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President Trump’s Operation LeGend a Stark Contrast to Democrat Anti-Police Rhetoric

LeGendIn his opening comments at a July 22 gathering in the East Room of the White House to announce the expansion of Operation LeGend, President Trump acknowledged that his first duty as President is to protect the American people. It is an obligation he described as “sacred”.

Operation LeGend is named after LeGend Taliferro, a four-year-old boy who was shot and killed while he slept in his family’s apartment in Kansas City in late June. Its purpose, as described by Attorney General William Barr is “classic crime fighting,” and the initiative focuses specifically on violent crime. Operation LeGend surged resources, including funds and hundreds of federal law enforcement agents from the FBI, ATF, DEA, U.S. Marshall Service, and the Department of Homeland Security to apprehend violent criminals.

This coordinated law enforcement effort was designed to work closely with state and local police agencies and was launched on July 8 in Kansas City. Its first expansion was to Chicago and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Chicago’s well-documented violence is punctuated by its 51 percent increase in homicides over 2019. Albuquerque is on track to break its 2019 record for homicides.

On July 29, Operation LeGend was expanded to Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Detroit. More federal agents were provided as well as financial resources that enabled these cities to hire additional police officers, state troopers and parole officers. These cities are under siege with Cleveland experiencing a 13 percent increase in homicides and a 35 percent increase in shootings. In Milwaukee, homicides have increased a staggering 85 percent and non-fatal shootings are up 64 percent. Meanwhile in Detroit, homicides have increased by almost 31 percent and non-fatal shootings increased over 53 percent.

In August, Operation LeGend was expanded again to include St. Louis, Memphis and Indianapolis, all cities seeing a dramatic rise in violent crime. St. Louis’ homicides are up nearly 34 percent while shootings have increased 13 percent. Memphis is in the midst of a 59 percent increase in homicides and saw gun-related crimes rise by 23 percent. The number of Indianapolis homicides increased by 51 percent and non-fatal shootings are up 34 percent.

The results have been outstanding. As of the third week of August, Operation LeGend has produced nearly 1,500 arrests of violent criminals across these nine cities, including the apprehension of 90 murder suspects. Of those arrested, more than 200 have been charged with federal crimes, including more than 100 charged with federal gun crimes. According to AG Barr, hundreds of high-powered weapons have been seized in the cities since Operation LeGend’s launch and subsequent expansion.

The operation’s approach to establish anti-crime task forces in these cities is working, and the collaboration between federal, local, and state agencies has thus far produced impressive results. President Trump was right to prioritize cities that are hit hardest by violent crime and leverage the resources of the federal government to make them safer so families and businesses there can thrive. Operation LeGend proves that additional investments both in law enforcement presence and funding combined with prudent, well-executed planning takes bad people off of the streets and increases public safety.

Now, contrast these successful actions with all of the “defund the police” rhetoric coming from Democrats and the far Left.

Andrew Mangione is Senior Vice President for AMAC’s advocacy affiliate, AMAC Action. He leads AMAC’s grassroots efforts, represents AMAC’s membership in Washington, D.C., and helps chart the association’s policy course. He also serves as a national spokesperson.

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1 month ago

Operation LeGend should INCLUDE ALL OF THE CRAZY PROGRESSIVELY COMMUNIST DEMOCRATIC PARTY LEADERSHIP! … These people are much more dangerous to the American people than any gun toting crazy BECAUSE if allowed to run this country We the American People will suffer under Dominating Communist Dictatorship Servitude!!!

Richard N
1 month ago

Defund the DNC, BLM, and antifa!

1 month ago

Why can’t these socialist mayor’s be held legally responsible for all this carnage?

Patriot Will
1 month ago

To protect the American people should be a major goal for any President of the United States. President Donald Trump gets it! He fully appreciates his awesome responsibility and does his best to be the “law and order” president. On the other hand, Biden is an over-aged, destructive child who says anything to fool people into supporting him. Biden is most concerned with being elected as the chief executive. He’s totally shameless and over the top. We need President Trump — a true, caring and thinking leader who puts America first!

1 month ago

Good article with details: There needs to be emphasis every day until the election on the sharp contrast between rage mobs committing crimes and intimidating the public and protection of the public. Law and order is what the majority of citizens want.

Edward B. Irvin
1 month ago

It seems the president has to clean up the liberal Democrat cities on top of everything else.

