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The Accomplishments of President Donald J. Trump

trumpDonald Trump officially began his political career on June 16, 2015, when he took that escalator ride in Trump Tower in New York to announce his candidacy for President. He had never previously held elected office. When he stunned the world (and Hillary Clinton) with his victory in 2016, he got right to work.

His accomplishments, outlined below, are really rather remarkable when you consider the short time in which they were achieved. The fact that these successes were made in the hostile environment created by Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives makes them even more extraordinary. The Democrats, working in concert with a complicit mainstream media, created a phony Russia collusion scandal, held a purely partisan impeachment proceeding, politicized a pandemic and presided over the destruction of major American cities, all designed to stop President Trump from keeping his promises to the American people and remove him from office. Remarkable indeed!

Please feel free to share this with friends, family, neighbors, or anyone who is not familiar with the job President Trump has done on behalf of Americans during his first term.

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Jack Davis
1 month ago

It really is a shame President Trump is doing a fantastic job of changing the US and seeing businesses getting better, however,the Dems are trying to destroy him. One thing that really bothers me is Fox News Fair and Balanced some times over balanced two days ago in the morning they had Carley Fioroni on telling the country she didn’t like Trump and she was voting for Biden but I’m still a Republican she should be ashamed and Fox too her party Rhino. Think about the undecided; Fare and Balanced? It’s wonderful that Trump is surviving the daily being beat… Read more »

1 month ago

Great roll up of the President’s production! We need to see this list published in all the major newspapers in the country!

1 month ago

This issue of the AMAC Magazine…volume 14 issue 4…is FULL of treasures I want to share with my younger (and older) friends… You should put more up on the ‘Net so we can get it out! THE MEDIA has become the enemy of FREEDOM… The MAIN reason I will NOT purchase a E-Book Reader is…the information can be too easily edited! Our basement is FULL of books on American & World History…we can not let Socialist distort information for future generations… The new “book burning” is the Media and Common Core Education!

GT Patr
1 month ago

This election is about who is saving the US and who is swindling the US. There are many swindlers in the swamp.
Biden is one. Our IRS will fight you for $10 but will let the swindlers keep millions.

GT Patr
1 month ago

Our job is to tell at least 5 people to be sure they vote. Lets do our job.

GT Patr
1 month ago

This election is a certainty for Trump. But…But…we must all vote. I have already. I learned in 2016 to never trust a poll whether it is
pro-Trump or pro – Biden. Don’t trust any of them. Vote Vote Vote

GT Patr
1 month ago

And it NOT about saving “America” What is “America” . America is Venezuela, Brazil, Canada, Mexico,Bolivia and yes finally the
US. When did we forget who we are ? We are the UNITED STATES !!!! Forget “America”. The US has far more problems
that the other western hemisphere nations. Lets fix the US FIRST.

GT Patr
1 month ago

If the nation misses the chance to re-elect our president, it will condemn itself forever. We are in a period of desparation due to the fact that the left thought we were a nation of sheep that would follow the left. The election of Trump caused them to go beserk. The left does not have jobs. It does not create jobs. It is entirely dependent on what the govt gives them. If you were in that situation you would be beserk too. The govt is the left’s meal ticket. Our problem is not how to become more progressive. Our challenge… Read more »

1 month ago

This must be satire!!!!

1 month ago

Jesus against adultery
Jesus agains liars
Jesus against trump
Americans demand better

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