Democrats Continue Defaming, Threatening ICE Agents

ICE abolished immigrationProminent Democrats have been waging the rhetorical war on Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for some time, but now they’ve escalated their attacks into potentially dangerous rhetoric.

Candidates such as socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have called for the occupation of airports to stop ICE from doing its job. Elected officials, sworn to uphold the law, have loudly said they want to abolish the law-enforcement agency. Now it’s escalated.

A governor called the agents “thugs,” and a Democratic congressman threatened to prosecute them when the next Democratic president takes over.

Cuomo: ICE Agents Are Thugs
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo raised the level of hateful rhetoric against ICE personnel the other night in a debate against his primary opponent.

The race is a joke, but the candidacy of soft-porn actress and kooky lesbian Cynthia Nixon, who starred in the TV comedy series Sex in the City, is having the desired effect: Cuomo is racing further to the Nutocrat Left than he already is. Or racing to the bottom, your perspective depending.

This is what Cuomo said:

New York state is the state that is suing Donald Trump for ripping babies from the arms of the mothers. New York state is the state that said we will not cooperate with ICE, they’re a bunch of thugs. We said we will sue them if they violate any criminal laws in the state of New York.

Speaking about federal employees in such language even five years ago would have been unthinkable. But with the radical left and Antifa sympathizers now in control of the Democratic Party, at least partly, it is now routine.

Which brings up what a Democratic congressman said.

Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.), a former combat Marine who fought in Iraq, actually compared ICE agents with whom he disagrees to the “good Germans” in World War II who claimed to be following orders when they carried out atrocities.

Apparently, Gallego was responding to a story in the Washington Post that the Trump administration is “denying passports” to Americans of Hispanic ancestry born in the United States.

But as the Post reported and Gallego apparently ignored, “The government alleges that from the 1950s through the 1990s, some midwives and physicians along the Texas-Mexico border provided U.S. birth certificates to babies who were actually born in Mexico. In a series of federal court cases in the 1990s, several birth attendants admitted to providing fraudulent documents.”

Based on those suspicions, the State Department during the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations denied passports to people who were delivered by midwives in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley. The use of midwives is a long-standing tradition in the region, in part because of the cost of hospital care.

The same midwives who provided fraudulent birth certificates also delivered thousands of babies legally in the United States. It has proved nearly impossible to distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate documents, all of them officially issued by the state of Texas decades ago.

Tweeted Gallego, “If you are a US government official and you are deporting Americans be warned. When the worm turns you will not be safe because you were just following orders. You do not have to take part in illegal acts ordered by this President’s administration.”

Gallego might be a Harvard grad, but nothing the president has done, vis-à-vis immigration, has been illegal. Indeed, illegal immigration activities were the hallmark the Obama administration, which unilaterally declared the failed DREAM Act to be law and refused to enforce immigration law with its unconstitutional amnesty policies.

Commenters on his Twitter feed were not amused. “Hey genius,” one wrote, “we don’t deport Americans. We deport illegals, because they’re here illegally. Are you really a congressman?”

Wrote another, “Either you are stupid or what? If they get deported, that means they are not an American! If they get their American Citizenship by fraudulent means, that means they are not an American! That is why they are getting deported because they are not Americans!”

Harris, Ocasio-Cortez
But Cuomo and Gallego aren’t saying anything new. ICE and its employees have been under seige from the radical Left and its sympathizers in elective politics for some time.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who will represent New York’s 14th District when she beats her GOP opponent in November, has called for open rebellion and confrontation, as The New Americanreported in July: “We have to occupy all of it. We need to occupy every airport. We need to occupy every border. We need to occupy every ICE office until those kids are back with their parents, period.”

“When we talk about abolishing ICE, we’re talking about ending family detention,” the winsome leftist averred. “We’re talking about ending an agency and ending a practice and a structure that is not accountable to the U.S. Department of Justice, that often takes on things that look a lot like enforcement activities.”

Other prominent Democrats who want to abolish ICE include Senators Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), and on the state and local level, open borders fanatic Kevin de León, a state senator in California, and New York’s far-out mayor Bill de Blasio.

Problem is, leftist shock troops on the ground have taken their remarks and position on ICE as a license to threaten ICE employees.

In June, the mega-violent Antifa group, which federal law-enforcement agencies have designated as terrorist, published the names of 1,595 ICE employees after a radical leftist college teacher handed Antifa members a list with the names on it.

