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The AMAC Army Helps to Reform Election Processes in States Across the Country


AMAC members made it very clear at the beginning of this year that reforming processes to preserve the integrity of our elections was of the utmost importance to them. Following the lead of the membership, AMAC Action focused our efforts at the state level, where the battle for election reform is taking place.

Wanting to leverage the full force of the AMAC Army – otherwise known as the AMAC membership – we engaged our members in advocating for election reform in key states across the country. In Kentucky, AMAC members flooded the state Senate with telephone calls demanding that Senators place an election reform bill on an already crowded agenda. Their voice was heard. The bill made it onto the agenda, was passed by both houses in the legislature, and was signed into law by Kentucky’s governor.

AMAC’s 73,000+ members in Arizona have been particularly active – and successful – in getting two pieces of significant election integrity legislation signed into law. These bills will remove private money from tainting the administration of elections and stop inactive voters from automatically receiving early ballots. A third bill that prevents officials from changing election deadlines is currently on Governor Doug Ducey’s desk awaiting his signature. Arizona AMAC members participated in three separate call-to-action campaigns and sent thousands of messages to the state legislature demanding representatives pass these bills. The advocacy on behalf of AMAC members provided a huge assist in reforming elections in Arizona.

AMAC members in Texas proved to be a vital asset in a targeted campaign to motivate lawmakers who may have been dithering to pass HB 6, an election reform bill. AMAC members’ message was received as this bill passed the Texas House and is currently being debated in the Senate.

In Florida, AMAC-supported SB 90 was signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis. This bill requires voter ID and bans both ballot trafficking and mass mail-in voting.

While other states across the country are also working to reform their elections, AMAC Action, along with the AMAC membership, have been working to stop Democrats in the federal government from completely taking over American elections. AMAC members sent over 146,000 messages to the 100 members of the United States Senate telling them not to vote H.R. 1 / S. 1, the dishonestly titled “For the People Act.”

To reiterate Americans’ indignation with this bill that counts the stifling of political free speech, prohibiting of voter ID, and allowing of same-day voter registration and voting as some of its more egregious provisions, AMAC members sent over 222,000 messages to the nine Republican members of the Senate Rules Committee just prior to the bill’s mark-up hearing. The bill failed to make it out of the committee, but it can be advanced to a floor vote with a majority vote, meaning Vice President Kamala Harris could potentially cast the tie-breaking vote if all Democrats are unified.

Democrats are unrelenting in their desire for permanent power, and it is both refreshing and inspiring to see states fight back with voter reform legislation. Look for this battle to continue at the state level, where AMAC Action will be turning to the AMAC Army again to help pass election integrity legislation in the critical states of Pennsylvania and Michigan. Together, we will continue to defend our sacred right to free and fair elections.

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3 months ago

The only way you reform Democrats is with a big stick.

Ken Westenkirchner
3 months ago

Nice work..the fight has just started for best

3 months ago

The only way we’re going to win is to suppress non white votes, voter ID NOW!

3 months ago
Reply to  Brad

Brad is worried about what the audits will reveal.

Last edited 3 months ago by Ladder
3 months ago
Reply to  Ladder

The audits won’t find anything. We’re being outbred Ladder. The woke are overwhelming our great nation and the only thing we can do to save America from these devils is to keep them out of OUR politics

3 months ago
Reply to  Brad

It’s not a racial issue. The border needs to be closed to stop the intentional population replacement in order to grab and hold power. The migrants are just tools being shamelessly used.

James Mele
3 months ago
Reply to  Brad

This is not the right path to take all U. S. Citizens have to be able to vote. Skin color is not the issue, illegal votes are.

3 months ago

Y’all absolute nut jobs. God loves guns!

3 months ago

I’m very blessed to have found AMAC and proud to be among like-minded patriots fighting for our country. Donate, donate, donate!

Pat R
3 months ago

Great news!! Keep it up; we’re behind you.

3 months ago

Conservatives please sign up at your local city hall and become election officials. If all that are running elections are democrats, they will steal the elections. The only reason evil triumphs is because good people do nothing!!! And are they really good people if all they do is whine and do nothing-I think not!!!

3 months ago

Thank you AMAC for getting involved to make our elections lawful.
Everyone should be contacting their State Legislature and demanding that future elections are lawful and above reproach! All of that is fine, but if laws and honesty are NOT enforced, what good is it? We can’t even agree on who a legal US citizen is, in this country. The US Constitution clearly states that, “To vote in U.S. elections, you must be a U.S. citizen, turn 18 on or before Election Day, and meet your state’s residency and registration requirements.” Now, who is going to UPHOLD this and ENFORCE it with future elections?

3 months ago

Thanks for helping with our election integrity..I speak for several voters including myself who feel why vote if someone can transfer votes from one candidate to another and be robbed by mail in voting..

Samuel Sargent
3 months ago

Excellent.Except for the fact that these traitors.. Also known as the left, circumvent law at every given opportunity. I applaud our lawful efforts.I’m just pointing out that we’re dealing with the lawless.

3 months ago

Absolutely wonderful

3 months ago

It’s about time we all stand up for our country

Barb Monrz
3 months ago

Had election in Pennsylvania and already issues about vioting. What do we think will happen in 2024

3 months ago


Jeffery Brasher
3 months ago

Keep up the fight for voter ID voting and against mail in same day voting.

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