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The Atlantic Magazine Steps Up Its Role in the Biden-Harris Media Trump Derangement Chorus of Yellow Journalism

trumpRemember when in the Fall of 1980 then the ever cordial yet candid candidate Ronald Reagan was debating President Jimmy Carter who had just made a non-sensical claim against his challenger, and to which Reagan then responded, “There he goes again.”

What is “yellow journalism?”  Britannica defines it as the use of lurid features and sensationalized news in newspaper publishing to attract readers and increase circulation.”  Wikipedia describes it as  “journalism … that present[s] little or no legitimate well-researched news while instead using eye-catching headlines for increased sales. Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism.”

Well, The Atlantic’s journalists, specifically Editor-in-Chief Jeffery Goldberg and a colleague named Anne Applebaum, are on  a “yellow journalistic” writer’s binge in this pre-election Fall season to castigate and to impugn President Trump – apparently using the classic “anonymous sources” ruse to support their venal assaults upon him.  Mr. Goldberg’s September 3rd article “Trump: Americans Who Died in War are Losers and Suckers” has quickly shown itself to be another ugly composition headed for the growing leftist “fake news” trash heap.

There they go again, and again, and again — shilling for the Democrat National Committee (DNC).  As you may recall, the DNC gained notoriety for sponsoring creative anti-Trump literature – most notably the infamous and falsehood laden “Russian Dossier”  in order to foster a coup of sorts  — a partisan impeachment — against the newly elected President Trump.

In his article, Atlantic magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Goldberg claims President Trump described an American World War I cemetery in France as being “filled with losers” and referred to American war dead as “suckers.” Trump 2020 campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh told Fox News host Jon Scott that this report was fake. Murtaugh said, “Of course we are denying the report, because it is fake,” … “there are others who were there in Paris… including the head of the president’s Secret Service detail, who said it also didn’t happen.”  Fox News also reports that multiple current and former White House officials, including former National Security Adviser John Bolton and former Chief of Staff General John Kelly have denied Trump made the remarks described by The Atlantic. Bolton told Fox News Friday, “I didn’t hear either of those comments or anything even resembling them.”

Murtaugh said further. “I don’t know what happened to journalism, where they [The Atlantic] have these four anonymous sources, they won’t come forward and put their names on it, but The Atlantic is happy to run the story, and it happens to come out exactly at the moment where Joe Biden is in free fall in the polls.” He added that Biden should be answering for the Veterans Affairs “scandals” during the Obama administration, when “people were waiting months, even years on waiting lists … [and] left to die on gurneys in the hallway.”

In contrast to the Obama-Biden Administration record, Murtaugh continued, “That is what President Trump cleaned up, and other veterans are getting the care they deserve and that is how the president shows his reverence for military veterans … and he has restored veterans’ faith in the health care they receive, getting better access, better choices, and better treatment. That is how President Trump approaches the military.”

Remember also that that back in March and out of great concern for veterans’ health and well-being, the President Trump took action and issued an Executive Order to establish a “National Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End Suicide.”  This is not a new issue, but one that has persisted for years before President Trump took office – veteran, as well as service member, PTS-based suicides occurring at the rate of 20 per month, of which many are Vietnam veterans.

In his Executive Order, the President said:

 “On average, 20 service members and veterans die by suicide each day.  As a Nation, we must do better in fulfilling our solemn obligation to care for all those who have served our country.  I am therefore issuing a national call to action to improve the quality of life of our Nation’s veterans — many of whom have risked their lives to protect our freedom while deployed, often multiple times, to areas of prolonged conflict. …

“It is the policy of the United States to end veteran suicide through the development of a comprehensive plan to empower veterans and end suicide through coordinated suicide prevention efforts, prioritized research activities, and strengthened collaboration across the public and private sectors.  This plan shall be known as the President’s Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End a National Tragedy of Suicide or PREVENTS (the “roadmap”).

In early July, the President and the Cabinet-level task force created by the Executive Order, launched the PREVENTS program, managed by the VA, and began the national public health campaign, called REACH,  to change the conversation around suicide by urging people to recognize their own risk and protective factors — as well as the risk and protective factors of their loved ones.  According to VA Secretary Robert Wilkie, “REACH will empower our nation’s Veterans to seek and receive help and it will encourage them to reach out to their brothers and sisters in need who may be vulnerable. The power of this campaign will change how we talk about mental health and suicide in our nation. It will ensure that those in need, especially the men and women who have served our great nation, will receive the care and support they deserve.”

By the way, President Trump’s actions to improve medical service delivery at the VA, to increase access to care for Veterans, and to address the ongoing tragedy of veteran and military member PTS suicides, are not mentioned in the Goldberg fictional account.

Oh well, there they go again, and again, and again.

