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Beto O’Rourke no longer trusts law-abiding Americans and says “hell yes” he will take away your AR-15’s. Also, Omar and Booker have a new plan for the government to provide jobs. Finally, liberals plan to impeach Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh over a false New York Times story.

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Cheryl Ford
1 year ago

The Democratic Party is has become very radical and far left and they are behaving dangerously desperate because Americans see them for failed policies and being LIARS! Just look at California, Minnesota, New York and Wisconsin…..
What a mess they have created!

Alex Perez
1 year ago

The Lib candidates are in the mistaken belief that all Democrats are far-left radicals, which are not the Demo base voters they need to win the election. President Trump will overwhelmingly win the 2020 election.

George Serniuk
1 year ago

How can we, the hard working Americans, make proper decisions when we are bombarded with abject lies. How do we distinguish between a lie and the truth? We treat a Lie the same way as we treat the Truth. We simply allow it to be told. If a Lie or the Truth is questioned by anyone, that Lie or Truth should be backed up with proper evidence. Example: “You can keep your own Doctor or your premiums will go down.” That should not be! My suggestion is that any Elected Official from the President on down the list, who deliberately… Read more »

Ed LaPinskas
1 year ago

The 4 tenets of the American Communist party also known as demo-crats –
TAX – SPEND – LIE – CONTROL. My elders used to accuse them only of the first 2.
Times have changed and obama helped create that CHANGE w/ an extra 2 tenets.

David Campbell
1 year ago

If you hate The United States of America, vote for Democrats.

1 year ago

No you are Not Going to Confiscate my Firearms! It is my Second Amendment Right! To protect myself from any threat foreign or domestic! What’s next ? Taking kitchen knives? Really! May God Bless America!!!

1 year ago

Beto said what every Democrat is thinking- take away all guns, dismantle the Second Amendment and we can have our way with all Americans. Call it Common Sense, For the Children , or any other stupid saying and the media will believe it and push for it. Incremental Confiscation and they will not even realize it. WAKE UP AMERICA-IT IS HAPPENING!

Dorothy M. Piel
1 year ago

Sorry I believe that Dems are off their rocker and have no brains to see what they are doing to a man who love this country more than they do. They cannot stand losing to someone who knows what he is doing that is running this country not as a politician but as an American who cares about the people. The dems should hde their head and take the squad with them. They, the squad, are running Polosi and she should be ashamed of herself.

1 year ago

Just another example of far left liberals flapping their jaws to get votes never truly understanding all of the issues. Or, maybe they do. Trying their best to destroy our great nation. O’Rourke already made the comment about 3 plus million Americans with 3 plus million guns that we should not have. Do they understand that 3 plus million guns are owned by a majority of legal law abiding citizens? And that we don’t enforce the laws that are currently on the books in a majority of gun related cases? Thousands of needless vehicle deaths are taking place every year… Read more »

1 year ago

Perhaps Omar can just support a mandate that those receiving welfare and food stamps, etc. must at minimum hold 1500 hours yearly jobs. Period. If Americans pay to support welfare folks generations after generations, why can’t they work for their support? Isn’t that Americans supporting everyone in America having a job? Welfare receipients would be given wonderful jobs picking up roadside trash. street sweeping, housekeeping in public buildings, etc. Yay!

1 year ago

I don’t trust fully either party any more. I also do not want automatic weapons, I want a universal background check with mental illness and domestic abuse records and criminal records. handguns, rifles, shotguns, skeet guns are normal weapons. I listen to these stupid folks who say they are going to take our guns away. no only those weapons of war that can do a mass shooting in a clip. no one needs that type of gun around. no one needs an armory in their home. Target practice is a skill. if you cannot hit the target with one shot… Read more »

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