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Prolonging the Shutdown Defies Science and the US Constitution

shtudownAcross the nation, protesters are taking to the streets and business owners are filing lawsuits objecting to the coronavirus shutdown rules. As the rules drag on, they’re causing job losses, bankruptcies and a feeling that people have no rights. The liberal media are labeling the protesters “virus deniers.” Don’t fall for that. The protesters have science and the U.S. Constitution on their side.

Not to mention common sense. As New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo said Monday: “This is not a sustainable situation. Close down everything, close down the economy, lock yourself in the house.”

Start with the science. Data show almost all the coronavirus fatalities are among the elderly and those with serious health problems. A staggering 68% of deaths in Pennsylvania have been nursing home residents. Shutting stores and restaurants didn’t save them.

A lockdown targeted to protecting the highest risk group – people 65 and over – instead of confining all age groups would slash deaths by half but at only half the economic cost of a total shutdown, according to new National Bureau of Economic Research findings.

Unfortunately, social media companies are censoring any science that challenges the shutdown. When two California doctors who run urgent care centers challenged the need for California’s shutdown, based on what they see at their clinics, YouTube removed their statements, saying the platform’s policy is to ban content that “disputes the efficacy of local health authority recommended guidance.”

Shame on YouTube and its parent company, Google. YouTube also censors views at odds with the World Health Organization, which helped get us into this mess.

Remember that just a few weeks ago, shutting down schools and businesses was justified to “flatten the curve,” meaning buying time for hospitals to add beds and gather enough ventilators, masks and other medical equipment.

The shutdown’s goal was not eradicating the virus. That’s not possible. The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, as well as other experts, predict the virus will last another 18 to 24 months, fading once most Americans have been exposed and developed immunity.

As Colorado lifted its shutdown last week, the governor explained it’s a “balance” between keeping the virus “at a level that won’t overwhelm our hospital systems and allowing people to still try and earn a living.”

Amen to earning a living. The biggest divide in this country is about who’s getting a paycheck.

Some government officials who get paid show no respect for working people who don’t. How else can one explain Governor Janet Mills’ decision to bar Maine hotels from taking reservations for the summer season. Or Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s attempt to close grass-mowing businesses, though the virus is seldom transmitted outdoors.

When the shutdown was temporary and tied directly to hospital preparedness, lawsuits challenging it didn’t stand a prayer. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1905 that a state “has the right to protect itself against an epidemic” using reasonable regulations.

But shutdowns lose their reasonableness when they have no deadline or benchmark to meet. Their vagueness tramples the public’s rights, including the right to own property without the government making it worthless.

Monday, Cuomo set out a four-phase reopening. Not all the benchmarks are wise, but benchmarks pegged to hospital capacity are on the mark. He should add nursing home preparedness, too, because that’s where deaths are occurring. Don’t overlook that twice, Governor.

The public should shudder at New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio’s vague announcement that the city’s reopening is “a few months away at a minimum.”

That could reduce the city to a wasteland of boarded-up storefronts, abandoned commercial buildings, landlords defaulting on taxes and soaring tax rates for the taxpayers still in the city.

As for when New York schools reopen, science indicates schools are not a source of transmission. If schools are kept closed in the fall in defiance of this fact, say goodbye to the middle class with kids. New York will be for the poor and uber-rich only.

As for the rest of the nation, government officials should heed the concerns of the millions who want to get back to work. Shutting down won’t stop the virus, but it will destroy our rights and the nation we love.

Reprinted with Permission from - Center for Individual Freedom by - Betsy McCaughey

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Diana Erbio
3 months ago

It’s unsustainable to stay in lockdown. We flattened the curve, now it’s time to open up.

3 months ago

People, if we can shut down the economy long enough to devastate many millions of lives, the Progressively Communist Democrats WILL claim that President Trump was responsible for their losses. We see it every minute of every day, almost every blue state Governors are trying to delay opening their economies knowing full well the devastating effects on the populace and they don’t seem to care. I live In Orange County, California where these past 2 months we’ve had 66 deaths due to the Coronavirus in a population of 3.4 million people. What’s that? About 2 percent of the population? Yet,… Read more »

Frank Mc Carley
3 months ago

If people are sick they need to be quarantined, but only a socialist-communist would “lockdown” everybody. The medical community does a poor job of administration. They throw out the Constitutional rights of citizens. Trillions are spent not on the people or the problem; but on political buddies of the socialist and who is left paying for all this mess? Never have I seen such incompetence in our government.

3 months ago

It’s time “WE THE PEOPLE” reclaim OUR NATION, our livelihood and our childrens future.
Isn’t it strange that this comes along after the crackdown on the trade agreement with china and the democrats trying to switch the virus blame on the U.S., which there is no evidence. All evidence and everyone knows that in this election year the democrats and chinese, bitter because PRESIDENT TRUMP OUTSMARTED THEM, have failed in their impeachment, even though the FAKE MSM have tried with false accusations illegal actions and charges.

3 months ago

Land of the Free? Home of the Brave? Not if socialists are allowed to keep milking this. If the 2020 election is not a conservative landslide future generations are in big trouble.

