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Power-seekers Do Not Want Problems Solved

powerThose who seek absolute power are always looking for ways to divide people. They use race, class, gender, religion…whatever they can. The end goal of course is power and control. Power-seekers do not want to solve problems, the problems are the vehicle to power. That’s what the power hungry really hate about people like Donald Trump. 

Trump is a problem solver and he requires results or he moves to another way to tackle a problem. Leftists like the problems…it keeps them in charge. The same thing with the free market. Leftists hate the free market because it gives power to individuals and solves problems simultaneously. HOW can we get Americans to understand that again?

DON’T believe me when I say Leftists don’t want to solve problems because they use the problem as a vehicle to power and control? Just look at the problem that has been facing us since last March. First, we were told to lock down so we could flatten the curve of the spread of a new deadly virus. The fear was that hospitals would be overloaded with patients struck with the virus. 

That tactic seemed harsh, but being we knew little about this novel virus, it was accepted as a necessary action. Then, we succeeded in flattening the curve…but that wasn’t enough! Now the problem was too many cases of the virus. 

Deaths were down significantly due to medications either developed, or the use of existing medications that worked to lesson the severity of the virus. Extreme restrictions that had been placed on large events such as outdoor concerts, indoor theater and sporting events, restaurants, schools, funerals, religious gatherings and much more, continued. In some cases the restrictions were ramped up, despite the fact that we had learned that 99.X % of those who were stricken with the virus would recover. 

Now, the governors who had become accustomed to declaring rules from their political pulpits continue to announce rules that must be followed. Those who do not follow the rules (notice I say rules, because law is made by elected legislators, NOT governors) are subject to fines and even possible arrest.

A curious pattern is also emerging…the very same governors who are pronouncing decrees for the population, are NOT following their own “mandatory health advice.” 

Does anyone believe we will ever break free from the onerous rule of these self proclaimed saviors? The only way to reclaim our natural born freedoms to make our own choices in our lives going forward is to insist that our Constitution be adhered to. We must remember and remind our elected officials that they serve at our will, NOT the reverse. 

Calvin Coolidge has gone down in history as “Silent Cal”, however as I have begun to read  more of Calvin Coolidge’s many speeches, I have found he was not silent at all. In fact he had a lot to say about limited government and individual rights. Perhaps that is the reason those who write the history have dismissed him…I’ll leave you with this from Calvin Coolidge. I hope you’ll drink it in. It’s an elixir to preserve freedom, and I hope you’ll spread it to other Americans before the “Woke” take our freedom while we sleep. 

“Unless the people, through unified action, arise and take charge of their government, they will find that their government has taken charge of them. Independence and liberty will be gone, and the general public will find itself in a condition of servitude to an aggregation of organized and selfish interest.”

-Calvin Coolidge

Diana Erbio is a freelance writer and author of “Coming to America: A Girl Struggles to Find her Way in a New World”. Read her new blog series “Statues: The People They Salute” and visit the Facebook Page.

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1 month ago

This article is nonsensical the death rate as far is 3.8% in the US for deaths vs recovered. And Covid now has record infections per day, hospitalization rates, and the death rates will follow, breaking through the march/april rates.

Wear a mask, limit exposure and stop thinking this is a conspiracy.

1 month ago

Excellent article! The quote from Coolidge was a perfect way to end the piece. Unless the people are willing to do more than simply complain, shrug their shoulders and then meekly accept things no matter how bad, nothing will improve. Such sheepish behavior only increases the likelihhod that problems will get much, much worse. President Trump understood that, which is why he decided to run in the first place.

Most professional politicians are all talk and little to no action. The American people just had the opportunity to witness what can be accomplished by someone not part of “the game”. President Trump accomplished more positive things in just four years for the economy, national security, foreign relations, and so many other things than most politicians accomplish in either eight years or even a lifetime of politics as usual. Too bad it appears so many don’t appreciate it.

Reply to  PaulE
1 month ago

Many readers here ask that question–“So, what can we do?”–but I wonder how many actually write letters, attend town hall meetings, or march in protest. Most importantly, HOW MANY DON’T EVEN BOTHER TO VOTE?!

Silly notions are given airtime on MSM, and are therefore mistaken for the truth. The rift between conservatives and liberals deepens to the point where nothing will bridge the gap. If this country has reached the point where truth doesn’t matter and half of us don’t investigate anything beyond where the next Starbucks is located, we’re doomed! That is, unless someone like Donald Trump comes along. He has turned everything on its head, and made this a better place for everyone, not just for conservatives. But you’re right, PaulE, too many are not equipped to understand what they just did to the country.

William Jarvis
Reply to  PaulE
1 month ago

I believe that many people did appreciate the efforts of President Trump’s accomplishments, except for those in the Deep State, who felt that he needed be stopped by ANY means possible.
This now explains how (the late) Hugo Chavez won reelection in Venezuela back around the year 2006, despite all of his iron fisted tactics against the Venezuelan people. Electronic voting!