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President’s COVID Diagnosis – Disguised Blessing?

covidSo, President Trump and First Lady have COVID.  What does that mean?  In human terms, mild discomfort, worry stress, likely not much more.  In political terms, possibly a lot.  Blessings sometimes come well disguised – this could be one.

In human terms, the President and First Lady should be fine.  At 74, the President has between a 95.1 and 97.3 chance of quick recovery; at 50, the First Lady’s recovery chances are 99.2 to 99.5 percent.  Moreover, since 94 percent of all COVID mortality is dual cause – that is, tied to an underlying condition – and neither have appear to have one, they should be fine.  See, e.g., https://www.statista.com/statistics/1105431/covid-case-fatality-rates-us-by-age-group/; https://fox8.com/news/coronavirus/new-cdc-report-shows-94-of-covid-19-deaths-in-us-had-underlying-medical-conditions/.

In political terms, waters are suddenly boiling. We went from shooting rapids to a rip tide.  The New York Times suggests Trump may come off the ballot, wishful thinking but clarifies their bias.  Democrats seem split between celebrating, agitating, and being artificially somber, suddenly in unison prayerful.

Speaker Pelosi just got tested for COVID to be “ready,” comically preparing for a “saner approach,” under headlines saying she is “third in line to the presidency.”  She managed to ding the White House for “inadequate testing,” call this news “tragic,” pin fault on the President, offer nonsensical advice like “none of us is safe until …everybody is safe,” perhaps channeling her inner Martin Luther King, who said “no one is free until we are all free,” and then – in an impressive pivot–  declared she is fervently “praying” for the President.  Well, let us hope so.

Of course, this is the same Speaker who said she was praying for the President – as she moved to impeach him.  Not to question, but she also pasted her “prayers” across the media. Saying she needed to “open this president’s heart to the goodness of the American people,” as if this unwavering advocate for unborn children, wounded veterans, safer cities, more coronavirus relief, individual liberty, equal opportunity, national security, and economic success across all demographics – was unaware of America’s goodness, or indifferent to promoting it.

Where does one begin?  Suddenly, in what seems an 11th hour epiphany, Democrats and media personalities are everywhere “praying” for the President, somehow forgetting they just attacked the President’s Supreme Court nominee – Amy Coney Barret – for her faith, telling her “the dogma lives loudly within you.”  See, https://www.foxnews.com/politics/amy-coney-barrett-dems-2017-catholic-faith.

So, let us unpack all this.  First, if from the heart and sincere, prayers for the President and First Lady are always a good thing.  If insincere, these references are – in their own way – a good thing.  They remind us to pray, and reveal Democrats and media know, after all, that three-quarters of Americans pray.  More than half pray daily, another 21 percent weekly or monthly. See, e.g. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/05/04/5-facts-about-prayer/.

But let us get to the politics.  Assuming a fast recovery, what could the President’s COVID diagnosis mean for this election?  A lot.  Consider the implications, not just for the next two weeks, but for the final two weeks of the campaign.

Over the next two weeks, President in quarantine, four things will happen.  First, his health – as with any threat to any president’s health – will dominate the news.  Succession talk will come and go, but mostly this story will lead – boxing out other stories, which might have led.

Second, any positive developments, including work done and media engagements, will attest to his vitality and can-do.  Ironically, his strength as a man, attitude toward adversity, and commitment to overcoming obstacles, will reaffirm larger themes and inspire many Americans.

Third, while some may wish him ill, most will not.  Trump’s human vulnerability – seldom on display – will produce empathy.  The media has given the virus monstrous dimensions. If only commiserating with his human worry, many of Americans will empathize.

Fourth, political attacks on the President – historically vicious, untruthful, and unremitting – will look worse now.  While not likely to slow, even for the ailing president, they will hit with a thud, no echo.  Bashing ads, canned weeks ago, will have less bite, may even engender resentment.

But the real impact will be in those final two weeks.  Recovered, Trump will hit the campaign trail with energy – rested, razor sharp, zero risk of COVID, antibodies high.  He will have gone through another testing and come out the other side.

Beyond experience, he will have an intangible advantage.  Trump will have a battle scar that Biden does not. When the former Vice President or his giggly, young running mate talk of the virus in dark, stark, fear-fanning terms, all the punch will be gone.  Trump will stand before them, alive and smiling, living proof that older Americans can take it, face it, and beat it.

The shift will be subtle, but to Trump the disease will no longer be a mystery, bogeyman, undefined variable.  Nor will it be possible for Biden to make it one.  To Trump, it will be real.  And the American voters will know it is real to him.  Trump’s survival – and his attitude in overcoming the disease – will be a powerful, unspoken fact.  Like it or not, Trump’s firsthand knowledge will rob Democrat sails of wind.  Not only did he survive, he got stronger.

Finally, all this belies a simple fact.  Good people – and most Americans are good people – do not want to see others suffer sickness, wound, or worry.  Said Walt Whitman, “I do not ask the wounded person how he feels, I myself become the wounded person.”  Empathy is like way. Trump will know this virus, adding empathy.  Americans will know he knows, adding empathy. Blessings sometimes come well disguised – this could be one.

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1 month ago

The President needs us, we need him, and we all need Jesus Christ. The more we realize this, the better off we will be.