Stan d. Upnow
3 months ago

There doesn’t need to be discussion on this topic. The plan is very clear. The Progressive-Socialists, failing to remove Donald Trump by all there traitorous, underhanded attempts, have a new plan. By locking-down everything & everyone, they can make a case for mail-in ballots for the Nov. election. I can almost guarantee you that they have formulated and organized to implement this as soon as they can ram through a new law to make it happen, a la California. Once they have that in the bag the stage is set for massive voter fraud the likes of which has never… Read more »

Bob L.
3 months ago

Human kind has lived in and survived in a world filled with germs, viruses, and bacteria since the moment Adam and Eve set foot outside of the garden of Eden. Trying to set up and live in a sterile environment makes those attempting it much more subject to serious consequences from an illness than the rest of us who build up immunities either through survival or immunization. Some diseases have been defeated while others are harder to eliminate or even control with the common cold and seasonal flu being prime examples. Covid viruses have been recognized since 1965 and may… Read more »

Marc Young
3 months ago

The 1905 decision that clearly allows States to exercise police powers for public health laws also put restrictions that it as follows ” subject, of course, so far as Federal power is concerned, only to the condition that no rule prescribed by a State, nor any regulation adopted by a local governmental agency acting under the sanction of state legislation, shall contravene the Constitution of the United States or infringe any right granted or secured by that instrument. A local enactment or regulation, even if based on the acknowledged police powers of a State, must always yield in case of… Read more »

Francis Elliott
3 months ago

A prolonged shutdown is taste of socialism. Socialism demands complete control of the citizens. I saw this when I lived in China for three different years. Health and a good economy lived together before the virus, and that could be true again. Sweden did not lock down and thy did very well handling the same virus.

3 months ago

It’s all about control with politicians and if you don’t believe that, just look at that crazy woman in MI. Thank God Americans still have the bravery to stand up to tyranny. We’re doing fine with opening up in TN where he folks don’t put up woh uppity pols.

3 months ago

So far coronavirus deaths are not much higher than the yearly deaths from the flu (check CDC numbers). Are we going to shutdown the country every year in the future because of the flu?

John K
3 months ago

Your categorization of “those over 65” as being most vulnerable is actually misleading. Age has nothing to do with it. It is “those with serious health problems” who are most vulnerable, no matter the age. Many people over 65 have recovered or have had the virus and hardly knew it. Where is the reporting of those stats? But on the other hand thank you for this article. it gets the TRUTH out.

.Jim A.
3 months ago

Too many people are falling for the bull manure the liberal media is spouting about this “deadly, deadly” disease. They headline massive death numbers, but don’t give enough data to see how deadly this disease IS NOT. COVID-19 has killed more than 71,000 Americans. How many Americans have been infected? How many Americans have been infected that are asymtomatic? What is the TOTAL number of Americans infected? Without ALL of the data, the number of deaths is useless, except to dazzle those that don’t have a clue as to what the term “mortality rate” means. Only a few locations in… Read more »

3 months ago

We’re all adults here. Let’s open the nation back up. Those who are frightened and concerned are not going to be forced to go to the movies or the mall. If you believe you should shelter in place, great, do it. But, let the rest of us get on with our lives. People lives and livelihoods are at stake. We don’t need another government bailout just let us get back to work, we’ll take care of ourselves and our families. In the future there will be more diseases we can’t go in the house and pull the covers over our… Read more »

Art M.
3 months ago

I am so glad that there are still some people around that have common sense. I was told once that Stalin said he’ll never go to war with America, won’t have to. They’ll rot from the inside out. We’ll just kick it over like a rotten mushroom. More and more it looks that way.

3 months ago

I think Leftists creating all this public animosity and frustration concerning the handling of this pandemic….is brought on by the intense desire to dictate orders to the public at large. They want America to be a full blown Communist nation and they’ll stop at nothing to implement it. A good way to accomplish this is to take advantage during.a pandemic such as we have right now and while people are vulnerable. Many years ago a Communist Russian leader said that they wouldn’t have to force Communism in America because Communism would eventually be established without a shot being fired…….or words… Read more »

Ken weatherford Jr
3 months ago

I agree. Greatest over reaction to a virus in history

.Jim A.
3 months ago

How deadly ISOVID-19? Using data from msn, dated 4/14/20, I did some calculations on mortality rates for the states. Here is a sampling {the rank number is the mortality rankig of the states with the highest at #1} A few days ago I saw a headline that said “deadly, deadly disease.” I copied some stats from an msn article of deaths and death rates for each state. Using their numbers, I calculated the mortality rate for each state. Their Data are from April 14, 2020. These are deaths from Covid-19 BY INFECTION, Here is a sample listing from least deadliest,… Read more »

Gloria P. Sterling
3 months ago

Great article!!! It’s too bad and sad that it probably won’t be adhered to by many people.

3 months ago

The Corona virus is a sham. States are calling all deaths Corona related in order to receive federal aid and the number of deaths is still 15 percent less than the average of deaths for the previous 4 years. President Trump needs to stop this Chinese Democrat charade to destroy him and get America back to work. Stop buying Chinese goods and have Americans produce these goods. We need to pray for our President to receive guidance from the Lord on how to get this done. The Chinese have just about all the democrats and some republicans in their back… Read more »

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