In Portland, Occupy ICE threatened and attacked ICE agents in and around their offices.

Reprinted with permission from - The New American - by R. Cort Kirkwood

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michael Jenks
3 years ago

The professor that provided the list of ice family’s should be fired!
Anyone protesting with a mask covering there face should be jailed.

Don Cook
3 years ago

When the Right decides to deal with these idiots in a meaningful way call me. Until then, stop wasting my time. I read these articles every day about how bad the Left is to us on the right but that’s all I hear is talk. The best way to deal with a bully is to out bully them. Until then they have no reason to stop.

John Gorman
3 years ago

The toxic waste called Democrats used to denigrate the military on a steady basis. Now they have switched to ICE in an effort to get votes of Hispanics. Problem is many LEGAL residences of Hispanic background don’t care for the influx of illegals.

The left must ALWAYS find an institutional enemy to attack. whether the police forces, military, patriotism or in this case ICE. It is in their DNA and has little to do with the job being done or the effectiveness. of the agency doing it. Division is their lifeblood and pitting Americans against one an other is how they advance their hateful agenda. The Democrat Party should be considered right along with the Communist Party and looked upon as a pernicious threat to our democracy and way of life. They have NO integrity and utilized dishonesty as a tactic to obtain and hold POWER. That is their drug & politics is their vehicle to get power. They should be voted out of office whenever the chance comes up.

Thomas H
3 years ago

This is usually my place to complain about how the conservatives brought all of this about by making sure that the media stays under the control of the lefties, but, because of the short time period, the thing we patriots have to first do is make sure we vote in November. Remember, our side only gets to vote once, so make it count.

Larry Palmitier
3 years ago

If an illegal killed a loved one of the Anti-ICE Congresspersons, I wonder how they would feel then. I know they would blame the Republicans, but that is a loved one killed that might have been prevented and that life will be missed. If a person does not want borders or ICE then they should move out of the US and renounce their citizenship stating that they don’t want to abide by the laws of the country. When they apply for citizenship to another country, let them state that and see how far they get.

On another note, a lot of movie stars
(W. Goldberg is one) said if Donald Trump were elected president of the UNITED States, they would move out of the US. I saw her on TV the other day, what gives?

Melvyn Butcher
3 years ago

Miley Cirus said the same thing. She is still here making lots of money. She couldn’t go anywhere and make the money she does in this stinking Trump country. None of the loony left left the country. Now that is a shame

Martin Steed
3 years ago

Is anybody surprised by this crap???????? These are the same kind of people but of Nancy Pelosi’s generation that spit on me when I came home from Viet Nam. Democrats pass laws, and pass more laws, then liberal judges make rulings about those laws, and the new crop of leftists want to blame the poor troops, in this case Border Patrol and ICE. They make these laws, then get angry with they are enforced.

3 years ago
Reply to  Martin Steed

Martin, I’m sorry to hear people spit on you when you returned from Viet Nam. What a terrible thing to do.

3 years ago
Reply to  Martin Steed

You are exactly correct! It is politics all the way with the Left!

Rebecca Drummond
3 years ago
Reply to  Martin Steed

Dear Martin,

When all that disrespect was being shown to you, it was a time in the United States that what alway “was” in our society (being able to walk alone safely at night, play outside without parental supervision, speak your mind freely, respect for one another, love for country, etc.) had already hit the wall of what now “is” (intolerance of others views, disrespect, acceptance of criminality, use of dangerous and illegal drugs, brutish behavior, illegal immigration, murder, legalization of the communist party, etc., etc., etc.) The 1960s, Nancy’s generation, had arrived and “fundamentally changed the United States” without the help of Mr. Obama.

I used to wonder at the mentality of attacking and spitting on our GIs who ended up having to actually sneak into the country to avoid being humiliated or hurt by the 60s generation, the so-called “smartest generation to ever be born” in the United States. The news pundits were at work back then, spouting their liberal words which too many insecure or unsure Americans took to heart, following them like the pied piper. The likes of Walter Cronkite, even now considered the greatest newsman who ever lived, found out he and they could control the masses. We endued them with too much naive trust and it is so evident in the 2018s that they still control the minds of so many Americans. The gatekeepers failed and we are paying the price for blindly following the people without common sense when those with common sense were silenced.

