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west 26

Dispatch from The American West

Newsom 9

The Newsom Recall Begins–Here’s What Happens Now

identity 2

The Great Realignment Part One: How a Revolt Against Identity Politics is Remaking Elections Around the World

election 29

PA Lawmakers Push Urgently Needed Election Reforms

Jim Crow 3

The Left’s “Jim Crow” Rhetoric Is Absurd, Insulting, and Dishonest

media 5

When Are Media Outlets – Political Actors?

filibuster 4

Save the Filibuster: It Is the Senate Choke Point to Stop the Left’s Assault on Our Republic


MLB Enters the Georgia Election Law Debate

voting 2

Sen. McConnell: Corporations Shouldn’t Fall for Absurd Disinformation on Voting Laws

corporate 11

Blackwell: Corporate Wokesters Betray Shareholders’ Trust by Bashing Election Integrity Laws