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Kamala Harris – Strike Two for Democrats

kamalaCall it two strikes, as Democrats swing wildly to beat Trump-Pence:  First Joe Biden, now Kamala Harris.  Recent events put me in mind of 1932’s World Series when powerhouse Babe Ruth pointed to the far wall – and slammed a ball out of the park.  Playing conditions had to be perfect – and were. They might be again.

First, the Democrats select a presumptive candidate with obvious cognitive problems. He keeps stumbling – without end.  Substantively, he seems to represent everything and nothing.  If elected, he will fill government top-to-bottom with leftists – and effectively be done.

Strike two?  Kamala Harris.  Who is she, and why did Biden pick her?  She is an ambitious, young, black, female Democrat senator from California, ranked “most liberal” in 2019.  See,  https://www.foxnews.com/politics/kamala-harris-scored-most-liberal-us-senator-2019.

Her record is stunning – for sacrificing personal integrity and principle for advancement.  While having an extramarital affair with a Speaker of the California Assembly, he appointed her to state boards that gave her $400,000. See,  https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/01/kamala-harris-life-career-california-senator/.  After admitting to helping Harris, the Speaker confided she later threatened to indict him. See, https://www.bizpacreview.com/2019/01/28/willie-brown-says-kamala-harris-threatened-him-with-indictment-after-their-affair-that-helped-launch-her-political-career-718281.

When in vogue, Harris styled herself a “tough prosecutor.”  That seemed the ticket.  As a district attorney and state attorney general, she charged parents with crimes for truant children, used family-tracking by DNA, pushed to confiscate private property prior to charges (that is, preemptive civil forfeiture), protected illegal immigrants (including felons), yet had a low win percentage and was found by the California Supreme Court to have violated defendants’ rights. See, https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Judge-rips-Harris-office-for-hiding-problems-3263797.php.

As an opponent of gun rights, Harris went after manufacturers, sought to enforce an unconstitutional bar on pictures of guns in retail advertising.  Notably, a federal judge in 2018 found the latter effort “unconstitutional on its face.”

Running for president, her campaign derided the 2nd amendment:  “If Congress fails to send comprehensive gun safety legislation … within her first 100 days as president—including universal background checks, an assault weapons ban, and repeal of the NRA’s corporate gun manufacturer and dealer immunity bill—she will take executive action … “ See, https://townhall.com/tipsheet/elliebufkin/2020/08/11/in-bid-for-white-house-harris-promised-to-usurp-constitution-in-quest-for-gun-control-n2574165.

While these priorities sync with socialism, the national tone shifted in 2016.  Being a prosecutor no longer cut it with the left.  Harris swung left. She pushed anti-Trump Russia collusion, impeachment, obstruction of freedoms, anti-law enforcement, pro-illegal aliens, centralization.

Harris joined the socialist parade, in 2018 trying to defund federal law enforcement, including Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  She has since gone along with “defunding” police and refused to condemn violence in 200 cities.

On cue, she favored federalizing healthcare – Medicare-for-All, which economists say would bankrupt the country, and AOC’s socialist “New Green Deal,” massively redistributing wealth. See,  https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2020/august/where-biden-running-mate-kamala-harris-stands-on-policies-like-the-green-new-deal-and-late-term-abortion#:~:text=As%20far%20as%20policies%20go%2C%20Harris%20supports%20%22Medicare,contraception%20coverage%20in%20health%20insurance%20on%20religious%20grounds.

Harris’ record on religious freedom – is horrific. She fought against religious rights of private business owners in Hobby Lobby, promotes abortion up-to- birth, and suggested Catholics may be unfit for the federal bench based on their religious affiliations. See, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burwell_v._Hobby_Lobby_Stores,_Inc.;  https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/kamala-harriss-anti-catholic-bigotry/;  https://thefederalist.com/2020/08/12/kamala-harris-adds-abortion-extremism-to-democratic-presidential-ticket/.

The last is notable.  Harris and fellow lefty Senator Mazie Hirona (D-HI) – who recently denied ANTIFA violence – both condemned Catholics, including judicial nominees, who join the “Knights of Columbus.” See, https://news.yahoo.com/kamala-harris-outrageous-assault-knights-103024721.html.

