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Creating Anti-Trump News from Nothing

trumpCreating anti-Trump news – from nothing – has become a cottage industry.  Expect more before November.  Here is the latest – a huge story on CBS, parroted across other networks, with the headline:  Bush, McCain, and Romney alumni “endorse Biden, joining Republicans Bucking Trump.”  The unspoken reality flips the headline.

Here are the facts.  Three “alumni” letters were ginned up – two signed by McCain and Romney staff, a third by “Bush alumni” opposing Trump.  But stop – and be a critical thinker.

First, no one who called McCain their boss – the guy who saved Obamacare – or works for Romney – who voted for impeachment and feels he should be president – would endorse Trump.  Not in the cards, no news there.

But what of Bush 43 alumni?  A closer look shows a total of 230 former political appointees for George W. Bush signed the letter.  To be clear, since there were roughly 4000 Bush political appointees, 3770 of 4000 did not sign the letter.

Put differently, for each anti-Trump Bush appointee who signed, 17 did not.  That ratio looks pretty good for Trump. But peal the onion back another layer.

Of 230 Bush 43 alumni who signed this anti-Trump letter, most were never for Trump – and ironically, as the Republican National Convention illustrated, many others not earlier with him now are!  Moreover, most signers are low-level staff, not Senate-confirmed appointees. Obviously, they did not get Trump team jobs, and that must have been disappointing.

Sample the fare – and it tells you all you need to know.  Among top signers, you have a former Bush Ambassador tied to the mainstream media – former employee of the Washingtonian, US News and World Report, Atlantic, and New Republic, former columnist for the Washington Post.  His bio indicates a family member works for CNN.  Would you expect him to endorse Trump?

How about the retired foreign service officer and Ambassador – like other retired federal workers – who carried over into Obama.  Most have credentials that hardly come up conservative.

Or take dozens of others, which open-source searches reveals have been reflexive signers on anti-Trump petitions, from amicus briefs to advocates of “Russia collusion” and Obamacare.

In short, the story not reported – becomes an endorsement of Trump, not a non-endorsement.  Many of these signers are lifetime liberals, denizens of the “Washington swamp,” vocal Trump critics who held posts and took positions at odds with conservative priorities.

Is it any surprise that others hoping on Trump jobs who did not get them – are now against him, or that protest his effectiveness?  Or that they are eager to be on record for a possible Biden job?

In many ways, these lightweight, anti-Trump letters indicate Trump’s mission is not yet complete – a rethink of how Washington does business, need to reduce the “federal job entitlement class,” pulling more thinkers, doers and patriotic citizens from the Heartland.

While some signers are self-styled “policy wonks,” others are venting spleen for what they did not get, seeking Biden jobs, or just pleased to see their name in print.  The gist of these letters is simple:  Washington’s self-promoting establishment remains at large.

The only reason for a obscure former federal employees, nominally Republican, to be clanging anti-Trump bells is that they think they are smarter, more clever than those who serve. These letters mean absolutely nothing – in context.

In sum, they are feather preening, fluff and puff, of which we have seen more than enough.  They confirm wannabes wannbe, swamp waters run deep, and creating anti-Trump news – from nothing – is a cottage industry.  Long sigh.  Expect more of this nosh before November.

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Patriot Will
3 months ago

It’s much more significant that many of the people who do support President Trump are full of enthusiasm and excitement. They are looking forward to a bright and positive future. President Trump’s work ethic, business sense, and patriotism is extremely strong. He is not stifled by fanatical ideology. He is motivated by the American people. President Trump wants all good Americans to be winners. On the other hand, Biden is a career politician of almost half a century who is weak, manipulative, and dishonest. He does not want what’s best for all good Americans. Biden pushes class envy and race… Read more »

3 months ago

Here we go, MORE lies and distortions by useless democrats and fake news media!!
What clear thinking person could NOT see how evil self serving and dishonest these groups are??

Stephen Russell
3 months ago

Been doing this since campaign days to date .
Fake media all the time.
Trust OAN, NewsMax, FNC, talk radio.
Love to turn tables on Dems X 100

Larry W
3 months ago

INSANE, How can Republicans support Biden? These traitors would risk ruining our country and our childrens futures with socialism just because they don’t like Trump. The Lincoln group and the bush-romney kin are selfish, egotistical cry babies. If they don’t like Trump then stay home and shut your mouth. Don’t give aid to the socialist party of Biden/Harris !

3 months ago

Turn the tables on them and post all the names of the people stupid enough to support Brain Dead Biden and their Socialist agenda. If they think Biden is the answer, then they are a lost cause. Socialism/Communism is NOT a fraternity they want to join. If they do they need to go live it in any one of the other countries and try it out.

