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Proof of Anti-Trump Bias – COVID Dumped for Court Fight

biasSomething funny is happening, and it bears mention.  While identifying, cataloguing, and objectively measuring media bias is hard, since the target is moving, snapshots tell a story.

In broad terms, President Trump has gone head-to-head – as no president in modern history – with the media, confronting the unending barrage of inaccurate, twisted, intentionally misdirected, misinterpreted, and politically motivated stories.

With more stomach for calling out bias, hypocrisy, and media mischief than most, he hits it every day. That he can do so is a testament to his determination, stamina, and insistence on fair treatment – not just for himself, but for others.

That he has a point, after four years, is beyond question. A 2019 analysis of network coverage – including ABC, CBS, and NBC coverage from 2017 onward – concluded coverage was overwhelmingly negative.  “In 2018 alone, coverage was 90 percent negative,” and that was with a roaring economy, tax cuts, border security, Chinese deal, foreign policy victories.

The Media Research Center assessed that hostility grew in 2019. Every American not blind to history, context, and bias could see attacks escalate in 2020.  By example, one analysis noted, “out of 684 evaluative comments included in these [network] broadcasts … 96 percent have been negative versus … four percent …positive.”

The impeachment gambit, which ironically elevated Trump’s popularity as due process was ditched, increased negative coverage.  After Pelosi turned impeachment on in September 2019, network newscasts drooled to relive Watergate.

Russia collusion and Ukraine news were the rage, talking heads brushing up on Latin with “quid pro quo.”  In six weeks of impeachment, more than three-fifths of network news on Trump (645 minutes) pushed scandal.

Incredibly, negative interpretations of ending ISIS, killing two notorious terrorist leaders, confronting Iranian nuclear weapons, stopping North Korea’s missile launches, calling out China on economic, political, and military illegalities, dominated also.

Negative twists on Trump’s targeting inveterate killers of Americans, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Qasem Soleimani, are hard to imagine – but occurred.  The Washington Post and CNN went so far as to fawn. Said CNN, quoting one analyst, Soleimani’s “soldiers loved him … a quiet, charismatic guy, a strategic genius …” Yes, too bad Trump ended the run of terror.  See, https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/03/asia/soleimani-profile-intl-hnk/index.html.

Assessing coverage of the President, one report indicates two-thirds of all media statements on him have been negative.  Can you imagine similar treatment, say, for Eisenhower, Kennedy, Carter, Clinton, or – mercy be – Obama?  See, e.g., https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/michael-van-der-galien/2019/11/13/media-bias-tv-networks-blast-trump-with-96-negative-news-n70386

As the 2020 election cycle heated up, Russia collusion and impeachment bottomed out.  The media hunted a damning story – one to politicize.  They needed a narrative, and COVID-19 provided it.  Conveniently, it ended the roaring economy, allowed them to join Democrats in blaming Trump.

Even that strategy, however, cratered. As a thoughtful commentator noted, “The most dangerous flaw in the modern news media is their now-constant vulnerability of becoming deeply invested in a particular narrative at the very start of a large story, and then having the ensuing tunnel vision prevent them from adjusting their reporting as new facts become available.”

The commentator was addressing media obsession with coronavirus “new cases,” which is a dead end that has no logical, empirical, or sustainable connection to Trump, as medical experts confirm.  Still, the idea is to paint Trump with blame, and keep painting until something new.

Notably, this obsessive anti-Trump reporting is creating undue fear, based on one-sided data and underreported recoveries.  In the process, media outlets are “sabotaging America’s recovery from this crisis.”  See, https://nypost.com/2020/07/06/media-is-obsessed-with-covid-cases-but-death-rate-is-what-is-important/.

Amplifying errors, social media – including online video-sharing – keeps misleading narratives alive, and a British study found “four-fifths” of social media channels “sharing coronavirus news and information were maintained by professional news outlets,” thus giving bullhorn treatment to their bias.  In the process, health news was “politicized.” Most Americans noticed. See, https://comprop.oii.ox.ac.uk/research/coronavirus-information-youtube/.

