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Media Focused on Blaming Coronavirus on Trump

TrumpAfter years of Russia, Russia, Russia and a few months of Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine we now have another bunch of foreigners interfering in our presidential election. The difference is the Opposition Media welcomes this interference because of the damage it may do to President Trump’s re–election.

While Russian ‘interference’ was invisible and the results negligible, Chinese interference, while also invisible, has very tangible results.

The natural, catchy term for his interference would be the Chinese Flu. It’s not entirely precise, but it hits the bullseye on the origin of the disease. Unfortunately, the Speech Police has managed to persuade itself that the most populous nation on earth is inhabited solely by minorities.

That makes any reference to China that contains even the slightest intimation of disease automatically ‘racist.’ So we’re stuck with coronavirus for the duration of the epidemic.

The geographic origin of the disease is immaterial to the left. As far as they’re concerned the coronavirus is a godsend. Dead Americans and an economy on life support are a small price to pay for the left and its media stenographers, if it beats Trump in November.

US deaths and economic upheaval aren’t the fault of a bunch of bat–eating Chinamen. The fault belongs to Trump as far as the OpMedia is concerned. The playbook will be the same one used in the aftermath of Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria.

Trump was blamed for power outages, supply snafus, destroyed homes, damp tortillas and deaths that occurred weeks after the hurricane.

Three years later, it turns out hurricane aid failures weren’t Trump’s fault after all. Puerto Rican relief officials are indicted for corruption and it’s discovered other incompetent Puerto Ricans managed to misplace warehouses full of relief supplies. But the damage to Trump’s reputation is already done.

Which was the goal all along.

Currently the focus of the left’s wrath is on the lack of coronavirus test kits. Until Trump acted, any disease testing kit had to receive approval from the FDA before it could be used in the field. That meant there were only federal testing kits when the coronavirus hit, because no one else wanted to jump through FDA hoops on the off chance there might be a disease to test in the future.

The US was dependent on a sole–source provider, the CDC, who manufactured a faulty test. It was another in a long line of government healthcare failures. Trump pointed out this fact and ordered an expedited approval process.

In gratitude the OpMedia has accused Trump of lying and personally blamed him for the shortage of test kits.

A story in the rabidly anti–Trump Daily Mail makes my point. Leftist stenographer Emily Goodin writes, “Donald Trump doubles down on discredited claim OBAMA is to blame for lack of coronavirus testing kits.” Note the all–caps “OBAMA.” That means criticizing The One is heresy and totally out of bounds for decent people.

Emily mentions the test controversy twice the first time “a claim that has been debunked” and the second time, “an accusation that has been shown not to be true.”

She doesn’t even bother to inform readers who was doing the “debunking.” Not so much as a single, lying anonymous source. We’re just supposed to take Emily’s word for it.

There is a problem with that. In the same March 6th issue there’s another story that proves Trump was right all along.

This concerns a North Carolina company that has produced a coronavirus test that is already being used in China, “helping officials there to diagnose more patients, faster.” The test is also being used in South Korea, Japan and Italy.

So if it works, why isn’t the test available here? “But the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved the test under the emergency measure it announced Saturday.”

Proving there was an Obama–era rule change that Trump had to alter. Even the CDC was hamstrung by the Obama micromanagement. Rather than devise a new test, the CDC opted to fix the faulty test. That would be faster, because “even when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) itself developed a test, it had to get approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before distributing it.”

The reason we can’t test for coronavirus like we should and we don’t have nearly enough tests is not Trump’s fault. The delay and consequent response missteps are due solely to the dead hand of Obama functionaries’ micromanagement and control–freakism.

That’s not an explanation you’ll get from the left, which is busy burying the truth beside coronavirus victims. If the OpMedia has its way, you’ll learn what really happened regarding the coronavirus test kit shortage sometime during Gropey Joe Biden’s first term.

Reprinted with Permission by - Conservative Daily News by - Michael R. Shannon

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8 months ago

We will vote for Trump no matter how much you lie and try to deceive the people. Only the brain dead would follow such ignorant media trash.

Paul DAscenz
8 months ago

This Really aggravates me!
The Communist Democrats have Blamed President Trump for Everything! Now the COVID-19?
Hey Communist Democrats, you are pushing us around! BE VERY CAREFUL!
You may start something, that you can’t finish. “We the People are Aware”!
I am not afraid of YOU!
Go to Hell!!!!

8 months ago

I’ve said all along, don’t assume President Trump’s easy victory in November. We conservatives better get behind getting the vote out, the dems will stop at NOTHING, including bankrupting our country, to get their power back. The dems and their media buddies only care about power and lining their own pockets!!
VOTE TRUMP 2020 !!

