Impeachment Fallouts

Trump impeachment falloutImpeachment is shaping up as unpredictably explosive, but not in the way imagined.

There are lots of things that we do know about the present impeachment of Donald Trump — and we know that there are even more areas that remain unknown.

Quietly, the approval ratings of Trump have been rising to pre-impeachment levels and are nearing a RealClearPolitics average of 45. Support for impeaching Trump and/or removing him is not increasing as the House Democrats expected. It is essentially static, or slowly eroding, depending on how polls phrase such questions.

Apparently, an exhausted public did not see “Ukrainian” impeachment as a one-off national crisis akin to the Nixon inquiry and the Clinton impeachment and trial that merited national attention. The impeachment vote instead is being confirmed in the public mind as part of a now boring three-year impeachment psychodrama (from impeachment 1.0, the Logan Act, the emoluments clause, the 25th Amendment, and Michael Avenatti/Stormy Daniels comedies to Robert Mueller’s “dream team” and “all-stars”). The progressive logic of the current jump-the-shark monotony is to become even more monotonous, the way that a driller leans ever harder on his dull and chipping bit as his bore becomes static.

The Democrats believed that all of these efforts would be like small cuts, each one perhaps minor but all combining to bleed Trump out. But now we know, given polling data and the strong Trump economy, that the long odyssey to impeachment has had almost no effect on Trump’s popularity, other than losing him 3–4 points for a few weeks as periodic media “bombshells” went off.

The reality may be the very opposite of what Democrats planned. The more the Left tries to abort the Trump presidency before the election, the more it bleeds from each of its own inflicted nicks. As an example, Rachel Maddow’s reputation has not been enhanced by her neurotic assertions that Trump’s tax returns would soon appear, or that the Steele dossier was steadily gaining credibility, or that yet another tell-tale Russian colluder had emerged from under another American bed.

The past three years of Trump mania did not induce a recession, despite last summer’s sudden hysteria that “recession” was on the horizon. It is hard to envision a looming recession when real wages of workers continue to rise, unemployment is at historic lows, U.S. energy production is at record highs, inflation is low, interest rates are manageable, and growth is moderate but steady. We collectively have an appointment with the staggering national debt and stock-market exuberance, but probably not until after 2020. And the Left has completely nullified that issue by proposing trillions of dollars in new spending.

For now, the Democrats in extremis have redefined impeachment for the first time in American history as a Sword of Damocles, now permanently hanging by a horse’s hair over Trump’s head. Impeachment is being reinvented as way of presidential life that will supposedly impale Trump one day or at least constrain him, as occasional additional writs are added on, as the polls, media, and Democratic fancy dictate. Nancy Pelosi has rewritten the U.S. Constitution after reading a few op-eds by Trump-hating academics. Most Americans accept that if the Republican Congress had tried the same with Barack Obama (at a time when just wearing an Obama mask got a rodeo clown fired for life from a state fair), we would have had a revolution.

Most presidents need 50 percent approval ratings in the lead-up to a reelection bid to win another four years. But Trump, who won the election without 50 percent approval, may not. He is polling now not far from where Obama was while on his trajectory to reelection in 2012, and his approval is about what it was at the time of his own election victory in 2016.

The Left remains scared that the polls, which seemed accurate in the midterm elections when Trump was not on the ballot, may not be accurate in 2020. The flawed analytics on election eve 2016 remain a terrifying specter. Democrats fear that few who voted for Trump in 2020 will defect and that some who did not vote for Trump will approve of the economy and change their minds this November. All irony is lost on the Left that their four-year-long climate of MAGA intolerance and contempt for the deplorables, irredeemables, clingers, crazies, the so-called toothless, and Joe Biden’s dregs may well have polluted their own polls.

It is not just anger at the Left or a wish to avoid confrontations that camouflages Trump support. The existential hatred of Donald Trump is such that average Americans may not wish to accurately express their support even anonymously to pollsters either by phone or on computers. There are recent widespread (and increasingly legitimate) fears of electronic data mining and the compilation of information that might later be used against respondents (what was once considered quite paranoid is no longer so, given revelations about the ethos of Silicon Valley). Plenty of Americans don’t think it’s wise to honestly answer, whether in a phone conversation or by text, an anonymous pollster asking about opinions on Trump.