But all this confirms intuition.  The media misreported on Trump from the outset and gave a pass to political detractors.  They were offended that he called them out.  They squirmed.

That brings us to this weekend.  Mainstream media outlets continue to laud Joe Biden, but even that is getting old.  So is COVID-19.  They still need to stop Trump’s reelection, undermine his irrepressible patriotism, love of free markets and individual liberty.

Here is where it gets funny, in a “have they no shame?” way.  For months, frontpage news was coronavirus deaths, subtext that it was Trump’s fault.  Biden says “every death” is on Trump.  While rubbish, this has been the top story, above the fold for months.

Now, suddenly, Ruth Bader Ginsberg dies – and the Supreme Court may go 6-3 to Republican. That could restore textual fidelity to the Constitution, reverse decades of judicial activism.  The stakes are high for socialists. The press – and every Democrat campaign – is suddenly worried.

So what happens?  Guess what – COVID-19 is page 16 news.  If that does not give the lie to months of hysteria and pin-it-on-Trump mania, one is hard pressed to find better evidence.  On an anecdotal basis, some numbers.

On September 20, two days after Ginsberg passed and Trump announced he is preparing to nominate, COVID-19 news is less significant than the weather.  On NBC, of 64 top stories, seven were coronavirus, all bottom of page. On CNN, of top 55 stories, five were coronavirus. On CBS, of 42 top stories, seven mentioned it, all bottom of page. On ABC, of top 83, 11 touched virus, most tipped against Trump.  Everything has turned to Supreme Court.

So, what does the anecdotal data suggest?  Just this:  The media is on a mission, to discredit Trump.  When COVID-19, economic struggles, and Trump discouraging “panic” was all they have – they ran with it, made it fire and fury.

Heaven forbid a real story pops, that threaten the leftist agenda.  Trump could realign the Supreme Court. He might set up a reversal of Roe v. Wade.   Suddenly, COVID-19 vanishes.

Moments like this, when what was supposed to dominate gets pushed aside, tell us more than statistics.  What suddenly looks like a threat to Democrat power gets top billing.

In a nutshell, media bias is hard to perpetually authenticate, although good people try. Sometimes a single day’s pivot tells you what you need to know:  The mainstream media are on a mission, and it is not fair and balanced, objective or respectful.  It is tilted, tainted, sometimes torrid, and increasingly anti-Trump. You knew it, and now they have proved it – in spades.

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1 month ago

America is blessed to have President Trump and Vice President Pence! We would be in a very sad place by now without those 2 strong men.
God Bless America!

1 month ago

Love President Ttump. He is a fighter!

R.J. from Arizona
1 month ago

The socialist party is like a ship without a rudder, goes here and there with no clue as to how to get anywhere, where they have been and what to do once they arrive. It’s Wednesday morning so I am sure by this afternoon they will conjure up some disgusting lie to try and take down our Constitution.

Robin W Boyd
1 month ago

The question remains; Will we continue to allow Progressive Socialists to control US through a Progressive media, or do we seek out and react based on reality and truth? We need to act according to what is being done, not what is being claimed by media.

1 month ago

Hate is dangerous. Not really for President Trump. For the left. Hate is the driver of all the verbiage proffered by the STUPIDS of the left. Even the FBI and the DOJ are still advancing the Deep State stupidity. The American Electorate who installed Mister TRUMP on the greatest seat in the Nation is so much smarter than all the fascist antifa, all the socialist/marxist fascist “blm”, all the murdering feminists, all the uneducated gun-carrier felons and criminals put together. The American Electorate has one way to defeat the leftist stupid haters. The surprise is coming. Polls are so easy… Read more »

General Patton
1 month ago

Well said, God Bless President Trump and VP Mike Pence. America needs to defeat the Marxist Democrats and restore America to greatness.

1 month ago

NOW is the time for Real Citizens to take back the direction of Our Country.
We the People are in charge politicians work FOR Us!
Turning the court Conservative will restore Our freedom, protect Our Constitution, and rid America of the destructive policies of democrats and the socialist left.
President Trump deserves another term,he has done EVERYTHING he promised!