8 months ago

I can’t think of one thing that the media and the horrible Dems have given Pres. Trump credit for since he became President. It is disgusting to see the Media trash him all the time, along with Chuckie Cheese and Botox Nancy and their other buddies. The best thing is to make sure that President Trump gets re-elected this year. On another note, I have never seen a man with so much compassion and caring for the people of the United States. We also have to keep the Senate and take back the House and send Pelosi back to CA… Read more »

Barry Sigman
8 months ago

You are spot on. The media is making this much bigger then it really is. Their also fear mongering. This needs to stop!

8 months ago

It never ends. I think if people just dig deeper with information they’ll find the truth. It’s”hate Trump all the time”
The fireworks are really going to start when he starts his second term

Morty Tupperman
8 months ago

OK, folks… did anybody else read this:

“…a North Carolina company … has produced a coronavirus test that is already being used in China, “helping officials there to diagnose more patients, faster.” The test is also being used in South Korea, Japan and Italy.

So if it works, why isn’t the test available here? “But the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved the test under the emergency measure it announced Saturday.”

It’s not Trump at all. It’s just SNAFU-style, bureaucratic bumbling that has left the U.S. without test kits.

8 months ago

The brain dead, indoctrinated, followers of the Democrat Party are the REAL Zombie Apocalypse!

8 months ago

It should be very concerning to realize that there are so many stupid people in this nation and who believe whatever the mainstream media tells them and they are allowed to vote.

8 months ago

I am sick of the News media. They have ceased from reporting real news to spreading communist propaganda. I refuse to listen to their garbage.

John A Bird
8 months ago

Our Gangster Government — Eye opening. Let’s follow the trail . Everyone needs to read this Slowly, and patiently, because it’s very important….. Here’s what it looks like when all the pieces are sewn together. It smells like conspiracy and treason. From 2001 to 2005 there was an ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation. A Grand Jury had been impaneled. Governments from around the world had donated to the “Charity.” Yet, from 2001 to 2003 none of those “Donations” to the Clinton Foundation were declared. Hmmm, now you would think that an honest investigator would be able to figure this… Read more »

Stephen Russell
8 months ago

Dems want virus for Nov win via recession.
Wuhan Virus timeline:
Nov-Dec ID virus
lockdown cities.
China secretive about virus.
Deny CDC entry .
Blames US for virus
& Media goes along.

Recession= Nov Win for Dems???

& China still steals our ideas & Tech day 1

8 months ago

I hear all the blame and scare tactics from these stupid reporters but I don’t see them supplying any solutions. I think the best solution would be to arrest and jail these idiots and there editors for spreading false information and hit them where it hurts, in their pocketbooks. The best way to shut up these idiots is to go after their wallets and stop buying their papers, subscriptions to their internet publications and their tv channels. The FCC should use all the power and rules It has to stop this type of anti American Stupidity

Tom o
8 months ago

All these so called media morons should get the virus

S David
8 months ago

Always blaming Trump. why can’t the democrats get down to the business they were elected for??? We the people are sick and tired of paying for the monkeys who spend their time and energy on everything BUT???
Our country is in crisis; the world is in crisis. Quit it and do something constructive.

8 months ago

The BLAME for the Wuhan virus lies fully with the Chinese Communist Party, and their American socialist friends in the Democrat Party who were the driving force behind trade with communist China, and the ones providing China with a stranglehold on the U.S. economy as well as the opportunity to infect large swaths of our country. We need to strengthen our borders, our military, and re-establish our manufacturing base to once again become independent of communist China, especially in the areas of parts for our energy, and food infrastructure and pharmaceuticals. The Democrat driven media/propaganda complex campaign of lies and… Read more »

Pam Patterson
8 months ago

Great article.

Patriot Will
8 months ago

The corrupt main street media is totally in the tank to protect the communists and socialists in our government. We are actually in a state of emergency not only because of the Chinese Corona Virus but, more importantly, also because most of our media is run by communists and socialists. These evil traitors have destroyed the free press and are mostly a propaganda machine for those voices who hate President Trump and the Constitution. How much longer will so many Americans allow themselves to be brain washed? Once we lose the existence of a truly free press, we are on… Read more »

8 months ago

I think it’s time to put all these lying politicians, news media, all socialist communist in front of a firing squad, we need no people like them in this world much less now with this epidemic, they are Treasonous to us Americas and Our Constitution time to rid us of these perverted sick socialist, and any that try to Change, Distort, Twist, or Ignore our CONSTITUTION as WRITTEN, need to leave America or face a firing squad

Lynda Buchholz
8 months ago

What I have seen is that the media is the root of all the troubles. They turned the term prepping into a dirty thing so we aren’t prepared for this at all. They spend so much time and airwaves shooting off their mouths that they don’t have time to do anything constructive. This isn’t political it it is a people thing. We need to come together. Blaming anyone won’t solve the problem and it sure won’t take the problem away. So lets work together and help each other, it is here and we have to deal with it!

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