1 month ago

Only one thing I want to happen in the USA// TRUMPTER wins in a landslide and watch out for ballot dumping by the liberal loonies known as the Pelosi hair do congress butt brains//

Alicia Turned Republican
1 month ago

Withdrawal of funds to the police departments is another ‘ploy’ of ‘Democrats/Communists’. Anarchy is a goal of the Communists. ‘MSNBC’ and ‘NBC’ are complicit in the propagation of ‘anti-police rhetoric’ and propaganda. The television networks for the most part; have painted a cheap ‘paint-by-number’ erroneous portrait. ‘Social Programs’ is part of the propaganda rhetoric. Shifting of police funds to ‘community social programs’ is touted by the Democrats/Communists. This is a major part of the ‘Communist Agenda’. Destroy ‘Law and Order’; then take over the country. It is an absolute crime what has been done to the police officer in this… Read more »

1 month ago

All the crazy rhetoric by the Leftist is an attempt to distract their real intentions. Stealing the 2020 elections. Stealing the elections is the only chance they have of winning and launching our country in to Socialism/Communism/Globalism. In a fair election they don’t have any chance. Take all of their accomplishments and put them in a pile and they don’t add up to President Trump’s first day in office. These New Democrats are not the same old do nothings of yesteryear. The New Democrats are hell bent on destroying our country. Just look at all that they are promoting.

Art A
1 month ago

How do you achieve domestic tranquility?? Law and Order is a pretty good answer provided by a properly trained and equipped police force. The police also need the backup of Federal personnel from time to time to help with the dirty work particularly when it entails immigration,cross border drugs and human trafficking. People want to be and feel safe. DEFUND should be DEFEND.

Lynda Wright Wingard
1 month ago

Thanks for this article. Even I watch Fox News everyday. Thanks for this complete description of this law.

1 month ago

About time. IMO, it should have been nipped in the bud – anarchy.

Ed J
1 month ago

As with most of the things that President Trump does, it is the results that count. And more importantly, he is continuously making good on his promises to the American people which annoys the hell out of the Demsheviks. Keep up the good work, Mr. President!

Josephine pooley
1 month ago

Great job President Trump!

1 month ago

We have, in the past, taken the financial support of terrorist groups into the custody of the US government for the safety of the American people, so why not do the same for the despicable funding for Antifa and BLM terrorists? The Communist groups funding them are creating a very bad situation in the cities they are targeting and if allowed to continue, will come to YOUR city, too, and burn it to the ground. Just look at poor little Kenosha.

Stephen Russell
1 month ago

Merge LE OPs into 1 unified operation for nationwide actions alone & counter Dems Defund LE mindset

John A Bird
1 month ago

Operation Legend should include the arrest of all politicians, legislators, governors, mayors, schoolteachers, etc, utilizing the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Fourteenth Amendment grants the President the power to invoke mass arrests against all corrupt government officials who are engaged in aiding or supporting any “rebellion” against the United States.
These mass arrests can target judges, mayors, governors, members of Congress as well as state-level legislators.
In addition, the Fourteenth Amendment allows Trump to nullify members of Congress and Electoral College votes from states which are supporting censorship efforts to interfere with the elections.

1 month ago

This is the one instance where I appreciate MSM silence on President Trump’s efforts to enforce law and order. The left worries about martial law and “stormtroopers” invading the cities. Meanwhile, Operation LeGend moves forward, scooping up criminals and quietly making the point that anarchy has consequences.

1 month ago

From its inception July 18 to Sept 3,the Department of Justice announced that under Operation Legend, Federal officers have so far arrested more than 2,000 people, including 147 homicide suspects, as part of the sprawling, nationwide initiative to stem the tide of violent crime. Local and federal law enforcement officials have confiscated more than 544 firearms, seven kilos of fentanyl, 14 kilos of heroin, 12 kilos of cocaine, and 50 kilos of methamphetamine. Of the more than 2,000 suspects, 476 have been charged with federal offenses – most of them related either to firearms or drugs. Message to liberal incompetent… Read more »

John A. Fallon
1 month ago

Like everything the socialist/dems say or do they ignore FACTS AND TRUTH, they are responsible for the covid deaths because they REFUSED to work with PRESIDENT TRUMP when the pandemic started and told thier mindless drones to do as they please, the same with the violence, they allowed it to happen, if blm does that include the innocent children murdered? Or only violent carreer criminals like george floyd?All the deaths and destruction are caused by the evil politics of socialism, “WE THE PEOPLE” NEED TO MAKE THEM PAY FOR THIER TREASON ON NOVEMBER THIRD, REMOVE EVERY DEMOCRAT AND INVESTIGATE INDITE… Read more »

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