Nancy Schneider
1 month ago

I agree with the author. When I first heard of the President testing positive, my heart sank. But as this is playing out, the President’s attitude and resiliency are an inspiration to many Americans. This may just put him over the top.

David Spade
1 month ago

Pelosi is very disingenuous in her remarks about praying for the President and his wife. Since he was hospitalized on Friday, she and others have been meeting with the dark side of the Democrat party to see how they can capitalize on the issues at hand. That goes for the election next month along with the nomination and approval of the Supreme Court Justice. Her behavior and disgusting actions for many years sets her up to be an enemy of the American people. Nothing she says can be believable.

1 month ago

I read many comments since the president became ill. I read some of the nastiest, vile, disgusting and ignorant statements from the left. They function on ignorance and hate. This goes from the leftist on the street to the leftists in DC. They are dangerous people, none to be trusted. We must vote Trump in for a second term so he can safe our country. They will continue to riot and burn our cities and they will continue to obstruct Trump every step of the way. We must vote them OUT. Nancy Pelosi was quoted to have said, “He will… Read more »

Patriot Will
1 month ago

President Trump is patriotic warrior while Lying Biden is a treasonous egomaniac. Though the radical left media keep on covering for Biden, President Trump will prevail. The American people will, when push comes to shove, wake up and save themselves from America becoming a third rate nation. The USA needs to survive for patriots and decent people throughout the entre world.

1 month ago

RBC, You’ve done a fine job of laying out the blatant hypocrisy of the Democrats and their allies and comrades in the MSM. Yes, while they all claim they are “praying for Trump”, they are at the same time sticking pins in their little voodoo doll effigies of both Trump and Melania and spewing more lies on the campaign trail. All this mock sympathy for Trump is of course only for show to the few remaining idiots, with rose-colored fantasies of the old Democrat Party that is long since dead and buried within the Democrat voter base magically coming back… Read more »

1 month ago

this is a great article by AMAC! It is amazing to me how two faced the Dems are. Example, Pelosi praying for the President. She is praying all right to have him removed or not elected for a 2nd term. Schumer is right with her and the rest of the leftist Dems. People hoping the President dies and that statement is fueled by what the Dems say and the most biased media I have ever seen. I happened to watch Newsmax the other evening and there was Greg Kelly praying on air for the President. Do you think CNN would… Read more »

Susan R
1 month ago

The President seemed reflective in his comments on battling COVID. Praying for a speeding and complete recovery for him and the FLOTUS. But he will now be able to say he “walked the walk” vs. his challenger who talks the talk, and often nonsensically.

Richard Arveaux
1 month ago

I find it amazing the the Left is so rude, crude and socially unacceptable. They hate President Trump, they hate America, and the hate Americans. Why do they have any rights at all. They are in fact seditious, and therefor criminals in the eyes of the United States Constitution.

Cheri Jett
1 month ago

Awesome article with a lot of insight. I absolutely love AMAC and I’m so glad you replaced AARP for me!!!

Mark Jebe
1 month ago

Yes, Trump’s already getting sympathy he didn’t have before, but…more good news… Even though mainstream media polls show Biden winning, in a poll done between Sept. 14 and Sept. 28, when asked whom they expected to win the Presidential election, 56% of Americans told Gallup they believed Donald Trump would win, a 13% difference from national polls asking people who they would vote for. The Trump effect, voters refusing to say they’re voting for Trump even though they plan to, looks even bigger now than it was in 2016. Register and go to the poll and vote, and make Gallup’s… Read more »

John L.
1 month ago

He needs a Ronald Reagan 1981 moment. Tell everyone that CoVid was nothing and we should all move on – just get your cardio in.

1 month ago

This encouraging article is a blessing. There are supporters of the president’s re-election far and wide. Seeing the rallies in Hawaii presents more encouragement. President Trump has done the country many favors. .He will never be forgotten. We need him 4 more years.

Burton Pauly
1 month ago

We’re all in for our Potus come election day. He has been one of the best holding office as Potus. We wish him and that beautiful wife quick recovery and long life. And Joe couldn’t hold his jock strap.

1 month ago

Thank you! And may God be glorified through this…!

1 month ago

I agree with this 100%.

Donna Anderson
1 month ago

A good and promising take on this, and one i had thought of myself. Important to look for the positive in every situation. i pray that you are correct. Romans 8:28.

Barbara Haring
1 month ago

My husband and I are almost 74. We have both had the Coronavirus and done fine. My husband had pneumonia, but by the time he felt the need to seek medical help for a fever that would not go away, he was nearly over the virus himself. They admitted him to the hospital for testing and to make sure he was over it. He went in on Tuesday and was released Friday morning. His oxygen levels had come up as soon as they gave him oxygen and he was only on that overnight. Neither of us have underlying conditions. The… Read more »

Stephen Russell
1 month ago

Virus +:
Reveals how media & Left feel about President
I hope those in Left who abused during this experience have a Virus experience 2 IE SNL cast, others.
Let them sample virus X100
& other +:
Boost voting for President
Unite Party (should)

1 month ago

Unfortunate based on Pelosis actions and previous comments her prayers for Trump don’t even reach the ceiling, let alone heaven

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