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Rep. Ilhan Omar Expects Biden to Veer Left If Elected and Have Only ‘Progressive Democrats’ in His Cabinet

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) told Axios in an interview that aired Monday that she expects a liberal turn if Democratic nominee Joe Biden is elected president, adding that she wants all Cabinet positions filled with progressives.

Biden’s transition team has reportedly vetted a handful of Republicans for potential Cabinet positions. While this may reinforce Biden’s image as a unity candidate, it has fueled a backlash among the Democratic Party’s leftmost wing.

“I would say all of the Cabinet positions should be filled by progressive Democrats,” Omar told Axios. “We know that the policies we advocate for are most popular with the American people,” she added.

Asked why Biden is the nominee if he doesn’t support the most radical Democrat policies, Omar said it’s a question of there being a mismatch between policies people support and the leadership qualities they demand from a presidential candidate.

“I guess sometimes there’s a disconnect in the person that you might believe should lead and the policies you that you might believe should be implemented,” she said, citing strong exit poll support for Medicare for All during the Democratic primaries, even in places where Biden, not Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), was leading.

“And so that should signal to Joe Biden that these people trusted me to lead but these are the policies that they want me to lead on and, you know, act accordingly,” Omar said.

Biden ran as a moderate compared to some of his Democrat rivals in the primaries, like Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), and has continued to cast himself as a centrist. During his first presidential debate against President Donald Trump, Biden made a point of rejecting the Green New Deal and instead touted his own clean energy plan, although a review of his campaign website references the controversial legislation as the underpinnings of his scheme.

Omar said the Democratic Party’s progressive wing would fight to try and make sure Biden’s policies are not too moderate for their liking.

“The president is only as successful as his collaboration is with Congress,” she said. “We will have a cohort of progressives that are very clear about their objectives for wanting the implementation of Medicare for All and a Green New Deal and raising the minimum wage and not allowing for fracking,” Omar said.

The Biden campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Omar’s remarks.

Her comments play into the view that however moderate of a candidate Biden may be, intra-party dynamics following a potential Biden win would pressure him to veer left. They also appear to reinforce the claim, expressed by Trump and his supporters, that Biden is a “Trojan horse for socialism.”

“He is, he’s a Trojan horse,” Trump said in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, ahead of the Democratic National Convention in August. “He has no clue, but the people around him are tough, and they’re smart,” Trump added, presumably alluding to much the same “cohort of progressives” Omar referred to in her remarks to Axios.

Vice President Mike Pence, at a rally in Boulder City, Nevada, in early October, said: “You know, when you look at their agenda it’s clear. I said this at Fort McHenry—Joe Biden would be nothing more than a Trojan horse for the radical left.”

Pence framed the choice in November’s election as one between traditional American values and radically progressive ones.

“It’s whether we’re going to chart a course based on our highest ideals of faith and family and freedom and patriotism and the American flag and the Constitution of the United States, or whether we’re going to abandon that path and allow the radical left and Joe Biden and the Democratic Party to take our nation somewhere it’s never been before,” Pence said.

Reprinted with Permission from - Epoch Times by - Tom Ozimek

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27 days ago

President Trump accurately described Biden as “He is, he’s a Trojan horse,” Trump said in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, ahead of the Democratic National Convention in August. “He has no clue, but the people around him are tough, and they’re smart,” Trump added, presumably alluding to much the same “cohort of progressives” Omar referred to in her remarks to Axios.” No one has to pressure Biden to do anything. He is a pathetic, worn out, old politician suffering from mid-stage dementia, so he will agree to whatever his handlers tell him to do. Biden can’t even remember who is running against. Just this weekend,… Read more »

27 days ago

Oh yes ! what a wonderful person, her and her three friends want so much for America, big government, regulations, higher taxes, riots, no jobs, no healthcare, no God, no guns, no oil or gas, crumbling cities no borders, handouts to all the lazy people, what more could we ask for !!!!!!!!
God Bless President Donald J. Trump !
God Bless America !
God Bless the NRA !
Save America, Vote Republican !

