Dems Feel the Bern as Sanders Wins Popular Vote in Iowa, Leads in New Hampshire as Democratic Nomination Could Go Socialist

bernie sanders unaffordableBelieve it or not, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) may be the frontrunner in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination after ending essentially in a tie with Pete Buttigieg in Iowa and leading polls in New Hampshire, making it more likely that the self-avowed socialist will be the nominee to take on President Donald Trump in November.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was a distant fourth place behind Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), and should he lose in New Hampshire next week, the odds will be stacked against him.

That’s because more likely than not, in the modern primary system for selecting party nominees, the candidate who wins either Iowa or New Hampshire is usually the candidate. In more than three-quarters of the years where no incumbent Democrat was running for president — 1976, 1984, 1988, 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2016 — the nominee had won either Iowa or New Hampshire.

There are two notable exceptions. Bill Clinton managed to secure the nomination in 1992 without winning either Iowa or New Hampshire, and so did George McGovern back in 1972.

Still, the advantage shifts to Sanders in this early going, making socialized single-payer medicine, universal basic income and the Green New Deal key issues on the front burner this election year on the Democratic side.

The appeal of Sanders in the general election is that he stands a chance of winning back the union households that in part helped put Trump over the top in the Electoral College in 2016 in the Rust Belt states of Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

But unlike in 2016, when it was thought that Sanders and Trump shared views on trade — both ran against North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) — it was Sanders who ended voting to keep NAFTA when he voted against the now-adopted U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). If Sanders’ view had prevailed, the U.S. would still be in NAFTA, giving the Trump campaign an easy talking point.

Sanders’ other policies like the Green New Deal put working class Americans directly in the crosshairs who depend on the manufacturing and energy sectors for jobs in the modern, carbon-emitting industrial economy to make ends meet and feed their families.

If Sanders had his way, under the Green New Deal, industrial production would be dramatically curtailed not just here but globally, costing millions of blue-collar jobs and wrecking the economy.

In contrast, Venezuela will be highlighted as a model of failed socialism in the modern world.

Sanders’ age is deceptive, as his frontrunner status pits older generations against the new, radical Democratic base that seeks to disrupt and supplant the old order. Make no mistake, Sanders represents the socialist future of the Democratic Party. He’s ahead of the curve.

In the early 1900s, socialism and communism prevailed when economic conditions were extremely weak in Europe particularly after World War I.

In comparison, with the Trump economy doing so well, with a 50-year low in unemployment and more Americans working than ever and providing for themselves — a blue-collar Renaissance — Sanders’ socialism will appear out of place, even as it energizes younger Democratic voters during the primaries. But that is not a recipe for a majority, at least now.

In 2020, it becomes a choice election between work on one hand with the lowest peacetime unemployment in modern history, and welfare on the other.

Today, in the U.S., the economy arguably has never been better, making radical transformation a hard sell to working Americans looking to make a safe bet in 2020, and Sanders will be hard-pressed to win over those independents and Democrats who voted for Trump in 2016.

Meaning, in November, it could be Democrats who end up feeling the Bern as President Trump is easily reelected. Stay tuned.

Reprinted with permission from - Daily Torch - by Robert Romano

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6 months ago

Does it terrify anyone else that so many of my fellow Americans believe fervently in socialism? I am very worried for the fate of my children and grandchildren.

6 months ago

It’s a sad day in America when a Marxist communist wins, or ties in a heartland state in a primary election, but then again there is nothing the Democrats can do to surprise me anymore. There is nothing deranged, brutal, criminal, or immoral enough for them to not embrace it. They went from a party with different and always opposing ideas to the party of extreme totalitarianism, depravity, and evil in free fall because there is no bottom anymore to which they are not willing to sink. Trump 2020!

6 months ago

It’s a sad day in America when an entire party is represented by bonafide socialist. To make it worse, people will vote for them. Sad. Just sad.

Patriot Will
6 months ago

Heaven help us if Sanders wins the Democratic nomination. Our poor country is in serious trouble. If Bernie becomes our president, we will be facing the very quick downfall of the USA. Hopefully, there are still enough sane, intelligent patriots loving this country too much to give it over to an evil communist like Bernie Sanders. There is no way our country can survive such a calamity. God bless President Donald Trump.

Rick J.
6 months ago

The democratic establishment, will never allow Sanders the nomination, they know he can’t win.
Watch Mike Bloomberg, he’s going to spend what ever it takes to buy the DNC and the nomination.
The DNC has already altered the rules to let him in the next debate. Bloomberg’s mantra “why
work for it when I can buy it”. This guy is a true slime bucket who thinks he can save us from ourselves.

6 months ago

Sanders IS AN OUTRIGHT COMMUNIST and I really do hope he is their candidate because President Trump would destroy him in debates. But Lying Nancy knows he can’t win nor can anybody they run win but the Progressively Communist Democratic Party would be destroyed. That’s why Bernie will again be cheated out of the nomination so that they can run a “Lying Moderate”! They haven’t a chance at being elected running as Communists therefore they must lie to get elected and then just put in their Communist agenda!

