Which of these recent events is most significant to you?

Friday, July 31, 2020 Jul 31, 2020 550
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Marie M
9 days ago

At this point I am fed up with the so called Republicans in Congress. President Trump is a one man army fighting through all the obstacles that confront him. There are a few Republicans that totally support him, Jordan, Nunez, McCarthy, Gohmert, Zeldin, Biggs, Scalise, Collins, Stefanik and Lesko to name a few. Our way of life is at stake and dependent on this November election to insure Trump wins and takes the House and Senate.

9 days ago

AG Barr is a CLASS ACT. Jerry Nadler isn’t fit to shine his shoes. If congress calls someone to appear before a committee they should allow them to answer the questions posed to them…Dems should be ashamed of how they acted.

9 days ago

How about with a little over 90 days left to the election, the vast majority of establishment Congressional Republicans remain largely silent. Thus leaving President Trump, to once again, have to fight almost single-handedly for the American people and the country’s values constantly. Isn’t anyone else out there just a little tired of the establishment do nothing Republican members of Congress? Is this really acceptable behavior from the people you elect to Congress? I could name a lot of the RINO’s who always promise to deliver big things for a TV sound bite, but never actually get around to doing… Read more »

Dan W.
9 days ago

Hated to lose Herman Cain. He was the ultimate American success story.

9 days ago

Rep Jordan did a wonderful job of showing what an ignorant slime ball dr fauci really is. That guy is so bought and paid for it is a crime that he gets any attention at all. The guy lies so much he has NO credibility. Pretty soon he’ll have us all in hazmat suits.

Last edited 9 days ago by Arteest
9 days ago

The most significant and potentially disastrous news is about mass mailing of mail in ballots. There will never again be a reliable election if this continues. Election fraud is enough of a problem already, without mailing out to every cat, dog, illegal resident, etc.

9 days ago

I felt like I lost a fiend and brother when I heard Herman passed but every one of the listed events are significant.Also, we need more people like Jordan in congress who are willing to stand by Trump. The actions of the libs, Obama using the Lewis funeral as a political speech are making independents ears perk up and realize what’s in store for them if Biden wins. It’s imperative that we vote and change Washington in November.

9 days ago

There are so many important issues going on at the same time. President Trump is not getting the support he should from the uniparty, social media outlets are trying to silence any idea they don’t like in an effort to influence the election, anarchy is alive and well and ignored by the liberal left. And then there’s Fauci. Who made him, along with Gates, the sole authority on the Wuhan virus. His past associations should disqualify him. Gloves, masks, shields, now goggles? Really!!
God have mercy on us!

9 days ago

This week was a new low for congress and the government in general. The Dumbocrats were really shameful in their treatment of Barr, how he sat there and put up with it all is beyond me. That moron Nadler wouldn’t even give him the courtesy of a bathroom break. Nadler couldn’t even acknowledge that there were riots in Seattle, calling them a “myth”. I get that he comes from a liberal district but it amazes me that he, Pelosi, Schmidt and Schumer continue to get elected year after year after year. They are truly the dumbest of the dumb. I… Read more »

Phil M
9 days ago

I left the Republican party perhaps 25 years ago. Or, to borrow from Ronald Reagan, they left me. At that time, having seen the inner workings of a couple campaigns, I started referring to Republicans as Democrat-lite. Ten years or so ago, based on their actions, I started calling the Republicans Socialist-lite. Now, I think of them as Communist-lite. As others in these comments suggest, there are a small number really good folks in Congress, and we’d sadly be better off if the rest just shut their mouths instead of spewing watered down versions of what the Communist Democrats offer.… Read more »

Deanna Drab
9 days ago

I am totally embarrassed of our “elected” officials on Capitol Hill. Supposedly they go there to do the will of the people. I do not know many people who would relish the rude treatment of our Attorney General. As he said, it was supposed to be a “hearing” to hear his answers to their questions. Instead it turned into a “look at me, look at me” moment for rude, contemptuous, greedy, camera-grabbing, holier-than-thou Democrats. Barack Obama famously quoted “we are NOT exceptional.” Well on that day and at that hearing, we WERE exceptionally nasty.

9 days ago

The front line doctors coming out to tell the truth about the treatment available for the coronavirus and the need to get on with our lives.

9 days ago

There is so much to be concerned about why was fair voting not on in the poll? All of the above is important to me but a fair election is first and foremost. We have endured the past 3 1/12 years watch Democrats trying to steal our votes in the 2016 election. Now they are already vamping up to completely steal it outright in 2020. Democrats have 0 shame and cheating is part of their playbook. They will steal your vote and you had better be ready.

Larry Pollard
9 days ago

All of the above mentioned issues are main topics, everyone I know is fed up with this nations politicians on both sides. I don’t think the democrats want this to play out as the American peoples last option, YOU WON’T LIKE THE RESULTS!!!!

Jim VH
9 days ago

The democraps will never be ashamed as long as the media allows them to get a free ride on everything. Jim Jordan was not combative. He asked a simple question and exposed Fauci for the political fraud that he is. Obama is Obama, total loser, eulogy my ass, more like a campaign speech, no class what so ever. (Never let a crisis go to waste). I think there should have been one more pick. The doctors on the steps of the Supreme Court about the use of Hydroxychloroquine. If there is a chance it may help why are the naysayers… Read more »

9 days ago

Herman Cain did not die OF covid, he died WITH covid.

Joseph A Hudak Jr
9 days ago

The hapless Dems showed their asses BIGTIME in the AG Barr hearing this past week. The more America sees of these clowns the better for Republicans in November.

Michael Schwartz
9 days ago

All the above…been a very active week

9 days ago

Each of these events is significant. I selected “100 Police Agencies…” because this is where I live. The DNC will put Milwaukee on the national stage. There will be protests, and I fear that the stage will invite people wanting to riot and destroy, and I hope that law enforcement is up to the task. Already Milwaukee is bad enough to be included in Operation Legend for its crime, shooting and murders, and the DNC could put Milwaukee on another list with Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, etc.

Samuel Sorrels
9 days ago

All of these items are important. But to the average American, lowering drug cost has been an issue for the past 10 to 12 years.

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