Art A
27 days ago

PUPPET, TROJAN HORSE,OR WHATEVER YOU CALL HIM. HE IS A TOOL AND AOC AND HER GANG HAVE NOT MADE ANY BONES ABOUT HIDEN BIDEN TO BECOME WHAT THEY WANT AND DO WHAT THEY WANT. I still believe that if Joe doesn’t follow the game plan he will become a “victim” of the 25th amendment of have a strange accident. Hello Kamala Mattress. Now you are talking cooperation. Things will move at warp speed. We still have until next Friday for all of the ballots to be tabulated. Trump has to win large. MAGA/A,KAF,KAG TRUMP/ PENCE 2020

Patriot Will
27 days ago

Omar is openly admitting that she and the other Communist Democrats will politically and emotionally terrorize Biden if he doesn’t agree to be totally far left. For her to publicly broadcast such horrible plans, means any sane citizen who cares about this country should be extremely concerned and worried. Omar is to be taken at her word. She is a total miscreant who will do her best to destroy our Constitutional Republic. Why the Senate has not had formal hearings on all of her questionable activities is beyond me. She has broken her oath to uphold our Constitution and should… Read more »

Last edited 27 days ago by Patriot Will
27 days ago

Just as Pelosi told Representatives to vote for Obamacare and then they could read it, Biden is telling the public that they must first elect him and then he will tell them how he stands on issues. No one knows if the leftist hard liners will have influence on him. Electing him would be like getting an Amazon Mystery Box ‼️?

David B.
27 days ago

We need to send this refugee back to Somalia, and take Taliban-Tleib with her. America-hating Commies!

27 days ago

The likelihood of Biden appointing a conservative to his cabinet is null.

Matthew Gabor
27 days ago

I am getting tired of The Left being called ” Progressives”! It comes from the word “Progress”! Why not change it to “Regressives”? As far as Ilhan Omar goes this shows what can happen in America when there is no vetting process. She came here as a refugee from Somalia. Instead of being grateful for the unique opportunities we have here she is instead contributing to the demise! “No good deed goes unpunished”! Omar then made the profane comment on video about impeaching President Trump! Then we have AOC. How can a person who was a Barmaid be qualified to… Read more »

27 days ago

Biden will not serve very long as president. The 25th amendment will be used. and Kamala Harris will be happy to do so and she’ll have plenty of cabinet support to do so.

Harris is in effect running for President and I honestly can’t think of a worse and more distateful person. In fact I think that she is hated more than Hillary Clinton and that takes some doing.

Fortunately they are going to get totally smoked in the election

27 days ago

I started calling myself a conservative because I believed too many republicans, following their own agenda to win re-election, were less interested in the constitution, our way of life and what is best for our country’s welfare. I think it tempered their desire to fight for what we wanted them to stand for. What amazes me is the dems have sold us out through slowly adding hot water to the cooking pot until their followers were cooked and served up on a plate, with whatever beans Hannibal Lector loved. Why did we not pay any attention to how our kids… Read more »

Morty Tupperman
27 days ago

“…she wants all Cabinet positions filled with progressives.”

Hold on… Who is in charge here?

27 days ago

The election next Tuesday WILL BE DETERMINED BY CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, NY TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, FACEBOOK, TWITTER and other corrupt, socialist, never Trump RINO”S.that want to destroy the last bastion of freedom for the world. Where will you go if they succeed?

David B.
27 days ago

So far, the riots, violence and “unrest” have been sponsored by the Left. If these clowns somehow win, they need to be shown what a real riot looks like. It works both ways, and I’m fed up with their tactics.

27 days ago

Biden will continue to “fundamentally change America,” the Obama agenda. Only more extreme as the left dictates. Puppet Joe will have to go along.

Stephen Russell
27 days ago

Dems want Great Depression 2 for the US & world & Police State America.
But they the Squad havent experienced riots LIVE

27 days ago

Come on man – lying hiden biden, everybody knows your a dirty and corrupt 47 year failure…..say it ain’t so joe!
Interesting that your family,hunter and brother Jim are nowhere to be seen…..hmmmm can you say GUILTY of selling out America.

27 days ago

The odds of any of these idiots living if Biden is elected, is somewhere between zero and none.

Just Say NO to Crazy Joe
27 days ago

It’s telling that a scant handful of spoiled brat, self-entitled left wing radical wing nuts (maybe a half dozen out of 535?) feel that they can dictate public policy to the entire nation, despite the wishes of at least half of the populace. Worst thing, they stand a good chance of succeeding if Crazy Joe is elected. He’ll be so confused, and so overwhelmed with truly momentous issues (like figuring out where the bathroom is, and remembering it from day to day) that the communists will slide anything and everything they can dream of past him without so much as… Read more »

Roy Ruprecht
27 days ago

The majority of Americans are NOT progressive. Besides Biden don’t stand a chance in hell of winning.

Enuf Said
27 days ago

So AOC wants ALL cabinet positions filled by REGRESSIVES (progressives). Well, Allah will tell you and the other THREE STOOGES –thatwill NOT happen. Besides Santa Claus has already told YOU that YOU are getting anything for Christmas-Wait he did say YOU would get one thing –TERRIBLY DISAPPOINTED–but then, better YOU than US!!

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