate vetting.

By their own admission, the scant 0.03% of rejected ballots represents a refusal rate that is just 1/30th the level of 2016 in Pennsylvania.

First-time mail-in voters typically see a rejection rate of about 3% historically, or 100 times the rejection rate of Pennsylvania in 2020.

When neighboring New York state moved to widespread mail-in voting this summer, their election officials rejected 21% of mailed ballots in June, representing a rate 700 times higher than Pennsylvania’s.

This total lack of filtering or controls raises enormous suspicion regarding a seriously-tainted ballot pool in the Keystone State.


The statistical case, in isolation, does not prove fraud. But the confluence of highly unlikely results does, emphatically, paint of picture of utter improbability.

Any one of these four factors alone would cast intense doubt upon election results.

Put all four together, and the result is a seemingly impossible statistical perfect storm.

To use a sports analogy, it would be a team pitching a perfect game in the World Series.

Not one game, nor two…but in all four games to “sweep” via pitching perfection.

Is it possible?

Theoretically, sure. Is it probable?

Hell no – and so, we must commence with a vigorous audit as the future of our republic hangs in the balance.

Reprinted with Permission from - The National Pulse by - Steve Cortes

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9 days ago

Irregularities? … This is all beyond Common Sense comprehension. Jackass Joe Biden couldn’t beat even Hillary’s numbers in EVERY major City across America EXCEPT in these 6 key swing states. ????? And they demand that he has won? Irregularities? No, just downright cheating!

Bill Brown
9 days ago

The vast majority of Mail-In Ballots were not approved by their State Legislature and are therefore not Constitutional!!! Get this issue to the Supreme Court and America’s battle is WON and the cheating DemocRat/Communists LOSE!!! Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution 2.0!!! Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!! Stand-up for Our Republic!!!! Remove Every DemocRat!!!!!

Dean Keith Peterson
8 days ago

Proves again that the Demorats will do ANYTHING to steal an election. Statistics are hard numbers. They are not manipulated. The problem is that most Americans who have not been dumbed down and have the ability to think know that this election was stolen.

Wayne Capurro
8 days ago

The Biden Team is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It the courts don’t overturn this fraudulent election then we can trust our Judicial Branch of Government either.

Bill Brown
9 days ago

The entire DemocRat/Communist Party, the News Media, the Entertainment Industry, and the Education Industry are FRAUDS and have been for at least 50+ years!!! Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution 2.0!!! Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!! Stand-up for Our Republic!!!! Remove Every DemocRat!!!!!

Dan of Dayton
8 days ago

I am so disappointed in our voting process. I have always voted in every election in the last 42 years. Unless things are identified and fixed this will be the last time I vote. It’s not that my candidate wasn’t declared the winner by the media and I’m a sore losers. it’s just the fact that I feel like the process is so bad that I simply don’t see the reason to participate in such a poor system!

8 days ago

there is so much fraud going on there is no way that Biden should be declared the winner. This needs to go to the courts and the entire election needs to be tossed out and let the Supreme court call the election!

Lois S
8 days ago

PLEASE PRAY FOR AMERICA, TO HAVE OUR PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP REMAIN IN OFFICE. We need God’s Presence to remain a free nation; otherwise the evil that has been poured into our cities and states will devour all of us. THIS ELECTION FRAUD WAS PLANNED FOR A VERY LONG TIME. I agree with other writers – we need as Republicans to save our country. This election must be thoroughly investigated ! Common sense (statistics included) and truth (real facts, not opinions) must prevail ! If we don’t oppose the results, we will no longer have a democracy in which to… Read more »

8 days ago

This whole voting process this time has been a sham. The democrats have made a mockery of the election process. Simply because they did not like Trump. The democrats have destroyed the faith we had in the election system by cheating. The whole thing needs to be thrown out and carried to the Supreme Court and let them make a decision on who should be President.

8 days ago

We either uncover what’s behind the cheating or this democracy is done.

8 days ago

The statistics and data are great information! Having spent most of my career looking at data trends and changes in data that signal something unusual has happened (on a much smaller scale than the election), the items listed in the article are definitely “red flags” that something is statistically unusual. Just the fact that vote counting stopped in only a few key states in the middle of the night after the election when President Trump’s lead was increasing in those states is another “red flag”. But the most obvious “red flag” in the data was in Pennsylvania where President Trump… Read more »

Martina Seyfert
8 days ago

Term limits is the only way to fight the corruption. Kick them all out.

8 days ago

There is simply no way this could have happened legitimately. But how can we identify the persons responsible? And if we can’t, won’t they just do it again? I want to see somebody hang for this – it is a worse betrayal than treason.

8 days ago

Only one candidate on a ballot where clearly there are others in that race is as disingenuous as a $13 Bill.

GT PatriotI
7 days ago

I agree with Dan of Dayton. I can accept if my candidate loses honestly. What is disgusting is the reality that our
election process is a fraud.

8 days ago

“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” —-Joseph Stalin

6 days ago

It is looking more and more like it is time for a convention of the states. Election regulations for national elections, term limits and immigration Regulation are just a couple of items that the citizens of the US should have a real voice in.

Teddy Kopren
7 days ago

First lets look at the reasons certain Democrats needs to win the presidency! Please do not misunderstand me, there are good democrats out there as well. The bad democrats maybe (AOC, Watters, Ilhan, and Pelosi) and the key to their tactics of “lies”, are in Saul Alinsky rules for radicals. Who and what method of operation does Alinski and Hillary, Obama and Biden follow? Lucifer! Look it up in “Rules for Radicals” . But, to continue their deep state activities to undermine the current administration; mainstream media fake news, the globalist agenda of world population control, and especially to prevent… Read more »

Donna Bullen
7 days ago

The lying, overwhelming attack on Trump even since before he came in to office, the media lies and repeat, repeat, repeat, the absolute lead Trumo had before this so called suspect “shut down” and stop counting til the morning taken all together smells like corruption. I am for one tired of the Democratic party and the absolute blatant hate for a sitting President was so disreapectful…they did the same to George Bush!!! Time to root out the. Corruption in government!

Cory Jack
8 days ago

I agree that a Biden win statistically and historically is an anomaly, therefore suspicious and provides a justification for questioning the result. However, there may be a much simpler explanation. This was not an election based on a Democratic platform vs a Republican platform. It was simply love vs hate, an emotional obsessive position. Therefore, in this case there were simply more Trump haters willing to abandon their previously held values and core beliefs to cast out a person they hated vs the Trump lovers that in spite of his personality and character flaws wanted to continue his policies.

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