The Obamacare Individual Mandate Ruling – What it Really Means

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Now that an appellate court has upheld a U.S. District judge’s finding that the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as Obamacare, is unconstitutional, expect the Democrat’s hysteria machine to be fired up and working overtime. They’ll portray millions of Americans as instantly losing their health insurance and ply the airwaves with sob story after sob story decrying evil Republicans and their plot to deny Americans the medical care they need.

The problem is none of what they’re claiming is based in reality. There will be no immediate change to the law or to the insurance of those who hold ACA policies. The 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals’ decision will likely set the stage for yet another Supreme Court fight in 2020 which will change nothing while the process plays itself out. Any action from Congress or President Trump will take time to be implemented. Democrats will attempt to scare people into thinking that they will now be directly thrown off their health insurance plans as a result of the ruling and this is simply not true.

Consider this case with the perspective that the Affordable Care Act failed to fix a broken health care system and, in many ways, made it worse. While the court’s opinion correctly focused solely on the ACA being unconstitutional, the fact is that only 22% of Americans with Obamacare plans said they were satisfied with their policies in 2017. In fact, both Republicans and Democrats acknowledge that a better solution is needed. Even presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, who voted for the ACA, calls the system a failure.

The Trump Administration has already acted and initiated solutions to strengthen Medicare, increase transparency, reduce surprise billing and decrease the cost of prescription drugs by authorizing the approval of more generic medications.

The good news is this ruling forces action on health care reform. Republicans are currently working on practical solutions to keep and build on what’s working in communities across the country and fix what’s not working. These reforms include guaranteed coverage safety nets to protect those with pre-existing conditions, freedom to choose your own doctor, expanded health savings accounts and flexible and innovative plan designs to fit personal needs.

Democrats, on the other hand, keep pushing the radical and disruptive Medicare for All scheme that damages doctor-patient relationships and burdens Americans with one-size-fits-all health care. It would destroy employer-based health insurance and obliterate the popular Medicare Advantage program. It would also leave Americans with gigantic tax increases to fund this folly. It’s clear that the Democrat solution to health care reform is more government intrusion and even less freedom.

The private sector is now anticipating the freedom to develop competing policies without the regulatory weight of Obamacare. Ultimately, the last dying gasps of the ACA allows the free market to do what it does best – innovate the way to affordable health care.

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11 months ago


Joann M Longton
11 months ago

Please fight for those of us who have been fined to have our money restored to us. I was charged 600+ one year and last year they charged me $1100.00–both time they took it out of my income taxes!!! Please demand that, since it has been ruled unconstitutional, that the government must restore our money to us they took illegally!!

11 months ago

The sad thing in all of this, is the fact that the
“Affordable Care Act” brought about one of the most unaffordable insurance plans in history! And in true democrat fashion, jammed it down the throats of those least able to afford it. And to add insult to injury, made them pay a fine if they dared not to purchase it. Folks is this the party we want running our country? I think NOT!!
Please vote Trump in 2020
Don’t get lazy folks he won’t win if we don’t vote!!

11 months ago

There is nothing in the Constitution that permits the federal government to enter into the medical insurance business. Remember we are a federation of sovereign states and the federal government has only the powers that are SPECIFICALLY granted to it by (those sovereign states) via the Constitution

Chester Diers
11 months ago

We need government oversight, NOT government control as the health industry, in ALL its components, is riddled with corrupt, greedy individuals!!

11 months ago

There should be two types of medical care: private plans for those who elect this and choose to pay for it, and free government medical care for those who can’t or won’t pay for regular care. The free government care could incorporate all all of the delays and inefficiencies of socialized medicine for those who want it. Elected government employees should by default be required to receive all health care from the government system, with no choice available.

To memorialize the free government health care and its unique qualities, we could call it “Castro Care.”

David Smith
11 months ago

Do away with the Trash!!! Get the Government OUT of the insurance business!!! We were in much better shape before OBOMA.
We had 85% of the people insured then and there is less than that NOW. The next thing the government will want to do is CONTROL ALL THE FOOD. Let’s just vote these people OUT OF OFFICE before we wake up and ALL FREEDOM is GONE!!!

11 months ago

We need to apply anti- dumping laws to the US pharmaceutical industry. Its unfair to our citizens for foreign countries to obtain our drugs at a fraction of the cost.

Steven R. Dalstra
11 months ago

The government does not belong nor should it be anywhere near healthcare services. Free enterprise is the right avenue to travel on.

Greg Farnsworth
11 months ago

The asinine careless act is just an other reason for why the government should keep their nose out of the private sector. The government should concern its self with it’s own mandated job of keeping the boarders secure and protecting us from foreign invasion ,we don’t want or need the government telling us what to buy or worse as in the asinine careless act forcing us to buy

John Garvey
11 months ago

Thanks to Obamacare my copays ( retired with Medicare) for most tests and treatments have increased by as much if not more than 400% . Example = MRI $220.00 copay after Obamacare , the year before copay = $60.00. President Trump is Making America Great Again ! Take a look at what we pay for Car Insurance in Michigan ( Highest in US ), Michigan =Worst roads in us, Gov. Whitmer worst in US.

Wendell Fountain
11 months ago

The government has no business involving itself in our healthcare matters. Let the Marketplace decide.

Stephen Q Shannon
11 months ago

Vet all your advertisers. AARP takes ads from anyone that comes along!!

Eugene D'Arezzo
11 months ago

I would like to see a program with the Medicare Advantage Plan for Seniors, where they can use their own doctor, rather than be forced to a network doctor, and be reimbursed by the Medicare Advantage Plan what they (MA) would pay a network doctor. This would leave the choice to the Beneficiary of paying the difference to the doctor of choice for his billing. But, definitely not deny any payment because the doctor isn’t in the network.

Judith K Hyten
11 months ago

This is not good what the Democrats are doing. God bless President Trump trying his best by making America beautiful!

David Petrie
11 months ago

How about refunds for the people who had to pay the fine???

11 months ago

It’s really disheartening to witness all the misinformation and politically inspired bull that is being spread around about the healthcare problem. There are “solutions” that will work, but they will require a bit of pain here and there. The GOP talks about “free market solutions” but most of that is merely lip service for appeasing those of us who actually understand what “free market solutions” mean in terms of healthcare. The bottom line that everyone must understand that before “lasting” solutions can be implemented is healthcare services are like any other services being performed by people for other people. This… Read more »

11 months ago

So, back it goes to the supreme court……What is Chief Justice John (what Constitution?) Roberts going to do this time?

Steve Lehenbauer
11 months ago

Will reform also bring down the cost currently being charged by hospitals and doctors. Seems the cost of procedures and seeing a doctor are very high in comparison to actual care and benefit received.

Stephen Russell
11 months ago

Make competitiive, prices, services, nationwide, Wellness, CBD, spas, workouts etc to cut HC costs

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