In addition, the odium among the Left is so pernicious and so ubiquitous that the surveyors themselves may pollute the very taking of polls. Pollsters know that massaging polls creates momentum for media stories about Trump’s “unpopularity” and the “erosion” in his support. Thus in theory a few true believers could warp, within limits, their own data, in service to a noble cause. When the Hill/Harris and the USA/Suffolk polls have a two-point gap between Trump’s approval and disapproval, while Politico has him down 15 points, something seems to the public haywire somewhere.

No one knows the effect that the Horowitz report, following the Mueller-investigation dud, is having on the credibility of the mainstream media — so far, the great force multiplier of the abort-Trump Left. It may be that we are nearing the point at which “bombshells” and “walls are closing in” are little more than soap bubbles. Certainly, the public was lied to about the “Steele dossier” and the “Schiff memo,” to the point that the media may soon be not a catalyst but a retardant of the Left, a smelly albatross around its collective neck. The Durham investigations are not yet in, and the fate of Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and McCabe may make Horowitz’s damning report seem tame. What would happen if paid TV analysts got indicted after predicting that everyone who was innocent would go to jail?

We are living in bizarre times — the rhetoric of Trump hatred is nearing its logical end, and scant further popular animus can be expressed beyond smashing his face, shooting him, burning him up, or blowing up the White House, and no further political venom voiced than urging progressives to surround Trump officials and harass them at restaurants and stores.

Many who voted for Trump were quite aware that Trump’s rhetoric often bothered them. They now weigh that discomfort against his achievements and the shrill Democratic alternative — and find the latter far scarier. Few on the left ever contemplate the effect on the general public of the 24/7, 360-degree pure hatred of Trump on network and cable news, public TV and radio, and late-night TV talk shows, as well as print media. The silent disdain many people have for the progressive media nexus is especially potent when the haters so often fit a stereotypical profile in the public mind: counterfeit elite as defined by education, zip codes, careers, or supposed cultural influence; smug in their parrot-like group-speak and accustomed to deference.

This paradox was brought home to me not long ago when I asked an unlikely Trump minority supporter why in the world he would vote against his family’s and community’s political heritage. He answered at once, with simply, “I hate the people who hate him.”

Translated, I think that means we often are missing a cultural element to Trump Agonistes, exacerbated by the latest toxic impeachment episode.

Again, millions of Americans actually leave Trump per se out of their voting equations. They do not give him full credit for a remarkable economy and an unorthodox foreign policy that is addressing China, Iran, and the Middle East in a way many once advocated but few seriously believed would ever be enacted.

Instead, voters are exhausted by his haters and their crazy agendas. They grow enraged over how the Mueller and Horowitz investigatory reports have disproved all the daily media, celebrity, and political assertions. And they are upset about the larger culture of the anti-Trump Left, from the fundamentals of open borders and identity politics to the trivia of transgendered athletes, Colin Kaepernickism, and the open-border, Green New Deal socialism. An auto worker who votes as a true-blue union Democrat but likes Trump’s trade policies, a no-nonsense farmer who worries about farm exports but likes deregulation, and a teacher who votes a liberal slate but has no way to control his classroom may not seem like Trump voters, but some such voters are terrified by the cultural trajectory of what the Trump-hating Left has in store for them all.

For a majority, refined and arrogant progressive mendaciousness voiced in condescending nasal tones has become far more repugnant than all-American hype in a Queens accent.

Reprinted with permission from - National Review - by Victor Davis Hanson

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Albert Paparesta
1 year ago

Make no mistake about it, this attempted impeachment is all about the courts. In a second term, President Trump will have at least one, possibly two Supreme Court picks..Up to now, Trump has appointed approximately 50 Circuit Court judges and more than 150 Federal judges. A second term with similar results would cripple the radical lefts agenda for 20 to 25 years.

Lynn E Zumwalt
1 year ago

I live in the “Bible belt” there’s no one I know who agrees with impeachment, Democrats, or anti-American, one-world viewpoint

1 year ago

And through all of this…Dems are bleeding shame. Lol. Everything theyv tried FAILED!

IMPEACH PELOSI SCHITT NADLER SCHUMER WATERS n all fake politicians. America dont need them.

Sallie Downer
1 year ago

No money to donate, but,TRUMP, is the MAN ! Vote TRUMP.

Sallie Downer
1 year ago

I wil continue to Vote TRUMP. Don’t have money to donate. But! TRUMP , IS the MAN.

