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Defund Walter Reed? Are Liberals Nuts?

reedThose desperate for power, as well as those unable to separate reason from emotion, often make fools of themselves – thinking they are at once smarter, possess “unique” experiences (unlike the rest of us), are ideologically pure, and just better at living life.  We call those people liberals.

A liberal who calls herself a conservative is, well, a less smart liberal.  The notion is that she gets credit for conservative compass, allowing her to bash the compass; people who bash their compass often end up on the rocks, or at least miserably lost.  They are not good to follow.

Enter Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, who bills herself “conservative.”  The paper – which routinely omits conservative thought, as too religious, historical, traditional, patriotic, militaristic, capitalistic, individualistic, liberty-centric, anti-government, and (worst of all) liable to convince people – just ran a Rubin rant that would make George McGovern blush.

Obviously ignorant of Edmund Burke, Russell Kirk, and Ronald Reagan, she claims doctors allowing President Trump to return home should lose their licenses, and Walter Reed Medical Center be shut down – for allowing the President to return home.

Lunatic tendencies seem on the march.  First, she calls President Trump “a menace to everyone around” him for going home – without symptoms.  Now, pause for a material fact.  This will shock liberals, but facts can be interesting.  The CDC reports the nation’s “overall cumulative COVID-19 hospitalization rate was 178.2 per 100,000” last week, and “481.5 per 100,000” for those over 65.  Using logic, a conservative vice, this means 99,518.5 Americans in every 100,000 COVID-positive are back home, not hospitalized.

By reference to another conservative trick, called math, this means President Trump is among the 99.5 percent of COVID-positive Americans quarantining at home, not at a hospital.  Applying Rubin’s analysis – these Americans must all be “menaces” or Trump is not one.

Next, she attacks “any” doctor who would allow a COVID-positive patient to go home.  As thousands have done this, she libels them all: “Any MD who publicly endorses this insanity needs to lose his/her license.  Period.”  Says the Washington Post, a pox on their houses, where patients continue getting well.  If Biden wins, watch out.

The most startling departure from reason is her recommendation, that “Congress might want to defund Walter Reed,” as “it is a public health hazard.”  Gosh, that idea escaped most Americans.  Then again, liberals are smarter.

Now the astute reader will notice several things.  Walter Reed was not built for Trump.  It serves those who selflessly defend our country and are wounded in the process.  This “defunding” thing may have jumped the leash. Unable to topple or burn Walter Reed, Democrats will defund it.

Note the arrogance.  The hospital treats more than one million military beneficiaries annually.  It is “the world’s largest joint military medical center,” hundreds of beds for thousands of vets, and 7,100 professional staff.  As one veteran noted in disbelief – but then he was not a smart liberal – this is beyond crazy. “Great idea – let’s punish soldiers, physicians, nurses, and staff for the president’s decision to return home ….”

The paper was not done.  They called “the rest of Walter Reed,” presumably those 7,099 staff not the doctor himself, “remarkable cowards.”  They have no idea the people they demean.  I am former Navy and know this hospital well.  There are no cowards within those walls.  “Period.”

Finally, as if this liberal had not done enough spitting, she said if you “are a staunch defender of the rule of law,” oppose “systematic racism,” favor “legal immigration,” you do not “fit in” with today’s Republicans. I beg to differ. Who has been working to end riots in Democrat cities, offered police reform in the Senate (drafted by Black Republican Senator Tim Scott) that got dismissed by Democrats, and strives to distinguish legal from illegal immigration?

As the election nears, liberals are losing it.  Maybe they see the election sliding away.  In any event, those desperate for power, or unable to separate reason from emotion, make fools of themselves.  That appears to be happening more often these days.

Robert Charles is a former assistant secretary of state for President George W. Bush, former naval intelligence officer and litigator. He served in the Reagan and Bush 41 White Houses, as congressional counsel for five years, and wrote “Narcotics and Terrorism” (2003) and “Eagles and Evergreens” (2018), the latter on WWII vets in a Maine town.

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1 month ago

Well any political party that would publicly advocate for defunding the police would certainly have no problem with defunding a hospital that treated President Trump for Covid-19. The Democrat party is the party of hate, envy, and intolerance of anyone or anything that stands in their way or supports those, in this case the healthcare of the President of the United States, they oppose. So I don’t find it surprising there would be calls from the Democrats to defund Walter Reed hospital as “punishment” for defying the Democrats. It’s simply who they are as a party.

