Is the Liberty of Venezuela the Responsibility of the United States?

United States VenezuelaAs tens of thousands of Venezuelans demonstrated this past weekend in the streets of their country — angry over weeks of power outages, limited access to water, and shortages of food and medicine — Americans should know that the doctrine of socialism has claimed yet another country.

And with that knowledge, it is understandable that many freedom-loving Americans are becoming increasingly open to the idea of a U.S. military intervention, with the idea of ousting from power socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro. American leaders — including President Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Vice President Mike Pence, and National Security Advisor John Bolton — are actually leading the chorus of condemnation, with the possibility of U.S. military intervention becoming more likely.

Yet, before the United States takes that serious step, several things should be considered. First of all, were the United States to send military forces into a sovereign nation, that is clearly an act of war, and as such, would require an actual declaration of war by Congress as stipulated by the U.S. Constitution in Article I, Section 8.

In the 1820s, the culturally Christian nation of Greece was struggling to free itself from the Islamic Ottoman Empire, and looked to the United States — then considered a Christian nation — for help. Secretary of State John Quincy Adams expressed sympathy for the Greek cause, saying, “We are the friends of liberty everywhere,” but, he added, we are “the guardians only of our own.”

“America does not go abroad, in search of monsters to destroy,” Adams explained.

Clearly, the Maduro-led government of Venezuela is one that a freedom-loving American should be glad to see fall from power. It provides a textbook case as to why socialism is destructive both to liberty and to prosperity. At the same time, with Adams’ remarks in mind, is this really something that the United States should do — invade countries and overthrow dictators we don’t like?

To be blunt, the Venezuelan people did this to themselves. They voted into power the late socialist dictator Hugo Chávez, who took a vibrant and prosperous economy in an oil-rich nation, and drove it into the ground. His socialist successor, Maduro, has continued with the same policies with predictable results.

After an election in 2018 that is widely considered fraudulent, Maduro claimed victory over his opponent, Juan Guaidó, the leader of the National Assembly. Guaidó, citing a provision of the Venezuelan Constitution, declared that Maduro is the usurper, and has claimed in January that he is now the interim president. The provision states that if there is an absence of a legitimately-elected president, the president of the National Assembly becomes an interim president.

For his part, Maduro has received the support of the National Constituent Assembly, regarded by most international observers as a puppet of Maduro. He persuaded them to revoke Guaidó of his immunity from arrest.

In short, the elements are ripe for a civil war in the country.

Is this really a boiling cauldron into which America should place its toe?

Some argue that Russia’s decision to land two planes with some 100 soldiers in the capital city of Caracas on March 23 should activate the Monroe Doctrine, which was actually written by the same John Quincy Adams who warned against searching for monsters to destroy. The Monroe Doctrine states that the United States would not look with favor upon any attempt by a foreign power attempting to colonize any portion of the Western Hemisphere.

Russia argues that the soldiers are there to service the Russian-made S-300 air defense systems, damaged by recent energy blackouts.

National Security Advisor Bolton warned Moscow against any attempt to deploy “military assets to Venezuela, or elsewhere in the hemisphere, with the intent of establishing or expanding military operations. We will consider such provocative actions as a direct threat to international peace and security in the region.”

Not surprisingly, globalists are looking to use the crisis in Venezuela. CNBC published a piece by Frederick Kempe, the president and CEO of the Atlantic Council, a globalist think tank, that boldly asserts, “Venezuela may be the right place to catalyze deeper links among the United States, Canada, key European allies and leading democracies in Latin America.”

In other words, a military intervention into socialist Venezuela might be initially satisfying to those Americans that hate socialist dictatorships like that of the Maduro regime, but the end result could be that we surrender some of our sovereignty in order to do so. After all, if an electoral dispute is enough to trigger foreign intervention, we should note that many leading Democrats have declared the election of Donald Trump as fraudulent, as well. While we may think such whining is sour grapes on the part of the Democrats and their socialist allies in the United States, could the day come when an intervention into Venezuela could lay the precedent for foreign intervention in our own country?

As of now, Maduro is quite unpopular in his own country. Perhaps the only thing that could turn that animosity around is an invasion by a foreign enemy. The United States should not make the mistake of providing the dictator Maduro with a foreign enemy.

One senior official for President Trump told reporters, according to the Washington Examiner, that intervention is “a very serious option.” While the official said that invasion is an option that “no one would like to see,” it is under serious consideration.

Hopefully, the matter will be left to the Venezuelan people themselves to resolve, and will not lead to the spilling of American blood and treasure in yet another foreign intervention.

Reprinted with permission from - The New American - by Steve Byas

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1 year ago

That’s right! “We are the friends of liberty everywhere but we are the guardians only of our own.” If we become directly involved and start a war with Venezuela, we will be enabling this and other countries to become EVEN MORE DEPENDENT UPON OUR MILITARY AND OUR TAXPAYERS. And as far as the civil war issue, as we know from experience, for a country to be TRULY won back, it must be won by its own people, not by other countries. Besides, we have a war raging right here at home, with more than enough battles that were planted here… Read more »

1 year ago

The Venezuelans had guns confiscated 7 years ago and now they have nothing with which to fight back. DO NOT LET LEGISLATORS TAKE AWAY OUR GUNS, OR HAVE A REGISTRY FOR GUNS (so they will be easier to confiscate) OR RED FLAG NEIGHBORS.

