Happy Thanksgiving!

AMAC’s Bounty

Thanksgiving had long been celebrated by Americans as an opportunity to thank God for bountiful harvests, the ending of droughts, and as a gesture of fellowship and ally between early colonists and Native Americans. However, it was one of America’s greatest Presidents, Abraham Lincoln, who officially proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday at the height of the Civil War in 1863.  Among other things, President Lincoln petitioned all Americans to ask God to heal the wounds of the nation in his Thanksgiving proclamation.

Fast forward to 2013 and as we approach this Thanksgiving Day, we at AMAC have experienced an enormous bounty for which we are faithfully grateful. Our bounty has manifested itself in the form of a powerful, influential voice for Americans who cherish Conservative values. AMAC’s bounty is distinct in that it reflects a true picture of America.  AMAC’s bounty is its members; Americans who love their country and will not sit idly by as current leaders attempt to make wholesale changes to the fabric and composition of the very pillars that allow for American exceptionalism.

AMAC belongs to its members.  You are AMAC. Simply put, our mission and voice would not exist were it not for mature citizens who recognize the need for a strong Conservative voice for Americans who are age 50+. And how you’ve responded to this need!  After the 2012 Presidential election when morale was low among Conservatives, AMAC documented a milestone: our 500,000th member.  Just 11 short months later in October, 2013, thanks to you, AMAC celebrated its 1,000,000th member.  The membership in your AMAC is now currently closing in on 1,100,000!

We need each and every one of you. We need your passion, your love of country, your selflessness and prayers.  We need your experience, your ideas and suggestions and your motivation.  You are the reason AMAC is unique among other self-proclaimed “senior organizations”.  You are the reason more and more doors are opening for us on Capitol Hill.  Yours are the stories we’re relating to lawmakers across the country.  It is your strength in numbers that allows us to develop a significant member benefits offering.

You are AMAC’s bounty, and for that we are ever blessed and thankful.

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