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The Shameful Side Effect of COVID-19: Mindless and Deliberate Attacks on Our Way of Life

COVID-19The side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic may have consequences well beyond the safety measures that have confined our daily lives.  The worldwide count of those who have succumbed to the coronavirus is well above the half million mark; in the U.S. alone more than 150,000 of our friends and neighbors have lost their lives to the disease.

But, the unintended consequences of social-distancing, lockdowns and the restructuring of day to day living, have helped spawn disorder by those who have taken advantage of the debilitating pandemic to use it as a means of seizing control of our government and our way of life.

Indeed, the killing of a wrong-doer instead of his peaceful arrest was brutal and was a cause for reform of police procedures that focus on rogue actors and allows the vast majority of good cops to do their jobs.  And, efforts are well underway toward that kind of reform.  In fact, President Trump wasted no time in issuing his Executive Order on Safe Policing for Safe Communities.

Yet, the crowds called for mayhem– the kind that, if left unchecked, is designed to achieve not reform but anarchy.  The first step they propose is to defund the police.  In other words, get rid of them; they get in the way of their nefarious agenda.

Imagine what life would be like without police protection in a world where evil doers need not hide their intentions because they have no fear of penalties.  Defund our police and you’ll quickly find out.  In fact, we don’t have to imagine it; we simply have to read all about it in our morning newspapers.  Senseless rioting has gripped the nation from sea to shining sea by rioters disguised as protestors while elected officials just stand by and, in some cases, actually hamper the efforts of police to quell the insurrection.

Many of those participating in these acts of rampage may truly believe they are doing it for a just cause.  They are easy prey for puppeteers who seek revolution, not reform.

Why else have peaceful protests and the chants for “justice” evolved into mindless mobs hell bent on obliterating not just statues but our nation’s history? If the cause is to seek justice for black lives, why then do they target national monuments and World War II cemeteries by spraying them with the Hammer and Sickle, the symbol of totalitarian communism? Why do they deface and seek to destroy statues of historic figures, including our most celebrated champions of black lives, Abraham Lincoln, who went to war to end slavery and the fearless abolitionist Frederick Douglass, whose monument was the first in the nation to honor a black American?

These events are chronicled in newspaper in cities from coast to coast almost on a daily basis.

But, you don’t have to read a reporter’s interpretation of events; video coverage lets you see for yourself.  In one such video, a threatening mob — including a number of white rioters — surrounds a black police officer trying to indoctrinate him and ultimately dismissing him with the words, “get out of here n***.”

You have to ask yourself, “Is it a coincidence that the rioting is occurring because some of participants may be fed up by the isolation of staying safe, thereby giving the puppeteers an opportunity to use the antsy young victims of COVID confinement as cover?”  After all, loneliness can have mind-numbing effects.

As commentator Tammy Bruce put it in a recent Washington Times article: “The rampage of violence and destruction of public property and American history is by design.  If your goal is to tear down a society, you must first erase its identity, and to do that you wipe out its legacy and history.”

We cannot let them succeed.

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1 month ago

Wow! Talk about reaching for the absurd to try and justify the actions of two subversive, communist groups (BLM and ANTIFA) that have been around for years. Their agenda and goals haven’t changed one bit from their original founding. Their means, via confrontation, violence, burning, looting, etc., certainly has remained constant. So to try and insinuate that Covid-19 has somehow been a catalyst for a groups that have espoused the same actions and goals since Day One of their existence is really grasping at non-existent straws.   I suggest you look at the identical activities of both groups that are… Read more »

1 month ago

That’s right People, Covid-19 is just an excuse to try and blame to thus keep President Trump from being reelected. All it really is doing is exposing that today’s Progressively Communist Democratic Party is suffering from TDV, Trump Derangement Virus. They would/will destroy the national economy if they can blame it on President Trump and thusly keep him from reelection. They think that by having control of the mainstream media they can tailor that blame narrative message to influence enough voters to not vote for Trump. The general populace may be stupid but even those that have lost their jobs… Read more »

1 month ago

To me, the worst lies being spread about COVID are about Trump’s “lax” attitude toward it.   Trump has clearly and consistently told us to WEAR MASKS FOR SAFETY. He wants to protect us, he wants us to protect ourselves. Meanwhile the DEMOCRAP FAKE MEDIA claims that Trump doesn’t like masks. Absolutely untrue.   According to a friend of mine, many prominent newspapers have photoshopp’ed Trump’s face to REMOVE the mask he was wearing, so they can act like he wasn’t wearing a mask! I have been told by reliable sources (not MSDNC or Fake Fox News) that Trump wears… Read more »

1 month ago

It’s really time that when these masses of Antifa and BLM types show up to destroy things that they are met with overwhelming force. Sitting back and appeasing them hasn’t worked with them any more than it worked for Hitler. They are the enemy within.