Big Al
1 year ago

We have a moral and legal responsibility to protect and defend our Constitution that is currently under attack from within. Until that is accomplished we have no business assuming a moral responsibility for another sovereign nation, especially one where the people will not fight to protect themselves.

Charles Casler
1 year ago

As far as I am concerned the people of Venezuela bought it upon themselves. we also have a problem in the United States with younger people being taught in collage that this is the way to go in our own country.

Robert Pavone
1 year ago

The US has no reason to get involved with Venezuela we are already involved with to many other countries we have to stop policing the world

1 year ago

Excuse me… and the United Nations is where in all this… ??? WHY EVEN HAVE THE U.N. What a useless waste of American taxpayer dollars.

Thomas P McDermott
1 year ago


1 year ago

The people of Venezuela chose the path of socialism by electing Hugo Chavez over 16 years ago. No one put a gun to their heads at that time. Once Chavez was elected, he simply did what ALL socialists do. He nationalized almost all businesses and bled the country dry of anything of value. Once he found out he was dying, he hand-picked his successor Maduro, a loyalist bus driver, to take over. By then, Chavez had already stripped the country of any governmental institutions that stood in his way. So the people of Venezuela own the responsibility for their own… Read more »

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Yes & No, No for the people running country, & yes to keep Russia from turning nation into Cuba 2 IE Cuban Missile Crisis 2 with deadlier missiles Today vs 1962.
The Venezulans must rise up & take charge.
Dont need Russia doing a Cuban 2 move in area since Oct 1962

Chuck Whieldon
1 year ago

I am not in favor of U.S. military intervention but I am in favor of providing arms to those opposing Maduro’s bunch.

C. J.
1 year ago

Maybe Bernie Sanders could go over and solve the problem for them since he is a big Socialist and is promoting Socialism for the US. I’m sure AOC and many other Democrats pushing Socialism could join and do a really good think tank since they want to take the US down the same path. I just bet they have all the solutions as surely they do not want to destroy the US. That could not be the plan of reasonable, common sense thinking people. Of course, their solution would probably be to bring everyone in Venezuela over to the US… Read more »

Bruce Kielty
1 year ago

Amen. The people of Venezuela made their own socialist sewer. It is time that they pay the price for their actions. The US is in debt…deep debt.

1 year ago

Call me heartless and cold but NO! we are not responsible for Venezuela or any other country on God’s green Earth but our OWN! The people of Venezuela and other countries in South America CHOSE their leadership and now must either live with it or CHANGE it themselves. America can NOT police the world and should not. For far too long, we have been the world’s “savior” and it MUST STOP. If we keep allowing people from these places to come here illegally, we are going to end up like where they came from. Just look at California and their… Read more »

1 year ago

Help? Sure, we should be sending weapons, so the opposition to Maduro can fight a civil war, with
the hope of regaining their county. They gave their country to the socialists and they won’t appreciate
their freedom and liberty unless they fight to regain it. Weapons and political support, YES, American
lives NO.

Bobby Romo
1 year ago

Russia and China are in with the United States to get rid of the Deep State in all countries inc Venezuela. The UN and Deep State are in all those socialist countries to “own” so to speak. President Trump knows what he’s doing. Can’t believe the media, they are the enemy working for the enemy.

Silas Longshot
1 year ago

Remember Viet Nam? We took that over from a failed French excursion, presumed to be fighting ‘communism’. The USA spent 20 years, nearly 60,000 casualties, 150,000 wounded, 1,600 missing, spent billions of tax dollars on it and then just pulled out and walked away. The only thing in our favor in considering invading / rescuing Venezuela is that Maduro won’t get much help from Russia and China (we hope).
On that note, isn’t it curious how every country Russia ‘helps’ seems to go to zhit in the end?

1 year ago

Hopefully, the Trump administration is using negotiating tactics only to deal with this situation. As the author notes, an invasion by us would unite their country and strengthen maduro. Trump should pause and reflect on the terrible vision of meeting the parents of our military dead and looking them in the eye and telling them there was no other choice. The neocons can do so without skipping abeat, but i earnestly hope our president coukd not.

Anthony Dellisola
1 year ago

I agree with all that responded and I think it’s up to the Venezuelan people to resolve. We have our own issues here to resolve.

1 year ago

No it is not America’s responsibility to free Venezuela from the government they put in we can’t make the world behave put we can let them know we do care when England joined that farce over there knew it was a stupid move never allow any other government country tell you what you can do in your country it is the people in the countries that need to stand up and defend their country and get good honest honorable men and women to lead if a corrupt politicians turns up then remove them immediately by force if need be that… Read more »

Alexander Love
1 year ago

It’s incredible, Sixty years of Castroterrorism! Over a Million Cuban had die by anguish, the death sentence, hunger, lack of medicine and good doctors. The “hospitals “are pigs’ corrals. All medicines are send from the USA or other countries. Castroterrorism had been able to keep puppets in Venezuela (maduro) and (Ortega) in Nicaragua. Who had kept that bloody Castro terrorist in power all these years? Many people think Bloody Dictator Putin is behind it. The bloody Castro’s brother had only been puppets in Putin’s hands. Hopefully, the Trump administration will be able to implement some rules to free, not only… Read more »

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