Jim Bachand
1 year ago

I just like the 63 Million plus Americans who voted for Trump. Hate the haters! Those weirdo far left liberal Socialists and Communists who want to destroy our great country are going to fail. The more hate Trump crap I hear or read makes me feel stronger that he is the great president and this makes me support Trump more and hate the haters because with every attack on him I know he is the doing the right thing. The corruption done by the Bidens, the many murders Hilllary and the new world order proponents who ordered the hit on Jeff Epstein because he knew too much about her sex trade process and many more of her crimes, performed makes me wonder how we the people ever allowed this to happen. But like all evil plans they fed us their propaganda trash a drip at a time until we began to believe their lies and through propaganda in our education system programmed the minds of many students to actually believe Socialism is a good thing. If the students had any real intelligence they would investigate all countries that are Socialist to see it doesn’t work. Venezuela itself followed the process that Bernie Sanders wanted for America and within 5 years went form being a wealthy country to now having the government armies shoot and kill many while the rest of the population is so poor and starving they search through garbage to find and eat rotten food. The far left is sick and I for one see through their coup even with the fake impeachment voted on by the majority Democrats who planned to over turn his election from the beginning. Trump is a good man, a great patriot and good Christian. That’s enough for me. He will have my vote in 2020 as well as many more Americans than the number who last voted for him. God bless our president and God bless America!

Pat R
1 year ago

Wow, an articulate and ‘awesome’ article. Thanks for putting into words the perspective so many of us lean toward or are staunchly solid about. It is good to now feel alone in this thinking.

Susan Kunstmann
1 year ago

Wonderful article. Says it all beautifully in a way most leftists would not understand.

Jorgensen Elisabeth (Liz)
1 year ago

Great assessment!

George Nutzul
1 year ago

I am proud to say I will vote for President Trump again this year, as will my family. We believe that he is doing a fine job, and has the best interest for America at heart.

Dr Dave
1 year ago

I demand REPARATIONS from the Demonrats for all the taxpayer money they have wasted on the impeachment sham! Every one of the House Dimwits should have their salaries and bank accounts docked to pay back the wasted money to all the taxpayers. Now that would be Accountability!

Barbara LaDieu
1 year ago
Reply to  Dr Dave

You are 100% correct,,,took the words right out of my mouth and using our$ for this….I pray for our country and Trump every day of my life..its pelosi that needs to be impeached and they need to highly investigate her too!!!!!!

Donald Corbin
1 year ago

Question? How to stop the democrat push to register as many illegal voters and Deceased voters as possible.
President Trump will win with a massive landslide if vote is Honest.
If President Trump is not re-elected will prove to me that voter fraud is the new norm.
PHOTO VOTER ID and PROOF of CITIZENSHIP brought to poll?
Personally I think it should be, Must have been a taxpaying citizen at 5 years before can vote in national elections.
How about Election board supervisor and staff subject to 10 years in prison, if fraud found.

1 year ago

We need an investigation into this whole “impeachment” coup attempt. “Whistleblowers” don’t have any right to anonymity. Impeachment REQUIRES the commission of “…Treason, Bribery or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Article II, Section 4 is very specific. EVERYONE involved in this charade needs to be prosecuted for Treason. There were no crimes specified in the Articles of Impeachment. There was NO fact testimony. We heard from “deep state” bureaucrats….conjectures, opinions, presumptions, assumptions, suppositions, speculations, expectations, surmises, and inferences. We heard no facts and no crimes. It was a circus clown car, typical dim display of ignorance and hatred. The only GOOD thing about it is….it GUARANTEES a Trump win in 2020….and the flipping of the House back to Republicans as well as them keeping the Senate….Anyone with a brain won’t vote for dims now…plus…they have NO viable candidate in that lunatic asylum they call dim “candidates.”….I’ve never seen such insanity in my life! And I spent over 25 years in Law Enforcement!!!!

Barbara LaDieu
1 year ago
Reply to  cptphil

Amen to this,,,yes a circus and waste of taxpayer $ as well..these people need to be investigated themselves..bet they have alot of bones in their closet!!! and term limits for all of these creeps who have been in there so long trying to rewrite our constitution..vote them out!!!

1 year ago

Excellent article. I feel that some of the Democratic house and senate members have and are committing treason by deliberately undermining this country and the presidency. Their blatant hypocrisy is nauseating. They have been trying to impeach him from day 1. Their behavior is reprehensible. Imagine if Obama had been treated this way. The media is nothing but a liberal propaganda machine. I pray that Trump is re-elected and that we take back the House so we can ram our agenda down the DIMocRATS throats like they did to us during Obama’s 2 failed terms.