1 month ago

All truth, President Trump is doing a fantastic job. What I do not understand is the constant mantra of media bias. I like to call it media prejudice. Anyway, I think it’s time to stop complaining and do something about it. I know there are Republican supporters with big money out there somewhere. They need to get together and buy controlling interest in at least one of the 3 pathetic networks. Then they can fire the lefties and achieve some balance. Not sure why this was never thought of or acted on by any conservatives.

Stephen Russell
1 month ago

Did same for the riots, ALL Wuhan virus day 1 then George Floyd then riots & slow news keep Wuhan virus active. & same Court pick again.
Maybe Wuhan virus a joke hoax, Never see enough “real” victims or using actors for roles
OR do U like being “played” day 1
Now we have Protests against lockdowns & masks since Lockdowns COST more than virus

1 month ago

I am sick of the demoncrats. Everyone of them plus the RINOs like Mitt, the hypocrite needs to be voted out. A number of them should be charged with treason.

Burton Pauly
1 month ago

In our opinion Potus Trump is more like Reagan in his decisions. We like the way he gigs the networks. And he is right on concerning all of the fake news. The idiots have tried to lay the blame for all the bad happenings on him. He has really let all nations know that the USA comes first . To hades with all the de centers.

Ron Howard
1 month ago

My biggest quandary/question is this: Why, when nearly all media is left, Democrat supporting, anti-Trump and essentially against most of what real America believes and stands for, aren’t Conservatives establishing multiple newspapers, TV news channels, and forums to combat the socialist. left, anti-American biased news and forums? The country needs more sources of truth for the public to turn to. It bothers me greatly that so little is done by Conservatives to confront, stand up to, and combat the shameless lies, rioting, burning, killing and tragic lawlessness by mobs and anti-American groups, supported by the left and the Democrats. You… Read more »

Pamela L Shearhart
1 month ago

Right on the money reportage!

David Spade
1 month ago

There should be a purge in the media to get rid of the anti-Americans. The freedom of speech goes only with fair reporting. Most of the media has not protected anything other than their own slanted view of the world. Those people who listen to that garbage have already consumed the cool aid and may be beyond hope. Wouldn’t it be novel for the media to report anything that brings the country together?

Patriot Will
1 month ago

Much of the media’s hate for the President is driven by pure hate in its most destructive form. In 2016 most of the media was gleefully belittling Mr. Trump for not having a chance in hell of winning the presidency. The smugness was non stop and vicious. When Mr. Trump did win to become the president of the United States, most of the media felt totally embarrassed. They had been exposed for the frauds they were! The media was filled with rage that the truth was out. They took it personally that Mr. Trump had the audacity to throw pie… Read more »

1 month ago

Only God can help us in this crazy, evil time in our country! We need to fervently pray!

Art A
1 month ago

The MEDIOTS , because of short news cycles, can only do “news du jour.” There is no real reporting only reacting. Who can be first with the most outlandish version of a happening. More commentary than reporting. Real reporting is too difficult. As most media outlets daily indicate ‘We’ll tell you all you need to know.” Tear POTUS down. My over cliche’d remark is that “POTUS” will say oxygen is good for you and the mediots will try to get you to believe that it will kill you. KAG/MAGA/KAF 2020

1 month ago

I agree with Denise – this country, if it had been in continued democratic hands, would be in the bottom of a very dark sink hole! This is the VERY reason Nixon resigned…he didn’t want to put the country through this scenario. He gets forever burned by the FALSE “history”. The press has met their match in Trump. They have already lost the public – we now KNOW they are just blowing steam and raking in money with polarizing, fake, demonizing, and purely liberal talk, writing and even in TV “sit coms”…media is so disgusting and anti-truth but, the general… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by cath
Josephine pooley
1 month ago

Way to shine the light on media bias!

Dean Brittain
1 month ago

Absolutely. Any person with a functional brain has known this since he came down the escalator.

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