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2 months ago

These magazines can hardly be considered worthy of their cost at the newsstand. Several times I picked up a paper or a magazine, and then put it back. I refuse to support their nonsense, even though I’m curious to see what they’re writing about. Unfortunately, this has become the MO of the left. Even more devastating to the country is the fact that the young and the gullible buy every word of it. They take it as fact and won’t hear any counter-argument! It’s incredible to see how some of these people actually think…if that’s what you call it. All… Read more »

2 months ago

Bird cage liners. Cover them with the same thing they are full of.

Barry N. Schmidt
2 months ago

It’s nothing short of outrageous that the national “news” media have gotten away with their lies, propaganda and misinformation, all in the name of “Journalism.” They spew anything they want with no investigation, no history or facts with which to back up their pronouncements—–all in the name of “news,” True Journalism has become nothing more than a corrupt national mouthpiece for the Socialist Party, and anyone who dares to disagree is labeled a “systemic racist.” Even worse is the censorship imposed by moneyed corporations such as Google, Amazon and others whose points of view are in direct opposition to their… Read more »

John A. Fallon
2 months ago

The VA like all government agencies were loaded with leftist faithful who like all leftists think these government jobs exist so they can get a paycheck and not have to WORK for it and NOT for the veterans who they view as annoying.

Phil Hammersley
2 months ago

The owner of The Atlantic is the widow of billionaire Steve Jobs. She donated $500,000 to Creepy Joe’s campaign. I’m sure that has nothing to do with the donkey excrement story, correct?

Natalie Nischan
2 months ago

I consider these publications as on the level of the tabloids.

Todd Wagner
2 months ago

It’s like the socialists have taken control of all faucets,education,(FAKE) news. I just hope this election the majority of the electorate see through all the BS and make the right choice. Vote RED(remove-every-democrat)I found the Quote under a you tube video.

David Spade
2 months ago

I remember from my college days nearly 50 years ago when the Atlantic Monthly was a thought-provoking publication that was well-written by some top level journalists. Not today.

The Atlantic is just like every other leftist, Marxist periodical with weak reporting and horrible background /fact checks. They are wasting printing ink and paper. They are a quickly sinking ship controlled by the DNC with a laughable legacy on their failing tombstone.

Art A
2 months ago

What passes for journalism is mostly trash,garbage,and lies. May I include twisted unsubstantiated drivel? It is the same old song. POTUS can’t do anything right or good or beneficial. Many tabloids are successful because they trade in sensationalism. Why do a good story that may be boring? This crap started on inauguration day and continues every minute of every day. There definitely are uneducated people or just plain old haters who believe the “fake news”. There is a tremendous amount of time wasted while refuting the BS. Let’s give ’em 4 more years of migraines and heartburn. MAGA/KAG/KAS 2020 @45… Read more »

Ron Bentley
2 months ago

This why judges are so important. If they got sued for lies once it would sure be nice.

2 months ago

if i could ask the BIDEN HARRIS a question it would be this, ARE YOU OR HAVE YOU EVER BEEN A MEMBER OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY , and it would be under oath. we all know what is going on in our country and it is time to put a name on it WE HAVE TO FIGHT THIS WITH EVERY THING WE HAVE, that is why i will vote for TRUMP AT THE VERY LEAST HE IS NOT A COMMY

2 months ago

As a veteran I appreciate all that President Trump has done for all veterans. Keep up the great work for our country. MAGA

Patriot Will
2 months ago

Not only the young, but all ages of low-information voters are very apathetic to even listening to any news which weakens the legitimacy of the radical left propaganda. It’s very sad and disturbing to notice that there are tens of millions of dopes who simply don’t care about the truth. They are in the hate Trump zone and they enjoy it! They “get a thrill up their legs” listening to and repeating the horrible lies concerning President Trump. They are in Hate Heaven!

Judy L Bergfield
2 months ago

Yellow journalism it is! I can’t imagine how they credibly teach journalism now in the colleges and universities!

Lawrence Greenberg
2 months ago

These rags (and I am being kind) tell outright lies and should be sued for libel and slander until they either stop their lies or are driven out of business. Just because the President is a public figure does not give anyone license to make up nonsense and tell outright lies about him.

Stephen Russell
2 months ago

Media has had TDS since 1-17 & prior.
No change, NMMC: Narrow Minded Media Complex
Media Industrial Complex
MDC: Media Derangement Complex
Chap 7 The Atlantic

2 months ago

It is amazing to see “numbskulls” hoping to make a living distorting the news, lying out right, and making a nuisance of themselves. Thank God they are too stupid to realize the REAL people see straight through their machinations and perversions of the truth.

Republican In Progress
2 months ago

‘Antidote For Brainwashing’ or Its a ‘Riddle Wrapped In Cow Manure’! Amateur propaganda is being delved out to the public on TV. It is very poorly done. And it is not done smoothly; but awkwardly. ‘Hyacinth Hippo’ in Walt Disney’s 1940 ‘Fantasia’ does better with her pirouette. Whomever, is being paid for the current line of ‘brainwashing’; needs more practice with their ‘ballet technique’!

dean haack
2 months ago

liberals will never say any thing bad about biden cause hes never done any thing good for this country

2 months ago


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