Faye Sarren
1 year ago

Thanks for this article. It just proves to me that Trump is President and will continue to be President. All the blatant lies and circus show did no good for the left. I never once, believed they would, the left that is would win. And, finally, someone, our President as a matter of fact, had the nerve to stand up to the nation’s that were using us. And even got rid of Iran’s super power killer. Thanks.

Mary Truitt
1 year ago


Faye Sarren
1 year ago

I’m encouraged when I read the truth. So sick ad tired of lies and hate.

1 year ago

Once AGAIN, AMAC is reprinting the usual Neo-Cuck nonsense.

Anytime the term “PROGRESSIVE” is used to refer to a REGRESSIVE death cult, the user is NOT a Conservative, but a Cuckservative.

Matthew Ashenfelter
1 year ago

Lol, you are snake oil salesman

1 year ago

Could you possibly mean “kook?”

I am M.O.TheR.
1 year ago

DemocracyDoctor, As someone that’s to the extreme right of neo-Conservatives, and often considers some of the them to be snowflakes, I have always considered their belief that progressives are America hating, socialism loving, one nose pick away from brain dead, ignorant leftist useful idiots to be without merit. I stand corrected and you’re proof of that, and in this case, I am wrong to doubt them anymore! Hopefully, someone will notify AARP that their sewage is overflowing into decent society again and they will come and collect their crap and return it to it’s proper place.

1 year ago

How do you help others join

1 year ago
Reply to  Henry

Are you referring to joining AMAC? If that’s what you mean, send them to AMAC.us and look up benefits. If they change their cell service to PureTalk, they get a 3 year membership free. Everyone should sign up for AMAC’s daily news by email too. They focus on one story each day, so it’s easy to keep up with.

Dulcelina Abano Stahl, Ph.D.
1 year ago

Excellent articulation of the truth about what the media, the anti-trumpers, and the very sick and mentally deranged people in the DNC, liberals, Holywood, and leftists have been telling us 24/7 for more than 3 years! I feel sorry for President Trump and his family. He has been crucified 24/7, 365 days since he became President of the U.S.A. He did not have to go through being called all kinds of names such as Nazi, racist, anti-semite, etc. He could have continued to live a life of comfort and happiness without attacks from the media and liberals. However, he chose and continue to choose to rectify decades of wrong doings and lack of vision for this country in terms of trade, illegal immigration, respect for the dignity of life and our rights under the US Constitution. I believe no human being could have had the resolve and resiliency of character and determination to do what is right for the USA! I always pray daily that God give him strength and continued wisdom to move our country forward economically, with Americans first rather than globalists, and be the disruptor of status quo in politics and Washington. He has accomplished so much, more than what I believe any U.S. President has accomplished, including President Ronald Reagan in such a short time. My concern is for people who do not voice their support for Pres. Trump for fear of retaliation. We, the people, who believe in the rule of law, the U.S. Constitution, respect for human life and religious liberty should rally together to fight for what we believe in this country and support Pres. Trump! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF THE LIES of the media, Adam Schift, the leftists, and extreme socialists! Let’s rise together to preserve the true meaning of being an American citizen and a U.S. legal immigrant, reestablish the value of honesty and tolerance for diversity of opinions and respect for all human beings, and get rid of the Political Correctness trend! Let’s have our voices be heard at the ballot box in the forthcoming elections! When I first came to the U.S., I was awed by the country’s freedom of expression with respect and tolerance for others, and the opportunities it presented to everyone. Today, I am saddened by the deterioration of the values of integrity, honesty, respect, and lack of religious beliefs. WAKE UP FELLOW AMERICANS!

1 year ago

“ I always pray daily that God give him (Pres. Trump) strength and continued wisdom to move our country forward . . . .” I do too because I believe he was God’s choice & He will orchestrate a landslide come Nov. 2nd

1 year ago

But, leftists have told us repeatedly that President Donald J. Trump is mentally deranged, should be hospitalized, in need of mental health, etc., you know, all those “licensed psychiatrists and psychologists” who populate the social media who freely dispense with their diagnoses that it would make one believe they really care! As a matter of fact, they repeat it so often that their minions are true believers now. Isn’t that how it works: repeat something so often it becomes the truth.

So, now, the other half of our nation is populated by people with Trump Derangement Syndrome and are so far gone they may never return to reality. It all started with Miss Hillary herself and she’s toying with another run?! Maybe with her it’s just derangement period!


TRUMP 2020!

James Smith
1 year ago

Well said! Someone has said, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything!”. This is proven by the lemmings blindly following the MSM though the quagmires of “fake news”.

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