Harris’ assault on that group is remarkable.  John F. Kennedy, running for president as a Catholic in 1960, faced exactly this bigotry. He was a member. While nominally religious, the group was founded to promote “charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism.”

JFK’s condemnation of Harris-like bigotry would today make him unelectable – at least as a Democrat. Ironically, the KoC fought for patriotism, against the Klan, and included all races.  It worked closely with the NAACP to battle racism and bigotry.  All that seems lost on Harris.

So why did Biden select Harris? The answer:  Biden is aging fast, low on energy. Democrats have shifted hard left – putting all marbles in the socialist basket.  Harris represents a young, shameless play to leftists and identity politics.  At heart, it is a cynical act.  Democrat leaders think Democrat voters – do not think.  They imagine them voting blindly for skin color, female gender, dependence – not independence.

The strategy is empty. Strike three is coming.  Why?  People care about their future, more than voting skin color or gender.  Trump defends liberty, and people like it.  They want to speak, worship, assemble, travel, work, defend, and avoid government overreach. They are not stupid.

Trump raised the economic wellbeing of men and women of all races, creeds, ages, and dispositions – no interest in differences, only common bonds.  He expanded opportunities for self-improvement, rather than punting decisions to government. People like that.

Trump reintroduced leadership abroad, demanding fair trade.  At home, he stands for rule of law, not rule by politics.  On that principle civil societies stand.  He will not defund police. He will protect institutions, citizens, private property – urban, rural, and suburban.

The Harris gambit sets up strike three.  Democrats are desperate. Harris checks all Democrat boxes – socialist, malleable, ambitious, vocal, young, black, female, government credentials, anti-religious, pro-abortion, defund police, moral relativist, and vigorously anti-Trump.

They miss hard questions:  Do thinking men and women, who rightly consider themselves American first, really vote on skin color or gender? Do those who love individual liberty want socialism?  Do those who suffered the Obama-Biden economy want more of that? Do more people vote for fear or facts, dependence or self-reliance, welfare or work, riots or peace?

No, Biden was strike one, and Harris is strike two.  If Americans turn up at the polls – strike three for Democrats is coming.  And say, wait a minute, I think I see Trump pointing for the far wall.

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1 month ago

In my lifetime, I have never seen such destruction to my country as I have witnessed especially these last 30 years. 30 years ago was when I relocated to sunny California and I get so angry watching the so-called Democratic Party destroy America and California in particular. Now I refer to this state as CaliMexico because I now feel like I am visiting a foreign country. I hear more Spanish being spoken than English now and it aggravates me to no end having these illegals drive by with their radio blasting Spanish music. Being Caucasian, I am now a minority… Read more »

1 month ago

I agree with everything except for the fact that Harris is NOT black! She’s Jamaican and Indian (not Native American) and her ancestors owned slaves! We need to stop worrying about the fact that she’s female and black and concentrate solely on her terrible record that goes against all things American. Should she become president, the level of destruction she would wrought will be mind blowing and we would never recover nor regain any power as conservatives. It is just too scary to contemplate.

Paul W
1 month ago

biden’s choice (haha…as if he made the selection) couldn’t have been much worse for the dims. harris is beyond compromised on so many levels. She’s left of sanders…a communist. She is totally devoid of ethics. She has also essentially accused joe of being a racist as well as saying she believed his accusers. She’s a mess and so is he.

1 month ago

After 2008 and four years of Obama/Biden, most people thought Obama was out in 2012. Enter Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan as contenders in 2012. Obama/Biden for four more years. There was little difference between the contenders. Advance to 2020. There is a definite difference between Trump/Pence and Biden/Harris. Trump: Law and order, religious freedom, sanctity of marriage- one man, one woman, economic growth and opportunity for the American dream, deregulation of government edicts. Biden/Harris: Lawlessness and riots, government regulation, destruction of family and traditional marriage, no economic growth stifled by overbearing government regulation, religious freedom outlawed. The choice is clear. To… Read more »

1 month ago

It is very hard to believe any true American would vote for Biden let along his new running mate. They are a disgrace to all Americans! California has been lost for several years and seems to want to take the rest of the country with them. What has happened to common sense?
Vote red and save the nation.

