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Georgia Recount Witnesses Saw Trump Votes Counted for Biden

georgiaWitnesses of the recount of the presidential election in Georgia have signed sworn statements testifying to having observed ballots cast for President Donald Trump being counted as though they were cast for former Vice President Joe Biden.

Trump campaign attorney Lin Wood filed the affidavits with a federal court in Georgia on Nov. 17 as part of an emergency motion seeking to block the certification of the election results in the Peach State.

Nine of the affiants swore to have seen suspiciously pristine, uncreased mail ballots, uniformly and perfectly filled out, almost always for Biden. In one case, a batch of such ballots included 500 ballots in a row all cast for Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee.

The lack of creases is strange considering that mail ballots have to be folded to fit in an envelope. Some of the witnesses said the perfect markings, all in black and never outside the voting bubble, appeared as though they were printed by a machine or stamped.

The emergency motion detailed these and other abnormalities, violations, and potential signs of voter fraud on the night prior to the deadline for Georgia’s recount, which has already discovered, in three counties, batches of uncounted votes for Trump.

“Everything was in total disarray,” Susan Voyles, a poll manager with 20 years of experience handling ballots, wrote in her affidavit about her experience at a recount center in Fulton County.

Pristine Ballots

Voyles said that ballots usually show signs of handling, like written marks, creases, and torn edges. But a batch she counted while working as a recount auditor at the Georgia World Congress Center on Nov. 14 “stood out.”

“It was pristine. There was a difference in the texture of the paper—it was if they were intended for absentee use, but had not been used for that purpose,” Voyles testified. “There were no markings on the ballots to show where they had come from, or where they had been processed.”

“I observed that the markings for the candidates on these ballots were unusually uniform, perhaps even with a ballot marking device,” Voyles said. “By my estimate in observing these ballots, approximately 98 percent constituted votes for Joe Biden.”

Carlos Silva, a registered Democrat, observed a batch of ballots similar to the one described by Voyles, this time in DeKalb County.

“I noticed they all had a perfect black bubble and all were Biden select,” Silva wrote in a sworn affidavit. “I heard them go through the stack and call out Biden’s name over 500 times in a row.”

Robin Hall witnessed the same odd ballots in Fulton County.

“The ballots appeared to be perfectly filled out as though they were pre-printed with the presidential candidate selected. They did not look like a person filled this out at home,” Hall wrote.

Debra Fisher witnessed the same pattern with military and overseas ballots. She noticed that the watermark on the ballots was printed in solid grey instead of being transparent like other ballots. Fisher suspected the ballots were counterfeit and inquired with the elections director, who told her it was not an issue “due to the use of different printers.”

“I noticed that almost all of the ballots I reviewed were for Biden. Many batches went 100 percent for Biden,” Fisher testified. “I believe the military ballots are highly suspicious of fraud.”

Trump Votes for Biden

Three of the affiants testified that they witnessed ballots cast for Trump being placed in stacks for Biden and counted toward the tally for the former vice president. One of the three said she recorded the activity on video.

Nicholas Zeher said he saw ballots cast for Trump being placed in a pile for Biden when he observed the recount in Henry County. Other observers told Zeher they noticed the same activity at three other auditor tables. When he brought the issue to the attention of the election official on site, “it was met with extreme hostility.”

“At no time did I witness any ballot cast for Joseph Biden be placed in the pile for Donald Trump,” Zeher testified.

“Based on my observations, I believe that additional absentee ballots were cast for Donald Trump but counted for Joe Biden. I further believe that there was widespread fraud favoring Joe Biden.”

Consetta Johnson saw Trump ballots being placed into the Biden tray when she monitored the recount in Cobb County.

“I also witnessed the same two poll workers putting the already separated paper receipt ballots in the ‘No Vote’ and ‘Jorgensen’ tray, and removing them and putting them inside the Biden tray,” Johnson testified.

“They then took out all of the ballots out of the Biden tray and stacked them on the table, writing on the count ballot sheet,” she said, adding that she recorded a video of the incident. “I believe the Board of Elections operations were sloppy, unorganized, and suspicious.”

Silva, who had also witnessed the unusually pristine ballots, saw absentee ballots for Trump “inserted into Biden’s stack” and “counted as Biden votes … a few times.”

Broken Rules, Hostile Officials

Multiple witnesses described pervasive violations of the rules of the recount. Auditors failed to follow the procedure wherein each ballot is first viewed by one person, who reads out loud for whom the vote on the ballot was cast and passes the ballot to a second auditor who does the same. Several of the observers said the procedure wasn’t uniformly followed and that auditors often counted the ballots individually.