Patriot Will
1 month ago

Whether Covid-19 and anarchy are formally working together to bring down President Trump and the USA is a very debatable point. In my humble opinion, the more important point is that, indeed, they have formed a perfect storm of political and economic destruction that is going to make it very hard for President Trump to win a second election. Pre-Covid-19, President Trump and the American patriots were helping all the races grow economically and politically. Hopefully, the Republican strategists can get the message out and expose the Democrats for their ignorance, treason, and ill intentions. For my part, I will… Read more »

steven jacobs
1 month ago

These are not “side effects” of the plandemic-they are the purpose of the plandemic.

1 month ago

BLM is nothing but a front for liberal fund raising to promote their socialist, communist agenda. Soro’s and other wealthy individuals and blinded corporations that have taken the bate are promoting their world order no borders idealism. Follow the money. Millions upon millions of the money BLM collects goes to only left wing political candidates. None goes to improve the black neighborhoods. During elections, particularly this one, they are bent on gaining control at all costs. Rioters are paid and even have a pyramid scheme. Sign up others and receive a bonus. We need to stand up and hold our… Read more »

1 month ago

The Kung Flu virus, the rioting, the #CancelCulture, the mail-in voting, the changing of our money from cash to digital as of 1/21…It’s ALL a part of Agenda 2030. Coming to your home, your bank accounts, your privacy, and your rights NOW.   WAKE UP. THIS IS THE ROAD TO COMMUNISM AND FASCISM. If we don’t acknowledge that all the BS going on RIGHT NOW is part of the NWO conspiracy, we will lose EVERYTHING that we hold dear in our country. It’s NOT a conspiracy when they really ARE after you. The proof is overwhelming; hiding your head in… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by KatherineNonyaBeeswax
Robin W Boyd
1 month ago

These are not side affects of the Wuhan virus. They are calculated and deliberate attacks on the U.S. by hateful people who are using a bad situation to take advantage of our being weakened. All who support and participated need to be brought to justice.

Pat Mauldin
1 month ago

Just like the gas in 1974 when had to buy by even and odd tag numbers and they said we were running out of gas.

1 month ago

Convenient! The Trump/Russia scandal had lost all of its mojo – a totally made up story. Just in the nick of time comes the Wuhan Virus. You remember The president tried to restrict travel with China and the democrats called it an overreaction! Now, these same rotten democrats are claiming the president didn’t react soon enough! Hypocrisy on steroids! Now, democrats are using the virus as a means to destroy the American way of life and the economy. Democrats will do anything to blackmail voters against the president. Don’t submit to it!

Brad B
8 days ago

Well done! I thought investigative journalism was dead. It certainly is in mainstream media. No one else is connecting dots, or if they are, they aren’t getting published. They only repeat the narrative ad infinitum – greater good, safe and effective, everyone’s a racist, you’re selfish for wanting your liberty, etc. I’m an independent who’s always voted Democrat and loathed Trump, but I think the Democrats are off the rails. I watch the Covid overreach, the vaccine mandates and the BLM movement not only happening in blue states, but being downright encouraged and led by the democratic leadership all to… Read more »

Last edited 8 days ago by Brad B
Lee McQuillen
1 month ago

Socialism and Communism are just other forms of slavery. People need to wake up!

Gail P.
1 month ago

These are the intended consequences. Don’t be fooled. And, who is allowing the intended consequences?

Lyall W.
1 month ago

I am am strong supporter of the second ammendment, but I don’t want a gun in my house. If they ever “defund” the police in Easley, SC, I will buy one and learn to use it properly so I can protect me family and property.

1 month ago

I find it odd that the author chose to highlight white rioters surround a black officer as an example while ignoring all the black violence against whites which was much more prevalent.

1 month ago

POTUS means never having to say you are sorry

1 month ago

Donald Trump jr & his girlfriend both tested positive in SD fourth of July & will go to self quarantine. Hitting this close to home should make the people that say this is a hoax to redo their thinking. Also, where did they contact this & how many others around before test positive.

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