Ed J
1 month ago

If you listened to Harris’ speech yesterday, the only “come away” was the extent of mistruths and erroneous assertions made on almost all of the issues touched upon. If you know the facts, her drivel speech amounted to total nonsense. Unfortunately, there will be many undiscriminating voters who upon hearing her words will “buy” into them since it fits right in with all the like-minded nonsense the electorate has continuously heard from the lamestream media. Welcome to “Group Think.” Operate conditioning perpetrated by the libtard Leftists is alive and well. Let’s only hope that enough voters see through the “smoke and mirrors” charade of… Read more »

1 month ago

Why is Kamala trying so hard to pass herself as black? Her father is Jamaican. Her mother is from India. Neither were ever slaves. They are immigrants and highly educated.

1 month ago

You want to hear something funny? I heard that pimp for the democrat party (George Stephanopoulos) refer to Harris as a moderate. A moderate? Now, I’m hearing more of the fake news media refer to her as a “moderate”. Give me a break! Only a full blown communist would refer to Harris as a moderate!

1 month ago

As a Californian heard lot of people excited about Kamala as possible presidential candidate. Once debates started, her support began to fade quickly amongst my Democratic friends. Once I saw her stance on religion, I could not support her. She is of the Freedom from Religion crowd, not the constitutional Freedom OF Religion. Not an actively participating church member, but I do appreciate the right to practice religion freely. This is America after all.

Ralph S
1 month ago

Baa, Baa, Baa only Dumbocrats and brain-washed college morons will be the sheep who follow the Biden-Harris propaganda. Trump-Pence 2020
Pence-Haley 2024

Kristine Wright
1 month ago

I pray every day for President Trump and his protection and success. His win in 2016 was an answer to our prayers.
Nowadays I am unafraid to speak up about what has been happening in the last 58 years. (I am 68.) If we don’t vote in President Trump, it will be our demise.

1 month ago

Harris is evil from what I have seen and read about her. She has no integrity. She does not have the character necessary to be VP or P. Biden is obviously bordering on dementia and she would become President. No one with any sense wants that. God help us and God bless America and President Trump. Trump 2020 MAGA

1 month ago

Jamaican and Indian from India not Native American

John A. Fallon
1 month ago

Number one priority of socialist/dems is to BAN any organization or religion that brings like minded people together and they WILL close ALL houses of worship and outlaw all veterans organizations as well as ANY groups that bring people together because they FEAR that these groups will take a stand against them, tyrany is always a small segment of a society and THAT DRIVES THIER PARANOIA AND LEADS TO constant attacks AGAINST thier real and IMAGINED ENEMIES, DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! VOTE TRUMP, VOTE REPUBLICAN!

Stephen Russell
1 month ago

Look at her CA State record prior run for Pres esp for justice, to prosecute pot smokers IE Cheech & Chong?
vs other high level crimes.
Scary if done nationwide.
All show & No Go.
Im now awaiting all victims to her CA crime cases to sue etc alone
& then her family Owned slaves
& No reaction from BLM, Antifa?
& shes Indian E & black mixed race

David Spade
1 month ago

Senator Harris has so much baggage with her, Amtrack would have to add another car just to carry her shortcomings. Being the most liberal, progressive member of Congress, she should help deep-six the chances of Biden/Harris winning a pie cooking contest at the state fair, let alone the election. So as soon as she was picked by the Obama backroom handlers, she immediately forgave Uncle Joe for his sins of racism. Isn’t that interesting……

Phil Hammersley
1 month ago

Harris is very far left! Supports unlimited illegal immigration, abortion up to the day of birth, and has gone after “criminals” solely for political reasons (David Daleiden). She slept her way up the political ladder. She put people in jail for marijuana then brags about using it herself. What a loser!!

Raymond Amore
1 month ago

The list of Harris’ violations of trust is poignant. Unfortunately, it will be ignored by the Trump haters. The real question in my mind is this: how can the GOP prevent the left from stealing the election? Voter fraud is like a creeping weapon of mass destruction.

1 month ago

I see again that Harris is referred to being black, others refer to her as American Indian and others jamaican, etc. What race is she? Does anyone know?

1 month ago

Mer than just just a little ironic that the feminazis will be supporting a woman who cot ahead by laying on her back.

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