Here Are 3 Gaping Errors Ilhan Omar Made in Attacking Pro-Life Advocates and Religious Liberty

Ilhan Omar pro-life advocates religious libertyRep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., unleashed a scathing statement on the House floor on May 22, in which she attacked conservatives and pro-life Americans, accusing them of hypocrisy and inconsistency, among other things.

She was responding to the wave of pro-life bills that have recently swept state legislatures. And she was wrong, point after point.

Here are three ways she showed she doesn’t understand pro-life Americans and religious liberty.

1. Pro-Life Americans are not theocrats.

Omar began:

Religious fundamentalists are currently trying to manipulate state laws in order to impose their beliefs on an entire society, all with complete disregard for voices and the rights of American women. The recent efforts like those in Alabama and Georgia are only the latest in a long history of efforts to criminalize women for simply existing. To punish us, when we don’t confirm to their attempts to control us. But because it’s happening here, with the support of the ultra-conservative religious right, we call it religious freedom.

Omar here is saying that people who advocate for the unborn through legislation (like the abortion bans passed in Alabama and Georgia) are simply religious people trying to impose their beliefs on society under the guise of religious freedom. It’s unclear if the attack here is mostly on pro-life advocates or religious liberty advocates.

While these groups overlap, they aren’t always one and the same. I know pro-life folks who are pro-life because of science, not religion, and I know religious freedom advocates who aren’t religious at all themselves.

What is clear is that she was attacking religious freedom, smearing it as a crusade aimed at discrimination and misogyny against women.

We’ve seen a bevy of cases in recent years stemming from religious liberty—whether it be a cake baker wishing to obey his conscience, or the effort to dismantle a WWI veteran’s memorial simply because it is shaped like a cross. These are hardly efforts to “control” women. Rather, they are rooted in the freedoms protected by the First Amendment.

Religious liberty is a hot topic today, but it is a core element of our nation’s founding. In fact, it’s why America began in the first place: because Puritans wanted a place to worship freely.

But Omar didn’t even see fit to give a nod to that heritage.

2. Pro-life Americans have a huge track record of caring for mothers and children.

Omar went on to impugn the motives of religious conservatives, accusing them not only of not caring for the unborn, but for mothers and children:

Let’s just be honest. For the religious right, this isn’t simply about their care or concern for life. If they cared about or were concerned about children, they would be concerned about the children who are being detained and dying in camps across our border, or the children who are languishing in hunger and facing homelessness.

This is a lie the left has perpetuated for decades. While it is true that Roe v. Wade ignited a wave of activism that created optics centered on defending the unborn, the fact is that pro-life Americans care about the whole life—born and unborn. And the data proves it.

In 2018, 2 million women were served through pregnancy resource centers, according to the Charlotte Lozier Institute. These centers exist not just to keep a woman from aborting, but to help a woman should she decide to raise the baby or put the baby up for adoption.

When the Supreme Court heard NIFLA v. Becerra last year—a case dealing with pregnancy resource centers—the Catholic Association filed a brief showing how the lives of 13 women had been transformed because of the aid they received from pregnancy centers in California.

As far as children “languishing in hunger and facing homelessness” go, research shows that faith-based adoption agencies “have been a cornerstone of the child welfare system for decades.” Aid organizations like the Red Cross, Compassion International, and Bethany Services all have religious roots, showing that religious people have cared for the neediest, most helpless among us for decades.

Also, consider that Alabama—the state that just banned abortion—recently set a new record in adoptions.

3. Pro-life Americans are not forcing religion on anyone.

Finally, Omar accused religious liberty advocates of being duplicitous.

I am frustrated every single time I hear people speaking about their personal faith and pushing that onto other people because we know those so-called religious politicians when it comes to their life, their choices, they want to talk about freedom. But when it comes to other people’s lives and other people’s choices, they want to talk about religion.

People who passionately advocate for the unborn are often accused of trying to push their faith onto others, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Omar suggested pro-life legislators are passing six-week abortion bans in the name of religious freedom. But this is also untrue. The right to “free exercise” of religion is, of course, vitally important, but a six-week abortion ban is not dependent upon religion. Science itself makes the case against abortion. Life is a right, and if life begins at conception, these unborn babies deserve legal protection afforded to them by the state.

Furthermore, Christian conservatives do not enter the political arena for selfish reasons. They don’t advocate for their own liberties and no one else’s, so that they can reap the benefits and pass down punitive measures to everyone else who isn’t religious. That’s simply not true, and it would be unchristian.

There are multiple organizations peppered across the United States—the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, Alliance Defending Freedom, and First Liberty, to name a few—which go to bat for religious people in court, not because their rights are preeminent but because they are often marginalized and discriminated in our day (see the Masterpiece Cakeshop case).

In fact, here’s a comprehensive list from 2011-2017 of discrimination cases against religious people, not the other way around.

Omar has the right to represent her constituents in Minnesota, but the arguments she made in this brief speech are horrendously flawed, unsubstantiated, and for the most part, plain smears against conservatives meant for show.

