Elizabeth Warren: Our Justice System Is ‘Racist, All the Way, Front to Back.’

Elizabeth Warren speaking justice system racist front backYou think you have a tough job this morning? Imagine being the guy who has to organize “Cops for Warren 2020” in a year or so.

Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, speaking at Dillard University in New Orleans this weekend:

“Let’s just start with the hard truth about our criminal justice system,” she railed. “It’s racist. It is. And when I say our system, I mean all the way. I mean front to back. This is not just sentencing reform we’re talking about here. We’re talking about the front end on what you declare to be illegal on how you enforce it, on who gets arrested.”

“Racist all the way, front to back,” is a really surprising and troubling thing to hear about a system that was, until 18 months ago, effectively headed by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and before her, Eric Holder, appointed and accountable to the nation’s first African-American president. A system that has 214 African-American federal judges125 of Latino or Hispanic heritage, 41 Asian-Americans, and three Native Americans. A system that has at least 400 black prosecutors(although far too few elected ones).  A system where 27 percent of the officers and police personnel are members of minority groups, as of 2013, the most recent year data are available. Do all of these people feel like they are cogs in the “racist all the way, front to back” machine?

Does she think her potential rival, former Massachusetts governor and assistant attorney general Deval Patrick was part of a racist system? How about former district attorney and state attorney general Kamala Harris?

Wait a minute . . .  Holder, Patrick, and Harris have all made noise about running for president. Say, Warren’s across-the-board denunciation of the entire American criminal justice system wouldn’t be a subtle early attempt to paint all of three potential African-American rivals as suspect, having spent long chunks of their careers in this system, would it?

It’s not like Elizabeth Warren ever said or did something cynical about race to get ahead, right?

If Warren believes what she’s saying, and this isn’t just careless incendiary rhetoric, the only logical conclusion is that all of the prosecutions and incarcerations in recent memory are at least suspect and likely unjust.

Reprinted with permission from - National Review - by Jim Geraghty

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2 years ago

In this political climate, I don’t know why anyone would ever want to be in law enforcement. But I thank God for every man and woman that works in that thankless job.

George Rivera Jr
2 years ago

The more irrelevant they are, the more shrill and insane they must get to jerk the spotlight back to them.

2 years ago

Her angry tirades remind me of Adolf Hitler when he was taking over Germany. The other similarity is that they were/are both megolomaniac Socialist Dictators!

2 years ago

This just in, from the person who lied, claiming to be a Native American (read Indian) so that she would qualify for a gravy train payment at a ‘Liberal University’.

Brian Egan
2 years ago

Instead of Crooked Hillary–we now have Wacky Warren—alias POCAHONTAS– spewing her lies , trying to get black votes

Sandy CIarmella
2 years ago

She is another insane Dem. Seems she may be running for President!! No way..Awesome Trump ALL THE WAY!

James LeValley
2 years ago

I’ll give her this: she’s loud and always seems angry.

Jeanne A Eveleigh
2 years ago

God bless and protect all of our law enforcement people. They are brave and as unbiased as they can be considering the situations they have to deal with. Disrespect on the politicians part has got to stop. Disrespect the politicians who disrespect our law enforcement. Vote them out and put someone with integrity and intelligence in.

Stephen Lykins
2 years ago

Any one who has ever claimed to be a race they are not has NO business calling any one racist!

2 years ago

This vile individual makes it awful difficult to admit being from MA!

2 years ago

Liberalism “IS” a debilitating mental disease. I pray she seeks medical intervention quickly !

Jeanne A Eveleigh
2 years ago

She’s a nut bag like Pelosi. always trying to incite hate and civil disobedience. That is the socialist agenda. Where does she think she’d be without law enforcement? She is the racist.

2 years ago

Hmmm. Pocahontas may have a point, at least to a limited extent. Consider the 9th Federal Court Of Appeals. Consider the law enforcement administration all the way to the top in Chicago, that seems to be sitting blissfully on its hands as the blood of predominately black residents flows in the streets or else is clueless how to stop the torrent of murders taking place every week. Consider the leadership in Baltimore. Consider the administration in SF/Berkley that allowed the rioting at the university there, which stifled a legally permitted and scheduled guest from speaking to an interested audience. Consider… Read more »

garland lowe
2 years ago

until we lock these crooks up they will continue to run there mouths

2 years ago

I can believe all that BS coming from an idiot who lied about having ties to native Americans. Best to throw her butt out.

Rev. R.S. Helms
2 years ago

Megalomania … is the word that I was looking for Thank you wingleader69. Warren really fits this category of delusional politicians with this mental illness.

Concerned Citizen
2 years ago

She must be referring to the Democratic party; after all, they had 8 years under Obama to fix all of that but instead just made race relations much, much worse.

Paul W
2 years ago

As an American Indian, she would know…not! Another hypocrite from a party of hypocrites. Take a DNA test, Pocahontas.

Helen E
2 years ago

E.W. may be sincere — but she is sincerely WRONG about 100% of the time because of her self-serving ways! She is propagandizing to the unthinking throngs willing to listen. What happened to We The People? Let her keep squaw-kkking as our 1st Amendment allows, though, Fauxcahontas is irrational and egocentric. One cannot reason with such an individual. There is every right NOT to approve of what she is saying without being perceived as racist or insensitive! It’s called assertiveness when one seeks to offend or harm no one but puts forth an individual idea. If healthy thinking persists among… Read more »

2 years ago

Lock her up as she is dangerous to the survival of this Republic ! ret us army AND AWAKE !

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