Provision Hidden in Border Compromise Deal Lets Small Town Mayors Cripple Trump: Report

border wall Mexico US VeteranIf there was one thing conservatives could happily take away from the omnibus compromise reached by Congress to avert the shutdown it was that they were getting money for a border wall.

Sure, it might be 55 miles in just one sector as opposed to the 200-odd miles that President Donald Trump had sought, and it was $4 billion less than the president had wanted. However, after saying …

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Reprinted with permission from - The Western Journal - by C. Douglas Golden

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1 year ago

The 1100 page bill contains numerous questionable or unconstitutional restrictions on how the wall money can be used, where the wall can NOT be built and lots of restrictions designed to impede both the Border Patrol and ICE. Not surprising, as the Democrats and more than a few RINO’s don’t want to slow or eliminate the flow of illegal immigrants, drugs and criminals into our country. This is NOT something new. This has been going on in Washington since the Democrats first successfully tricked Reagan into granting amnesty to 3 million illegals BEFORE doing anything in the way of securing… Read more »

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