Good Guy With A Gun Saves State Trooper From ‘Savage’ Attack

from – The Federalist

An armed citizen was driving to a conference when he saw a state trooper being brutally beaten on the side of the road. With the help of his gun, he was able to stop the attacker and save the officer’s life, CNN reported.

In the wee hours of January 12, Arizona state trooper Ed Andersson responded to a call that a man was shooting at cars along the I-10 highway. When he arrived at the location in question, he found a man bent over a woman who had been thrown from a nearby car that was now overturned.

After Andersson blocked off the road and called for medical assistance, the man on the side of the road had disappeared from sight, and remerged from the darkness a few moments later pointing his gun right at the state trooper.

The shooter, who was later identified as 37-year-old Leonard Penuelas-Escobar, shot Andersson once in the shoulder before knocking Andersson off his feet.

“I would try to get my Taser out,” Andersson told CNN. “But every time I would do that, he would strike me in the head, and pound my head on the pavement.”

Thomas Yoxall, a photographer who was legally packing heat in the center console of his pickup truck, happened to be driving by when he saw the state trooper being savagely beaten by Penuelas-Escobar.

“I yell out to the suspect to stop, I said ‘get off him!’” Yoxall said,. “His facial expression, the look in his eye (was) ‘evil,’ if I had to put a word on it.”

After Penuelas-Escobar ignored repeated commands to stop, Yoxall shot the attacker twice — once in the chest and once in the head — likely saving Andersson’s life. After Andersson was air-lifted to a hospital, underwent surgery, and received more than 100 stitches and staples, doctors were able to stabilize him.

“As much as I fought, at one point I probably couldn’t have gone on anymore,” Andersson said. “I probably wouldn’t be here (if it weren’t for Yoxall).”

In 2000, Yoxall was charged with theft, a felony later pled down to a misdemeanor, which allowed a judge to give the avid hunter his gun rights back.

“God chose to put me in that place at that particular moment,” said Yoxall, who said he cleaned up his life after finding God. “I just can’t see an evil like that perpetuated without intervening.”

The two men have formed what they describe as a lifelong bond.

“And not just between me and him,” Andersson said. “But between my family and him, too.”

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Thomas Olszewski
4 years ago

I’m so glad I moved out of NY. Without a doubt the incident would of ended negatively for the Police Officer had not the Armed Angel showed up on the scene. GOD BLESS OUR MEN AND WOMEN IN BLUE.
Retired FDNY.

S/Sgt. John Sharp, USAF SIS, Disabled Korean War V
4 years ago

What was Escobar’s citizenship status ? Legal, Illegal or otherwise ?

4 years ago

Illegal disgraced ex lawman from Mexico who had been discharged for using drugs

4 years ago

If this incident had played out the exact same way in either California or New York, the end result would have likely been charges filed against the officer for somehow violating the attacker’s rights and provoking the attack on himself. The ACLU would have been all over this trying to portray the attacker as the victim of an unjust and racist officer. The mainstream media would be trying to paint both the officer and the photographer that rescued him as gun-crazed racial bigots looking for an opportunity to gun down a poor, defenseless minority. Standard operating procedure for the left. The civilian who rescued the officer would have found himself likely charged with either attempted murder or assault with a deadly weapon for intervening to rescue the officer. Local Democrat politicians would be parading non-stop before the TV cameras calling for “sensible gun control regulations”, so people like Yoxall couldn’t have access to guns. The same politicians would also be calling for the police to be “re-educated”, so they wouldn’t pull over dangerous people like Escobar in the first place.

Think what I described above could never happen? Think again. This is already how things work in these deep blue states. So it is very fortunate for the officer involved that he was in Arizona and not California or New York. If he was an officer in either of these other states, he would have likely been killed by his attacker. So he was very lucky indeed.

Gilbert Doan.
4 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

AMEN, Paul E.!

4 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

I agree 150% with PaulE. I would go one step further in NYS. NYS has a system in place that essentially totally discourages any form of self defense. If our elected officials were not so EVIL & IMMORAL I would believe that they are all Quakers. NYS as far as individual rights is a disgusting place.

If I had the means I would have left NYS decades ago. I only had the means to leave an ultra liberal Central NYS city to a much more conservative county in the famed Mohawk Valley.

Kudos to a very brave citizen & a very decent & JUST state.

john boy
4 years ago
Reply to  TomM

i feel your pain…i live next door in Mass…2miles from the Ct border..i have to leave my firearm home..no reciprocity…

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