Linda K
1 month ago

This is what happens when it becomes politically incorrect to call stupid, stupid. You have people like her spewing garbage that actually gets printed. The editors must be idiots too.

Michael l Javick
1 month ago

Ignore the Demorat rabble Vote as the very survival of the American Republic depends on YOUR VOTE….IT DOES !

Sharynli Kantor
1 month ago

Just when I thought I heard it all, along comes another stupid idea from the liberal left. I would say what are they thinking, but of course they are not thinking at all. This proves that we need four more years of Make America Great Again!

Alma Lee
1 month ago

At 74 Years of Age I will be out at the Polls IN PERSON to do Early Voting in Georgia the Week of October 12 Casting my Vote for President Trump and Vice President Pence and Republicans Across the Board!!! This is very Important to me so I choose not to do Absentee Ballot in light of all the corrupt and underhanded Tactics of the dangerous and desperate Leftists, and I will be following the Guidelines regarding masks, distancing, etc.

1 month ago

Any party that endorses “Obamacare,” “You have to pass it to see what’s in it,” or “you can keep your present doctor under this plan,” definitely would not understand how Walter Reed Hospital functions or its purpose. The Democrats are so focused on destroying, or removing President Trump they can’t see reason or listen to it. Beyond their tunnel vision of hate and elitism.

Mary Lou
1 month ago

People are crazy. We need President Trump

Josephine pooley
1 month ago

Love this clear, concise breakdown of liberal lunacy!

1 month ago

Yes the leftists are insane. Get out and vote people. It is so important.

1 month ago

Yes they are NUTS and Pelosi the biggest whack-o of them all and there are enough whack-o’s to elect Biden-Harris or is it Harris-Biden to lead them, get ready people to give up your christian faith, free speech and guns because the loony’s are closing in.
God bless America !
God bless President Donald J.Trump !
God bless the NRA !
Save America vote Republican !

Stephen Russell
1 month ago

Heres my list to defund: NEA, PBS, NPR, Dept Labor, Education, Commerce, select agencies in DoD & CIA NSA NSC,
combined & more ( add yours 2) alone vs Walter Reed ( see

Donna Hildebrandt
1 month ago

Well, look on the “bright side”; if it weren’t for Liberals we Conservatives wouldn’t know how brilliant we really are! LOL!

Grandma Sandy73
1 month ago

This was a wonderful and fun to read article as it gave the facts and interspersed it with humor. Thanks for sharing it with us who will ‘never’ (thankfully) see an edition of Washington Post. Robert B. Charles is a very good writer.

RJ from Arizona
1 month ago

What do you expect from the Post, common sense? Maturity? Reason?

1 month ago

Obviously she’s an idiot. These people are out of their minds nut jobs. How ridiculous can they get? The Washington Post is not reliable and anti American.

1 month ago

Just more proof that liberalism is a bad disease, worse than Covid19.

1 month ago

What’s known today about our so-called Liberal Democrats is that their entire leadership are composed of extreme left Socialist/Communist idiots period! … So, wanting to “defund” Walter Reed Hospital shouldn’t surprise anyone with half a brain. Number 1, I wouldn’t put it past them to try to assassinate this true Patriot President knowing full well that HE IS GOING TO BE RE-ELECTED!!! They know that 4 more years of a Trump Presidency will destroy the Socialist/Communist takeover of this great Republic. So President Trump’s life is now 100% in jeopardy. We the People MUST BE PREPARED to come to his… Read more »

Richard Arveaux
1 month ago

What I don’t understand is how all these Left wing idiots survived their mothers abortion? The Left is totally insane, and the worst part of that statement, is, There is no known cure except termination. And we conservatives know that will never happen, because we will stand up for their right to prove daily just how ignorant and dangerous they are.

Art A
1 month ago

I understand that we allegedly have a mental health crisis in the U.S. Perhaps as a humane gesture,the folks at Walter Reed would make an allowance for Jennifer Rubin to seek treatment on a pro bono basis. MAGA/KAG/KAF TRUMP/PENCE 2020

Michael Busch
1 month ago

Jenifer Rubin, thank you for your amazing insight and thoughtful ideas. You are a credit to your vocation. People need to wake up and listen to you. Wow.
Then again . . . Not!

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