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Nicole Russell

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1 year ago

she talks about conservative forcing their religion on others? Well her religion calls for the murder of anyone who doesn’t become a muslim!!!! How many people have been beheaded because they wouldn’t stay in the muslim faith? How many Christians in muslim countries have been killed for their beliefs? She is a complete hypocrit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 year ago

Ilhan Omar is simply spewing the same kind of distortions and outright lies that her Islamic Somali voter base believes in and elected her to Congress to voice a national stage on their behalf. No doubt the rest of the non-Somali voters in her home state are thoroughly ashamed and humiliated to have her representing them in Congress. However, that is what happens when the citizens allow the mass importation, by the federal government, of people that neither want to adopt or assimilate into American society, but instead want the United States to change to adopt their cultural and religious… Read more »

Frank S.
1 year ago

Wow…talk about hypocrisy! This woman clearly does not belong in Congress. I think everyone deserves to be heard (that is supposed to be the American way) UNTIL they prove they are absolute idiots. Omar has clearly done that…proved herself an idiot. Of course, she has lots of company on the “progressive” left. But she obviously can’t keep her mouth shut. But like all Dems today, she believes she knows what best for the rest of us, as well as how the rest of us should think. And she calls conservatives hypocrites!?

Drema Pike
1 year ago

This woman does not belong in Congress or in this country.

Janet Kee
1 year ago

Everything she is saying could be said about about her religion. Suppressing women’s rights and push their religion on everyone else is exactly what her religion does.

1 year ago

Does her religion allow abortions? And how about controlling women.

Todd Taylor
1 year ago

Ilhan Omar’s leadership is so wrong for our country. We go out of our way to protect animals and convicted murders yet we will not project the most deserving; the most innocent; the unborn child. Where is our humanity?

Charles Moskovitz
1 year ago

Omar is a disgrace to the American public and should be impeached from her office and banned from spewing her Anti-Semetic, Anti-American, Radical Islamic rhetoric and hatred for Jews and Americans. What a complete sham she and her other despicable cohorts Tlaib and AOC. This is the best example of the American Political System gone bad in modern history.

1 year ago

This woman does not belong in America, let alone in American government!

1 year ago

Omar has nothing to say about women’s rights in the US compared to to the women of Sudan and the middle east which are considered less than human. She should use her influence as a congress-person to speak out against the injustices in the Muslim countries.

1 year ago

Rather hypocritical for a Muslim to say a religion is being forced on people. Isn’t she in Congress and get the reports for the Middle east?

1 year ago

Hilarious to see a burka wearer and likely sharia supporter criticizing american christians. To those who dont know yet: she was elected by the somali community deliberately brought here by our govt and placed in several nodes around this country. When we talk of the deep state, this is the sort of policy they pursue. Nameless, faceless beaurocrats have the power to ‘fundamentally transform’ this country.

Vikki Crosley
1 year ago

And, she came to this country as a child, so she has no idea what suppression of women is….I’m not condoning her behavior….I just don’t expect her to change. She needs to be voted out of office.

John Wilder
1 year ago

Here is a Muslim woman who says that Christians are trying to impose their religion on the rest of the world. This is exactly what Muslims do and if you don’t convert, they rape women and beat them or just kill them. Don’t even get me started on honor killings of women (Muslims don’t have honor killing of men) and for a Muslim woman to have a man arrested for raping her she has to have 4 male eye witnesses to establish the fact. The Muslim men of course will deny seeing her being raped and may have even joined… Read more »

Vikki Crosley
1 year ago

Why would anyone practicing Islam understand religious freedom?

Linda Hutson
1 year ago

She is obviously a terrorist sympathizer, and has no intent or interest in supporting American laws or values! The fact that the Democrats support and defend her should scare all Freedom loving Americans and I mean that literally!

Pete from St
1 year ago

It would be laughable to hear a Muslim accusing other religions of not being tolerant to dissenting opinions if she wasn’t in the US Congress. I have not heard of any Christians or Jews beheading people because they don’t agree with our religious beliefs. The prophet Mohammed states right in the Koran it is not only acceptable, but commendable for good members of Islam to slew infidels and apostates. It shows how careful we must be in allowing people into our country without properly vetting them.

Bo Dalton
1 year ago

It is way beyond the time and patience for us to still have this Foreign born Idiot telling us what to do and still being in our Senate ! Get rid of her and get her back to the Muslim country she came from !! Minnesota has got to be brain dead !. If she got elected on Muslims alone, then Minnesota needs to succeed from the Union !The change should be made, that only American born can be elected into our Senate.

Robert Mcleester
1 year ago

She should take that crap back to her Homeland, The majority of people in the United States could care less about her or what she thinks!

1 year ago

So, if pro-life people want to end abortions they are pushing their ideals and politics and religion on others. But, if pro-abortion people want to keep abortion legal without restrictions they are not pushing their political agenda on anyone. Sounds illogical and possibly dishonest to me to argue that way. Sadly, this is the state of discourse in this country; it is driven by emotional arguments on both sides and little knowledge or reason.

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