Scott Berg
3 months ago

People better wake up” I was just watching Fox news this morning and after there’s a national intelligence committee meeting with extremely sensitive ” classified ” information and within less than an hour from that meeting the most critical part of the meeting have already been leaked” they have a pretty good idea who these scumbags are, what I’d like to know ” and what all of you should- want- to- know ” is why are they still in Washington I’ve looked every which way but loose and I can’t find any other definition than treason ‼️

3 months ago

It’s a shame that the Main Stream Media resorts to this type of reporting to create this perception that many don’t like him. But the simple fact is President Trump has been effective in his efforts to improve conditions for all Americans. Overall, I think President Trump is doing and excellent job protecting America.

Josephine pooley
3 months ago

Such garbage! 4 more years! Let’s drain the swamp completely!

Art A
3 months ago

Nice job Mr. Charles. The media has nothing better to do than carry water for the Democrat Socialist Communists. I am not sure if this rises to yellow journalism but it sure is close. Too even give credence to people connected to RINOs like McCain and of all people,Romney, is dishonest “reporting.” You made a great point in that those who signed these “letters” were greatly outnumbered by those who did not. I believe that it is a given that the amount of pure venom and negativity will only increase in the coming weeks. Hang on. The wildest part of… Read more »

3 months ago

I agree 100%!! If they’re so anti-capitalism and hate America so much, why don’t they move to one of the Socialist countries. Good riddance!

Bill Brown
3 months ago

Antifa and BLM are guilty of murder and are trying to destroy our Government and make us a Communist Country!!  The Democrats and the Swamp are tied to the fundraising of both of these terrorist/Communist organizations!!!  Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!!  Stand-up for America!!!!  Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

3 months ago

Nothing like a disgruntled rejected person with an axe to grind to get their fifteen minutes of fame. “Look at me I’m somebody.” Best to see what you are supporting, or the last state may be worst than the first.

Bill Brown
3 months ago

By CDC Statistics.as of 8/22/2020 the number of persons who died from COVID-19 without other complications was 9210, not 161,392.  The Communist News Media claims are intentionally inflated by over 1600 percent!  Stop listening to the Communist News Media (CBS, ABC, NBC, Cable news, etc.)!!  Bad information is dangerous and worse than none!!!  Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!!  Stand-up for America!!!!  Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

David Spade
3 months ago

The naysayers are a miserable lot. They think they pretty sharp, but they are just very unhappy people with cold hearts or hearts of stone. They go to sleep at night hating someone, maybe hating themselves. There is a clear distinction in the political divide in this country: There are those who understand the greatness that this country can yet achieve, and there are those who can’t think of anything but tearing down the country for their own selfish motives and want to see Marxist influence in every part of life in the United States.

Just Me
3 months ago

Just another ploy by the Demoncrats and the Main Stream Media to attempt to sway the election to the liberal and socialist agenda. They will do anything to put their puppet candidate into power. They have been attacking Trump since he first announced his candidacy for President for the 2016 election and have not given up since but only increased their attacks and attempted to instill fear into the voters minds. The end of the violence in our cities would end and Covid-19 would disappear once their puppet candidate would get elected.

Michael Ruppert
3 months ago

I’m afraid many are caught up in the mitt R omney school of conservatism.

3 months ago

Just think what you could do if you had the national fake news media covering for you? Like Joe and son, you could become rich beyond your wildest dreams! Nobody would give half-wit Hunter a job like China and Russia – that is, unless they were bribed! Bribed with the sale of American jobs and preferential treatment! The democrat party is considerably more corrupt than the republican party for this very reason – the fake news media! Folks, it’s only going to get worse! Vote out all democrats! Trump 2020!

3 months ago

I keep getting texted and voicemail messages that say I am a democrat, do I plan to vote for Biden. I have never been a Democrat. I reply No. Then ask why:”I cannot vote for a puppet being used by former presidents and incompetent secretaries of state. I cannot vote for liars, and murderers as dont need blood on my hands.” No replies come after that.
Where are these false voter notions about being a Democrat found?

Bill Brown
3 months ago

Stop using deflecting and hiding words as “Socialist” and “Marxist”.  Tell it as it TRULY IS.  Use the correct word: COMMUNIST!!  We are in the middle of a Communist Revolution!!!  Stand-up for America!!!!  Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

3 months ago

The media is fake and hopefully will destroy themselves with lies and more garbage and the public realizes the difference// on this article about Bush /Romney/Mccain///MCcain was the biggest RINO ever to get to the swamp of DC and was a prisoner of war //Not a war hero, but a weak old man// Romney is a mormon and the weakest person to represent the REPUBLICAN party in any election that ever existed in this country and is a disgusting failure of a man and his wife should be ashamed of this phony// last the Bush clan=Voted for george and his… Read more »

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