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President Trump is Working to Provide Quality Care and Significant Savings to America’s Seniors


  • The President’s actions have led to more choice, better benefits, and significant savings for American seniors.
  • Average Medicare premiums have dropped by 34% since President Trump took office, with some states experiencing price reductions of over 50% or more.
    • In Arizona, premiums have decreased 22% after increasing 64% under the Obama-Biden Administration.
    • In Nevada, premiums have decreased 55% after increasing 47% under the Obama-Biden Administration.
    • In North Carolina, premiums have decreased 44% after increasing by the same amount under the Obama-Biden Administration.
    • In Ohio, premiums have decreased 39% after increasing 29% under the Obama-Biden Administration.
  • Medicare prescription drug prices have declined as promised, with premiums down 12% on average.


  • President Trump will always fight for our nation’s seniors and is working to ensure they have the quality care they need at affordable prices.
  • While Democrats want to raid Medicare for their radical socialist plans, President Trump signed an executive order to protect and improve Medicare for our nation’s seniors.
  • President Trump has taken action to lower drug prices for our nation’s seniors, who have faced rising prices for years while Washington did nothing.
    • The President ended “gag clauses” that prevented pharmacists from informing patients when they could pay less for drugs out of pocket instead of using insurance.
    • President Trump took action to end global freeloading and lower drug prices for Medicare patients.
    • President Trump is working to allow the importation of certain prescription drugs in order to save seniors money.
  • Throughout the pandemic, President Trump has made protecting seniors a top priority.
    • President Trump has implemented precautionary measures to protect nursing homes and provided them with critical testing supplies.
    • President Trump expanded telehealth to ensure seniors could access the care they need while in the safety of their home.

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6 days ago

I am not at all sure what this article is talking about but my Medicare premium has gone up every year, it has never been lowered! If we do get a cost of living raise it is taken away by raising my Medicare premium. I am a Trump-Pence supporter but this article is not true for people in Wisconsin at least, I wish it was.

James Malcolm Knaus
6 days ago

Read Newt Gingrich’s book Trump and the American Future, especially the chapters on what the administration is doing to improve health care. Innovation and elimination of perverse incentives are key concepts.

3 days ago

Do not like one thing that Trump has said about prescriptions: He has entertained the idea that Americans should buy pills from another country if they can get cheaper. This goes against the Buy American slogan & also as we have seen with coronavirus that US is very dependent on prescriptions from foreign countries like China, and the big push should be to manufacture in the USA. Tort reform is needed in USA to keep the price down due to frivolous & costley lawsuits because one person out of zillion has a problem.

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