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Justice Department Expands Probe of New York Nursing Home Deaths

justiceThe Department of Justice demanded detailed data from hundreds of private nursing home facilities in New York on Oct. 28 as part of an expanding investigation into whether the state is undercounting nursing home deaths from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, commonly known as the coronavirus.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has faced criticism for months about the states official tally of 6,722 nursing home deaths, which is off by thousands because the state is one of only a handful that count only people who die on nursing home property. The counting method enables Cuomo to claim that New York has a lower percentage of nursing home deaths than other states.

The governor has repeatedly denied access to the relevant data to lawmakers and the media. Cuomo signed an executive order on March 25 sending thousands of recovering CCP virus patients into nursing homes at the peak of the pandemic.

The governor’s spokesman said the DOJ’s latest request is a “sham” and a “scummy abuse of power” due to its timing right before the election.

New York appears to be undercounting nursing home deaths by the thousands, according to an analysis by The Associated Press.

“In this hyper-political environment … everybody wants to point fingers,” Cuomo said in an appearance on CBS’s “This Morning” earlier this month while promoting his new book on his handling of the crisis. “New York, actually, we’re number 46 out of 50 in terms of percentage of deaths in nursing homes—46 out of 50. So, yes, people died in nursing homes. Yes, we’ve learned a lot of lessons, but 46 out of 50, it’s not a predominantly New York problem.”

The Department of Justice’s civil rights division sent a letter to the state demanding a breakdown of hospital death data, which the New York Department of Health has been collecting since at least April but has never made public. The letters to the private nursing homes, in the meantime, are a vast expansion of a similar request in April that was aimed as several dozen publicly-run facilities.

Asked about the delay on Wednesday, the state health department repeated what it has been saying for months: that it needs more time to doublecheck the figures for accuracy.

Separately, the Justice Department also sent a letter to Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey questioning his state’s nursing home death count while announcing that it is launching a formal investigation of the state’s veterans homes after receiving what it described as incomplete answers to an earlier request for data.

The Murphy administration wouldn’t comment on the substance of the investigation. It called the new inquiries politically motivated.

Spokesman Michael Zhadanovsky said: “The fact that this request from the Department of Justice was announced a week before Election Day speaks volumes about the nature of the review.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Reprinted with Permission from - Epoch Times by - Ivan Pentchoukov

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26 days ago

The fake news media will see this gets swept under the rug, can’t let the facts come out !
God Bless America !
God Bless President Donald J. Trump !
God Bless the NRA !
Save America, Vote Republican !

26 days ago

Cuomo was cleaning out the nursing homes, how cruel and inhumane! He knew what he was doing!

26 days ago

I pray these failed self serving democrat governors finally are exposed!
Equal justice under the law.
Total dereliction of their oaths.

26 days ago

Nothing is going to happen. Its more than clear that once you reach a political level beyond local You will never ever be held accountable.

Truly some animals are more equal than others.

Adjust expectations and act accordingly.

Patriot Will
26 days ago

Governor Cuomo is a total fake. He personally authorized the authorities to put old sick people into the nursing homes whether they had the dreaded virus or not. Then he encouraged the undercounting of those who died of the virus if they were moved to a hospital before they actually died in the nursing home. He had plenty of extra care facilities given to him by the Federal government, yet he foolishly didn’t use the resources. President Trump did so much for Cuomo, but the Governor didn’t even have enough common sense to efficiently use all the extra space and… Read more »

aluminum head
26 days ago

The pseudo – mafioso better die in prison. Slowly and painfully, preferedly.

Trump – Pence Nov. 3rd. Landslide victory for “we the people.”

26 days ago

No, Stephen you’re not missing something, the number of deaths related to the “virus” is grossly over stated. No one speaks up because they don’t want to go against “authority” and the so called “experts”. I for one would certainly want an investigation done to see who is at fault.

26 days ago

Sounds like a Democrat plan for population control. They favor government funding for abortions and death camps for the elderly.