If the generals were allowed to do their job in LBJ’s war, it possibly could have ended earlier. I have always loved and respected our military men and women. It was a period of time when my mind could not get over the divide that happened which changed our country so much. It happened so fast to be comprehended. However, I would not follow the likes of those who spit upon you and other returning GIs. The spitters were filled with the same hate we see today direct at President Trump’s administration. It’s ugly, but the pundits encourage it.

I hope it’s not too late to say “Welcome Home.” I appreciated your service in Vietnam and you should not have had to endure that treatment.

Remember to vote Republican and help our president turn our country around.

3 years ago

Rebecca, that was a beautiful statement written to Martin. I also lived thru the 60’s and remember it very well. As for Martin, I also appreciate his service in Vietnam and yes, he should not have had to endure that treatment. Yes, you are absolutely right in saying that to vote Republican to help our President turn our country around and Make America Great Again.

Thomas H
3 years ago
Reply to  Martin Steed

So true, Martin. The hippies who “proudly” spit into the faces of our returning Vietnem veterans are now our democRat politicians in DC… who STILL do everything to treat our veterans like ****! Coming from one who couldn’t serve, I want to deeply thank you for your service!

Burton Pauly
3 years ago

These cotton picking resisters of the dumb a– DemocRATic party are crazy as loons if they think they can open our borders for anyone who wants to come to our USA. They may be looking to go to war with those who treasure our nation without illegal immigrants. We only treasure those who come here via the legal entry. We do not want to end up like our friends in Europe who have been over run by immigration that has caused partitions in their cities , and over strained their aid systems…

Edward W Jackson
3 years ago

The DNC now full supports lawlessness and anarchy. In the democrat party, the lunatics are running the asylum. This goes back to the Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign. He awoke all the nut job proposals that people who make a living sucking off society’s tit all want, everything for free.

Garland Young
3 years ago

The Devil is alive and well. He seems to operate well thru the Democrat Party

John l
3 years ago
Reply to  Garland Young

Amen, brother

3 years ago

Again as per the additional proof above, AmeriKa is rapidly heading into CIVIL WAR 2 !

3 years ago

It makes me sick to see the way the TV stations degrade our President. President Trump was elected to his position and that position deserves respect from all US citizens no matter if they voted for him or not. The protests and nay saying of President Trump by elected Democrat officials makes our Nation look in turmoil to other nations. Respect our President now and if those people want change they should vote their conscience in November 2019 and 2020.

3 years ago
Reply to  Addy

You’re right, I feel exactly the same way. I can’t stand watching or listening to any news programs anymore.

3 years ago
Reply to  L K M

The LAME STREAM MEDIA is full of “Traitors” ! ret us army..

Dolores Adams
3 years ago
Reply to  Addy

It is horrible the was the media and the democrats are treating out president. I think part of the reason might be that president Trmp is not part of the establishment and they can’t control him. He has probably made mistakes, but who hasn’t. He’s a lot better president then the last one. I don’t even consider the last one as president as I don’t believe he ever proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was born in this country and all his records should be unsealed. To have them sealed just proves to me that he has something to hide.

3 years ago
Reply to  Dolores Adams

Dolores, I agree with everything you said. Try to hide something from your mother! That’s the way we should treat people who want to hide something.

3 years ago
Reply to  Angela


Thomas H
3 years ago
Reply to  Addy

For almost two years, I’ve been doing a simple exercise. I go through the “news” section (Google?), read all of the headlines about Trump, and then say “would the media write this if the name Trump was replaced with Obama?” Of course, I can only possibly cite 2 or 3 times (out of several hundred) where this might have occurred.

Joseph Kiesznoski
3 years ago

What is different, anything that is not good for our country , The liberal dumbocrats are all for it.

3 years ago

The steady decline of the LEFT in their reasoning ability and their ever increasing derangement for the last several decades presents a serious threat to the peace and harmony of the American public. The LEFT is really NOT interested in “social justice”. That is just a cover. They want to eradicate the amazing Constitutional Republic that God so providently gifted to the world so that all nations will be lumped together into a miserable new world order totalitarian collectivist state.

Phyllis Poole
3 years ago

If some think defending our borders is wrong —- they then should come up with A better way to help those who are wanting to leave their homeland. Those countries are usually run by dictators with no care for the occupants who have no chance to better themselves. One country cannot provide shelter for the world.
Those who are protesting our laws should be deported also if they don’t Ike it here! Obamas mother had it right—-she left!!!

3 years ago
Reply to  Phyllis Poole

Amen to that!

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