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First up, the passing of supreme court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has put a new timeline on the importance of the election and what’s to come before that. Next, liberals are losing their mind as they are seeing the potential of losing the presidential election. Finally, AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber joins us to give AMAC members an important update on this upcoming election and information you will want to share with your friends and family.

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1 month ago

PUCKER UP, And kiss all your freedoms good by if the DEMONRATS win in Nov. There is not one constitutional provision they won’t violate or law they won’t pass to have complete control over our lives.
God bless President Donald J. Trump
God bless America
God bless the NRA

1 month ago

Liberal democrats will do anything to regain power – lie, cheat. steal, anything! The lies are a matter of routine with the democrat controlled national fake news media. Cheating includes anything that they can get away with – buying the vote of criminals, mail in ballots, spreading lies through the media, fake polls, false IDs, anything! The end justifies the means. Be vigilant! Democrats will do anything to steal this election!

Patriot Will
1 month ago

Evil Nancy Laughs Hysterically
While Scary AOC Yells Treasonous Poison.
Grumpy Chuck Threatens President Trump
While Melodramatic Maxine Threatens All Patriots.
Shifty Schiff Expands His List of Fanatical Lies
While the USA is Losing Its Liberties.
BLM, Anarchists, Communists …
Burn the Cities Down!

Friend of Patriots
1 month ago

Democrats/Doing Communism; are just so amazed that they are NOT getting a warm reception. Who are these people that they are hiring to write their propaganda? They are pathetic. They claim to foster unity; when they support the thugs and the rioters. They say that they don’t condone violence yet they DO NOT condemn it.What is this ‘double-talk’?

John A. Fallon
1 month ago

Leftist FOXNEWS is not allowing responses to socialist/dem propaganda and lies, I tried to respond to ATHIEST bill mahers RANT against PRESIDENT TRUMPS upcoming nomination for SCOTUS, HE HATES all forms of religion especially catholics and he even HATES GOD!, I tried to respond, DENIED, I tried to complain to FAUXNEWS,again,DENIED, The left is trying to silence AMERICANS ahead of this election, “WE THE PEOPLE” need to get out in force and VOTE, go in groups of family and friends and make your VOTES count!!! RED, KAG, VOTE TRUMP!!!!!!

Three Point Paper
1 month ago

Point-1. From my stand point of view, it is abundantly clear, with regard to who it is, that one must to cast their vote for, come November 2020, if one desires to have their Constitutional Rights, and their Civil Rights maintained for and of them, as the present administration provides for each and every member of the American Citizenry.. Point-2. Should one make the decision to vote for Biden/Harris, then one would glaringly be throwing away any chance of ones Constitutional Rights and Civil Rights being maintained for one to further enjoy the Freedoms and Liberties of OUR Great Country!.… Read more »

1 month ago

romney says to go forward BUT, how will he vote?

Chester Starr
1 month ago

Why do women always have to show their Cleviage? Men where a suit and ties and women show thier Cleviage. Come Rebecca Weber be more modest!

Gerold Martin
1 month ago

Tyrrany by un-elected officals! Loss of LIFE, LIBERTY, AND PERSIUT OF HAPPINESS….by FDA, CDC….Life-withholding medication to save lives…Liberty-lockdown to the point suicide exceeds death by covid, lockdown & wearing ineffective masks as a sign of compliance…Happiness-loss of income, home, sanity by feeding hysteria. The GREATEST country in the world CANNOT get medicine while people die.

Bill Brown
1 month ago

What is happening today is exactly why OUR Founders wrote and passed the 2nd Amendment!!  Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution Version 2!!!  Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!!  Stand-up for Our Republic!!!!  Remove Every DemocRat!!!!!

GT Patriot
1 month ago

Chickens have come home to roost for Harry Reid. Elimination of the filabuster ? You screwed your party Harry.
False claims that Romney had not paid tax in 2012 ? Now the same old BS about Trump ? The nation won’t
buy it twice Harry. Just crawl into your box Harry. Buy the way,Harry, has Obama, Hillary, or Old Joe paid any tax ?
PROVE to me that they have. Or I will assume they have not.

GT Patriot
1 month ago

4 days of questioning of Judge Barrett ??? Ridiculous !! 3 days ?? stupid !!! 2 days ??? too much. I day is reasonable.
I just send a note to Sen Graham,s office that he has the authority to stop this stupidity.
Trumps taxes ? Thats between him and the IRS. They know exactly what he owes, or dosen’t owe, and will hound him
to hell to get it.

Stan d. Upnow
1 month ago

Listen to Schumer’s taped comment on Trump’s SCOTUS nomination. What a jackass! Reminds me of Chicken Little: “The sky is falling!!”

Bill Brown
1 month ago

You think you have not been brainwashed BUT you think Democracy can be a good thing?!  Understand, OUR Founders went to great lengths to ensure OUR Country would NEVER be a Democracy!!  John Adams: “There has never been a Democracy that did not commit suicide!!”  The term “limited or representative Democracy” did not exist until after 1900, it is “Double Speak” and a direct logical contradiction!!  Our Founders greatest fear was the “Tyranny of the Majority”!!  Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution Version 2!!!  Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!!  Stand-up for Our Republic!!!!  Remove Every DemocRat!!!!!

Bill Brown
1 month ago

The National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers are COMMUNIST organizations that are teaching OUR Children Anti-American sedition!  Members of those UNIONS should NOT be allowed to Teach!!  Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution Version 2!!!  Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!!  Stand-up for Our Republic!!!!  Remove Every DemocRat!!!!!

Don Seitz
1 month ago

Liberal Democrats die many deaths. Patriotic Republicans die one!

1 month ago

I look forward to AMAC’s Saturday video every week. I agree with everything that was stated today, as usual. I only have one complaint — Rebecca Weber, PLEASE cover up — I saw more of you than I wanted to see. You are an intelligent, responsible person, so you don’t need to display your body in that way. Please keep in mind that most of your AMAC members are older conservatives, and we find this kind of display offensive.

Bill Brown
1 month ago

The DemocRats, The Media, Teachers Unions, etc. try to make us believe they are invincible!  They ARE NOT!  Push back against the bullies!! Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution Version 2!!!  Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!!  Stand-up for Our Republic!!!!  Remove Every DemocRat!!!!!

Ron and Julia Hornback
1 month ago

You should have President Trump run these ads before the election
and as soon as possible, even before October 12th and the Dems
have a chance to tare Barrett apart.

1 month ago

I have to agree with Chester Starr and Sue. Rebecca, you are well spoken and intelligent. But I am noticing a trend in women who are in the limelight, looking less than professional. It’s a shame because most men are not listening to your words. Having been in the business world, I can offer some suggestions if you are interested. Blessings on you and what you do!

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