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Today more than ever, AMAC needs you! We are our nation’s best hope against the socialist left and the dangerous media. We need you to help us speak for what matters. Our mission is simple, and our team is tireless. AMAC sees the problem facing America. The rapid growth of big government, the erosion of our civil liberties, and an unchecked financial burden thrust upon our future generations. AMAC is for accountability in government at all levels. AMAC fights for quality health care, limited government rule of law, and a secure nation. Together we can protect the values that make our country great.

Join AMAC today and fight alongside 2.2 million patriots to save the America we love!

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Vickie Rennie
1 month ago

I really enjoy the interaction with other members. This platform has a richness of savvy, passionate, intelligent and highly informed thinkers! It’s great fun!

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