David Spade
26 days ago

To place infected patients with nursing home residents was just plain wrong. The most vulnerable were subjected to high levels of the virus, and most knowing people agreed that older Americans could not fight the illness. Cuomo did not need an advanced medical degree to know that….common sense should have kicked in. There was enough risk with the caregivers transmitting the virus, let alone bringing in those patients who were already diagnosed with the illness. Shame on him and his minions for letting that happen. He should be investigated immediately for risking the lives of his constituents by his error… Read more »

Janet C
26 days ago

I believe one of the purposes of this virus is aimed at older Americans since the initial findings were that seniors were infected the most. What if it’s a plan to kill us off since the older population typically is the most conservative & votes that way?

Linda K
26 days ago

What difference does it make? The liberals will still blame Trump.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why anyone listens to these idiots (liberals). Some of the stuff they spew just makes your head spin. I mean, come on man, there’s more than two genders AND kids should be able to choose which of the, apparently infinite, gender they want to be?!!!! Why would you listen to anyone that deranged? Really?

It’s time to stop playing along and say enough is enough.

Stephen Russell
26 days ago

Wheres the kin of those who died in nursing homes, heard nothing since day 1 alone, am I missing something

Nobody’s Business
26 days ago

How come just Democrat governors sent covid patients to old folks homes. It was to get death toll up , so called collateral damage. That way they could put out the narrative that covid was some terrible thing. Of course covid is bad for older people with underlying conditions. We knew that from the start and yet Democrat governors still sent the covid people to help inflict it on old people. If death toll is up you can scare everyone. Just look what happened when President Trump and his inner circle got it the media acted like it was a… Read more »

Matthew Gabor
26 days ago

This is a clear cut case of Obstruction of Justice! I only wish this were done long ago instead of right before the election! I am certain there will be some Falsifying of Records and Tampering With Evidence. With all the different scandals going on right now with DemonRats it is a shame that millions of voters have already mailed in their ballots as I am sure some have changed their minds! Thank you AMAC and THe Epoch Times for keeping us informed each day with these articles. God Bless America!

Art A
26 days ago

There is no doubt that this is a very sad situation. WHAT IS THE END GAME? ARE WE TRYING TO KEEP SCORE? HOW MANY DIED HOW MANY WAYS? STATISTICS? LITIGATION? It is sad that so many died but the pure numbers are in Cuomo’s favor statistically. Larger base better numbers on the back side. Litigation is next should anything come of this.

Ed J
25 days ago

No matter what anyone in the Trump administration tries to do, the Demsheviks will beat their breasts, whine “poor little me” and claim everything is politically motivated in order to deflect and redirect attention away from themselves, their failures and their corrupt actions. At no time will these miscreants ever put on their big-boy or big-girl pants, step up to the plate and admit they failed across the board. But then, do we realistically expect anything else from the Demsheviks? Of course NOT!

Rick L
26 days ago

Gov. Guido is the guy who was almost primarily responsible for laying the foundation of the housing market crash and resulting recession in 2008/09. His massive expansion of the Community Reinvestment Act on behalf of Prez Clinton and prominent neoprogressive politicians was the beginning of the crisis. When Repubs in the Bush 43 administration tried to make changes, the likes of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd demonized them into silence. Gov. Guido has a left a long skid mark up through today. Hopefully, this investigation will highlight his malign hierocracy and feckless ineptitude.

26 days ago

Cuomo is guilty of mass murder as much as any other serial killer/terrorist. We generally prosecute, convict, execute, or at least imprison those types of criminals. And this guy had the time, in the midst of a pandemic, to write a book on how well he handled Covid in New York? Give me a break. They would’ve had NOTHING had Trump not provided it. Then, after begging for the sun, the moon, & the stars getting them, they didn’t even use them! He deprived people in this country & around the world of those unused resources. Has ANYBODY asked him… Read more »

Lincoln Sorensen
26 days ago

This action and the recent indictment of several Chinese nationals is nothing more than an attempt to show “busyness” to deflect from their lack of interest in the Biden family corruption.

26 days ago

Of course the DOJ inquiries are politically motivated. Let us not be naive and think that sending recovering COVID patients to nursing homes and subsequently fudging the fatality rates or incompletely answering the questions was any less politically motivated. Both sides seek to gain political advantage. Trump wants to gain by showing the Left to be liars; Cuomo seeks to gain by hiding his incompetence.

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