The affidavits paint a picture of a messy process, with different auditor tables using different processes to tally the votes. Several of the Republican affiants say they faced open hostility by the election officials, who didn’t treat the Democratic observers the same way.

“Ballots were placed in unmarked bins that are unattended or just placed randomly on a counter just lying around. There appeared to be little, if any, supervision, or control,” Tiffany Savage, a recount monitor for the Trump campaign, testified.

One box of ballots was left unattended for two days, Savage said. Other boxes and bags were left lying around in the open, secured only with blank tags that could be easily cut and replaced with those lying around.

“There was no way to tell if any counting was accurate,” she wrote.

‘Under Protest’

Trump on Nov. 18 again said that a true vote tally in Georgia would only be possible if the signatures on the ballots were audited.

“The Georgia recount is a joke and is being done UNDER PROTEST. Even though thousands of fraudulent votes have been found, the real number is in matching signatures,” the president wrote on Twitter.

Lin’s motion calls on the federal court to stop Georgia from certifying the results of the election and order another hand recount “which must be performed in a manner consistent with the Georgia Election Code.” Among other requests, Lin asked the court to order that the defendants hand over ballot envelopes and copies of absentee ballot requests.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, the defendant, ordered the recount of some 5 million ballots cast in the 2020 presidential election. Raffensperger made the call under a new law that calls for an audit of a single race after each election. The Trump campaign may request another recount after the state’s results are certified.

The recount has already uncovered three batches of uncounted votes in three counties. Each batch cut Biden’s lead by a total of over 1,400 votes. On Nov. 18, the chair of the Georgia Republican Party shared a sworn affidavit with The Epoch Times from a recount monitor who caught a miscount that could have added nearly 10,000 votes to Biden’s total.

“One of our monitors discovered a 9,626-vote error in the DeKalb County hand count. One batch was labeled 10,707 for Biden and 13 for Trump—an improbable margin even by DeKalb standards. The actual count for the batch was 1,081 for Biden and 13 for Trump,” David Shafer wrote on Twitter on Nov. 18.

On Nov. 18, after Lin filed the emergency motion, the Trump campaign paid the state of Wisconsin $3 million to conduct a recount in two counties. Legal challenges are also pending in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, and Nevada. The challenges in the six states will decide the outcome of the 2020 presidential race.

Reprinted with Permission from - Epoch Times by - Ivan Pentchoukov

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1 month ago


1 month ago

Names and addresses of these vigilante poll workers need to be made public, and it seems to me there should be laws that followed would have legal recourse for these witnesses to be heard in court. Time for one form of ballot, and verification nation wide.

Lidia Stremciuc
1 month ago

we should have a manual voter cout in every state and every couty and city in our country because we the conservative republicans won a lot more than is now we have to stand up for our country the comunist crooks demoncrats its been steeling the election for so many years and in 2018 they did not won the seats in the house that was the biggest fraud in our country and now is the extra huge VOTER FRAUD IN THIS ELLECTION THEY SO IT THEY GOT AWAY WITH THE 2018 FRAUD AND THEY WORKED TOGETHER WIH FBI CIA DOJ DNI AND OTHER AND OF CORSE STERORIST SOROS AND COMUNIST DEMONCRATS PAYID THEM SO THEY CAN DESTROY OUR COUNTRY AND OUR PRESIDENT

1 month ago

A Trump supporter in Cobb County, Georgia videoed a shredding company hauling away bins full ballots.

In 2016 about 315K people voted in Cobb County. 159K went to Hillary Clinton while 152K went to Trump. 14K went to Gary Johnson.

In 2020 about 395K people voted in Cobb County. 222K went to Biden and 159K went to Trump.

The assumption is that the Johnson vote would have split down the middle or lean towards Trump. So, 7K to both Biden and Trump.

So were are now lead to believe that Biden picked up over 55K votes to 0K votes for Trump.

Do you believe that a 55 thousand to 0 thousand result is valid? I sure as heck don’t.

1 month ago

Impossible to resolve the vote count without having a complete new vote. Since the signature envelope is now separated from the ballot there is no way to throw a bad vote out.

1 month ago

What are we doing about it though? Georgia has “certified” and called it for Biden. I know things are still going through the legal system, but it’s hard to know what’s actually going on with all the fake news out there. It’s hard not to lose hope.

