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First up, last week President Donald Trump was diagnosed with Coronavirus, first the left pretended to have compassion and then fantasized about his death on live television. Next the President gets out of the hospital and instead of celebrating, the left is focusing on the fact that Donald Trump took his mask off on the balcony of the white house AKA his home! Finally, Bob Carlstrom, President of AMAC Action is here to update AMAC members on the latest poll numbers for this upcoming Presidential election.

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1 month ago

I can not believe that anybody would want you to be scared of COVID-19. That is like saying if you get a running nose be scared of dieing. I’am 70 and not scared. I also believe that the democrats in this country are nothing but evil . I hope that people will see this and not want the democrats running this country.

1 month ago

The fake news media reminds us every day that they are a bunch of mean-spirited saps. A bunch of saps filled with hatred for our president. A bunch of saps that want the American people subservient to the democrat communists. I no longer listen to them! The only exposure I get of the fake news media is through AMAC… and that’s all the exposure I want!

1 month ago

Most Democrats in this country are only in it for themselves they think the democratic politicians will help them, the fox is guarding the henhouse, weird the Germans thought the same about hitler.

DeEnna Matthews
1 month ago

There is no longer a question that the MSM is a complicit arm of the democrat party. The socialists have been with us for a very long time, but since Obama, they have come out of the closet and no longer are afraid of showing their true colors. They have been eaten up with hate for our President and it terrifies me that this virus has done exactly what they expected and hoped it would do: Hurt our amazing economy and brought us the dangerous prospect of mail in voting, which leaves us very susceptible to fraudulently electing Biden/Harris.

pat h.
1 month ago

can they make the 25th amendment apply to the house speaker?

Tim Terry
1 month ago

Love AMAC… Haaaaaaate aarp. Appreciative!?

1 month ago

I enjoyed the video, and see the video as the REAL Truth! Rosemary S., why would you want AMAC to criticize our Pres. and VP, they receive enough criticism every hour of every day! Someone put it very appropriately, this type of rude behavior by the Democrats became more apparent since Obama was in office. They have no shame; proof and evidence – just look at the riots and behavior of the Left in Democrat-run cities!! NOW, they are even violating house and home, as if they are above the mere thought of acting civil and lawful. As of yesterday,… Read more »

1 month ago


1 month ago

Thank you AMAC for presenting the true facts, not liberal fake stories.
I thank GOD that President Trump loves America & that he works to protect America’s Constitution & America’s Freedom.
Thank GOD that President Trump has not, does not, & will not let our America turn to socialism.

Mark B
1 month ago

When will the news media and AMAC point out total morbidity rates have not increased by 200,000 due to COVID-19, the total death rate is the same now or less than the same time frame in 2019!

Michael Ruppert
1 month ago

Vote for little joe? Sure, when hell freezes over.

Shirley Tyler
1 month ago

I found great comfort in Presidents Trump’s statement that we should not let our lives be governed by fear from COVID 19. Fear is causing more of a disruption than the disease. Take precautions – but don’t be afraid to live.

K. Martin
1 month ago

I’ve now read where the Left are accusing him of faking having the Chinese virus so that his swift recovery can be called a hoax. Let’s face it, no matter what he does, it will be the wrong thing to those who have bought into the Big Lie.

Barney C.
1 month ago

The hypocrisy and lies of the Liberals are beyond any reasonable intelligence. Hence, those that vote to keep them in office must be lacking in their brain matter, just a lot of hot air between those ears and no true substance.

John A. Fallon
1 month ago

I just tried to post a comment on foxnews and AGAIN they blocked my response to a socialist/dem LIE about our president, thank GOD for AMAC or AMERICANS would not have a voice, we need to demand honesty in reporting, the constitution guarauntees freedom of the press ONLY if they are honest and impartial, everything they do is CRIMINAL and needs to be addressed if we want FREEDOM!!

Ruth A Lance
1 month ago

Please comment on Pelosi’s mentioning Amendment 25 with respect to removing President Trump from office because of “incompetence” due to Covid 19. The dems will try at nothing to get rid of this president who has done so much for this country, let alone the world.

1 month ago

I am 85 and paid close attention to our wonderful country over the years. What obama, Biden and the rest of the obama administration did was treasonous. All of them should be in jail and that includes obama. These are the top of the evil communists.

1 month ago

I think the word democrat should be changed to two words: “EVIL COMMUNISTS”.

Three Point Paper
1 month ago

Point-1. Their are many *Troll* like individuals that support the leftist liberals-socialist minded type. Mike More is the number 1 Troll. As for Nancy Pelosi’s statement about how to get the Presidency away from President Trump, without President Trump loosing the election! Point-2. Nancy Pelosi had better be extra careful when she and her co-hoards banter about the use of the 25th Amendment. Nancy Pelosi can also be subject the strides of the 25th Amendment!. Point-3. As for the leftist liberals-socialist minded types, and their bought cheaply, bias mass media within our country. The leftist need know, that there shall… Read more »

K Bolling
1 month ago

I have a problem with AMAC pushing the flu shot. Since you are going to push it you should provide the CDC insert with what the vaccine contains, its health warnings and its success rates. People need to know what they are putting in their bodies and decide for themselves if it is worth the risk.

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