6 months ago

This should be fun‼️ Bernie might be leading when it gets to CA in early March but Bloomberg says he will spend $100 million if necessary to carry CA. The “Battle of the Socialist versus the Billionaire” should be entertaining🥳🤩

Steven King
6 months ago

It should scare us that Bernie finished so well. It should also scare us that people are this dumb. It was very concerning that only 11% of the people polled cared about the economy. That should also scare us. We have a lot of people who do not understand how socialized medicine and “free” higher education is going to affect all of us. I see the evil that will not stop once it gets started. I see the Constitution going away. If we allow for socialized medicine and “free” higher education, down the road there will be restrictions to our… Read more »

John Karkalis
6 months ago

Clearly the Dems are attending a Mad Hatter’s loony party with all the guests wearing lampshades on their heads.
If Bernie “wins” the Dems lose.
Rick J. has an interesting take on this. Maybe the Dems should read his post.
Americans will put up with a certain degree of nuttiness, but the Dems are redefining that term!
I repeat my refrain. Order your tickets for Donald Trump’s 2nd inauguration now. Avoid the rush later on. After Mr Trump’s address last night that has never more certain.

Joyce Gibson
6 months ago

Unfortunately, we have the educational system to blame for the socialist democratic values, because most of the college professors are teaching our young people that democracy is no longer good and the best system is socialism. They don’t tell them that socialism will do away with democracy completely and our freedoms are on the line. Socialism believes that you give the people everything and they don’t have to work for it. So sad.

6 months ago

The reality of the matter is the whole “bad app” and “phone problems” reported by the Democrats in Iowa is total fiction. The reality is as the Democrats saw the caucus data flowing into Party HQ, they saw Bernie was the runaway favorite. The Party’s leadership choice of Biden was a distant fourth. Panic ensued as they realized the results reflected exactly what the Party has been pushing for for decades. An overt Marxist won. So once again they had Robby Mook, the originator of the Russian collusion hoax, concoct a BS story about how both the vote counting app… Read more »

Carla Anderson
6 months ago

It’s beyond anything I could ever imagine. A known COMMUNIST could be in the running for the POTUS!!!!! What the hell has happened to common sense in this beautiful country of ours. I have never been happy to be older, but I worry about the future of my grandchildren, however I have also been told that they can’t miss anything they have never experienced, so I will pray for them!!!!! GOD HELP US!!!

Paul DAscenz
6 months ago

Everyone knows that Bernie Sanders is a Socialist/Communistic 🐖!

6 months ago

In an odd way, Bernie attracts uninformed followers on the left because he is the only candidate the Democrats have who actually says exactly what he intends to do. In other words, he is believable. His promises and communist ideas are insane, but he does intend to follow through. The Democrat party, while not wanting him as their nominee, has given carte blanche approval to every idea that he espouses, and they have done nothing to censure the “Squad” from pushing their reckless agenda. It is a sad day in America when a major political party so openly allows socialist… Read more »

Voice of truth
6 months ago

Of course, this degenerate likes socialism, for him, it works, which is more than he ever did. What does this scoundrel do for a living?
He is a loathsome politician who collects his “salary” from the taxpayers( like all politicians do), in essence, he is on welfare. The people who elected this Jackass are mentally deficient.
America adopted Marxist Socialism when it elected Franklin Roosevelt in 1932 and it has been here ever since.

Natalie Nischan
6 months ago

Yes! Four more years!

Mike B.
6 months ago

Unfortunately our government schools and colleges have been brain washing young mush with socialist dogma for 30-40 years. Teaching our children and grand-children how unfair capitalism is. These people don’t want to work to climb the ladder of success, they’d rather get free college and a free paycheck. Also unfortunately they are not taught that “nothing is free” and they will pay for it dearly. However, I am confident if Sanders is the Democrat nominee, Trump will sail to a second term.

6 months ago

All conservatives and republicans and anyone with any love of God and country, get to the polls and/or post office and VOTE TRUMP 2020. If you don’t, Hitler/Sanders Will be our next president. Educate your children and grandchildren about socialism/communism because they aren’t being taught the truth in schools anymore.

6 months ago

Re the democrat debacle in Iowa, one thing that all of us should have learned by now is when you hear “new softwear” you run.
Beta testing is a foreign concent to most codeing geeks. Corporations are bought to their knees daily by taking on new, untested,
softwear. We pay these geeks $200K per year to use us as guinea pigs. Iowa dems should have known better,

6 months ago

Those who favor socialism are the parasitic freeloaders, who don’t want to work. Instead they want to suck up on others. Worse, and I have seen it, whatever crash they havr, they’ll spend on drugs and other mind blowing stuff. Why not, marijuana is now I’m for socialization anyway.

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