L Kurek
1 month ago

This cheating has been going on for years, in Chicago. In the past neighbors have complained about not being able to vote because they were told they all ready voted. The precinct captain would complain when someone would actually mail in their absentee ballot instead of giving to her first.

Linda Kurek
1 month ago

This cheating has been going on for years, in Chicago. In the past neighbors have complained about not being able to vote because they were told they all ready voted. The precinct captain would complain when someone would actually mail in their absentee ballot instead of giving to her first.

1 month ago

Bob H is right. What ARE we going to do about it. This is just a hot air forum. ACTION is required.

1 month ago

Voting is no longer a valid process. We need a new method. Throw dice or play a baseball game. Let the repubs be the national
league all-stars and the dims will be the american league stars. Flip a coin. A new process is needed.

1 month ago

Biden/Camelia have NO chance to “bring this country together”. This will be the most contentious 4 years in history.
Biden/Camelia may become president but it means nothing. Trump will still be regarded as president.

1 month ago

Who is paying off the republican governor of Georgia ?

S Griffin
1 month ago

In Arizona when I voted, the drop box for ballots was separated in a different room from the rest of the voting and unattended. It was near the outside door. I was concerned because I could have easily stuffed the box with many ballots. I waited and a young man came in. Later when my husband voted he experienced the same thing an unattended drop box.

1 month ago

The real discussion now is how does the nation ( not Georgia) rectify the upcoming fraud in the 2
senate races in GA. If we allow this to happen again, then we deserve to become communist. Its up to
us. The attitude that “there’s nothing we can do” is the remark of a lazy coward. There’s abundant
things we can do and we had better figure it out quick. If you live in Illinois and think ” there’s nothing
I can do. This is a GA election” we are defeated.

1 month ago

I really feel sorry for Biden. There will be no “coming together” if he becomes president. The dims will use this as a way
to install the mega lightweight K Harris as president. Joe is dizzy and simple. K Harris is dangerous and deranged.

Bill Brown
1 month ago

The vast majority of Mail-In Ballots were not approved by their State Legislature and are therefore not Constitutional!!! Get this issue to the Supreme Court and America’s battle is WON and the cheating DemocRat/Communists LOSE!!!  Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution 2.0!!!  Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!!  Stand-up for Our Republic!!!!  Remove Every DemocRat!!!!!

Bill Brown
1 month ago

In the 1930’s, Adolph Hitler: “Heute Deutschland, Morgen die Welt!” (Today Germany, tomorrow the World)!!  Today, Chuck Schumer in the same year he threatened OUR Supreme Court: “Today Georgia, next we change the World!”  The Leaders of Socialism never cease to be corrupted by its EVILS!!!  Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution 2.0!!!  Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!!  Stand-up for Our Republic!!!!  Remove Every DemocRat!!!!!

John Wesley
Reply to  Bill Brown
1 month ago

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat that history.

Bill Brown
1 month ago

The entire DemocRat/Communist Party, the News Media, the Entertainment Industry, and the Education Industry are FRAUDS and have been for at least 50+ years!!!  Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution 2.0!!!  Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!!  Stand-up for Our Republic!!!!  Remove Every DemocRat!!!!!

Bill Brown
1 month ago

Too much talk and too little action by the so called Republicans and anyone who claims there is no proof of Fraud is a LIAR!!  No one is TAKING ACTION on the ONE valid and factual Constitutional Issue!!  Re Mark Levin, none of the “Batch Mail-In Ballots” are valid!!  By Our Constitution, only each State’s Legislature can determine the voting requirements/rules/processes for voting in each of the “several sovereign States”!! No ruling by any Court can set voting procedures.  Courts can reject voting processes but only the State Legislatures can establish procedures!!!  TAKE THIS FACT to the U.S. Supreme Court and the Counts in all states with “Batch Mail-In Ballots” will significantly CHANGE!!!  Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution 2.0!!!  Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!!  Stand-up for Our Republic!!!!  Remove Every DemocRat!!!!!

Bill Brown
1 month ago

The Communists (DemocRats, Media, Entertainment, Education, etc.) industries have finally met a Nation whose Constitution STANDS-UP against their “dirty tricks”!!  Now, if our Supreme Court (thank Our Lord for the newest Supreme Court Judge) and true Americans STAND-UP, the United States of America will not become the United Soviet States of America!!!  Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution 2.0!!!  Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!!  Stand-up for Our Republic!!!!  Remove Every DemocRat!!!!!