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CNN Tapes Show Extent of Media Coordination on “Propaganda”


House of Representatives Set To Vote On D.C. Statehood Thursday

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Biden’s Gun Control Measures Bring British Tyranny Back To America


Liz Peek: Biden’s Weak Poll Numbers – Here’s Why Many Americans Unhappy with President, Radical Policies

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Psaki Now Says Biden to Raise Refugee Cap by May 15, Cites ‘Confusion’ over Directive

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The Growing Number of Asylum Seekers at Our Southern Border has Grown to Unmanageable Proportions

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The Great Realignment Part Two: A Little Earthquake Along the Border

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FINALLY! Joe Biden Sets Date for First Address to Congress-But Why the Record Delay?

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Biden Attacks Trump’s Initiatives and Sells Out Blue Collar Workers to Union Bosses


Scalise Memo: Biden is Responsible for the Crisis at the Border