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Trump Administration Cuts Regulations and Lowers Costs for Americans


trumpCutting Regulations at Record Pace

  • President Trump reversed the disastrous overregulation of the previous administration and has undertaken a historic deregulation agenda.
  • Under President Trump, agencies have taken 7 deregulatory actions for every new regulation.
  • These efforts have already saved $50 billion in regulatory costs so far, with more to come.

Lowering Costs of American Families

  • The President’s deregulation will boost household income annually by $3,100 in the coming years.
  • Families will have access to cheaper cars thanks to President Trump’s rollback of the Obama-era CAFE regulations.
  • President Trump has cut red tape in the healthcare industry, which will save patients nearly 10 percent on prescription drugs.

Lifting Up Forgotten American

  • The cost of regulations falls disproportionately on lower-income Americans.
  • Regulations raise prices, hurting lower-income Americans who must spend a larger portion of their income on heavily regulated goods like transportation, food, and healthcare.
  • Overregulation in the labor sector can lead employers to replace some workers with cheaper machines, killing jobs for many Americans.

These regulatory changes, along with other actions to bolster the economy by President Trump and his administration, have helped America weather the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. You have to ask the question: “Where would America be today if we did not have Trump’s booming economy six months ago?”

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Charles (Chuck) Castiglione
5 months ago


Bea Anthony
6 months ago

Only with the support of God himself could Trump endure and succeed in this daily battle of Trump vs. Satan ( i.e. Democrats ). Only with God’s hand on him could he possibly find the will to endure and persevere in spite of the onslaught against him. Why would he even personally “want“ to put up with it or keep it up?!? — I suggest that God is the reason for that too. I suggest that God chose his man and took charge of him!! It appears that he is using Trump’s own personal determination to “make a difference” for America and moving him In all of the right ways to get it done. I’m not sure that Trump recognized that in the beginning but he seems to be realizing it more and more.
—In no way would I glorify him as we do Jesus Christ but I do say that “I see Jesus in him”.
Consider this. He is crucified daily and chooses to “press on” to keep America great; not without personal suffering and feeling the impact of this onslaught against him. This is “in spite” of everything that is thrown at him. “We the the people” are his first priority and he will “stick with us”. His sense of “right and wrong” is not for sale. Not that he is infallible but he is true to us and what he sees to be the right thing to do. —in the beginning it seemed to be all about his own ego but it quickly changed to being all about the American people. God leads him. He cares, he’s determined, and boy does he have grit !! To use his favorite expression, “Like we’ve never seen before” !!

6 months ago

Trump does some good things & then he does something unpresident like with his thumbs up picture in oval office with bunch of Goya bean cans. What is he thinking when he does stuff like this??? Kneejerk reaction ???

6 months ago

Without Trumps booming economy we’d be suffering Obama-nomics!

Nancy Carr
6 months ago

Deregulation hurts our environment a.d our safety

6 months ago

Would like AMAC to do a poll: ” Do you trust Trump to tell you the truth or Fauci to tell you the truth.” Asking hospitals to send corona data direct to WH instead of CDC seems to me like someone wants to fool with data to make story better than it is. Right now the USA is leading the Covid-19 world in most cases and most deaths & some people act like this is not true nor a problem for America.

6 months ago

Trump & Biden should be having debates, instead of using WH speeches to attact Biden. Do you really think this is fair ??

6 months ago

White House speeches should not be used as political platforms. The rest of the world is watching/listening to POTUS & must be getting a fair idea how he operates. Not much said today about any National response to Covid-19 & schools this year. And money given to others is out of a deficit. Trump claims money given to farmers is from tariffs to other countries, how does this work to go to treasury.

Allan Brem
6 months ago

I do not know whether or not I would agree with the President on every other decision he makes but I know that I disagree with him about not making a stand and vetoing the stimulus Bills until Congress gave America what we needed without the quid pro quo.

Bill Brown
6 months ago

There is ONLY ONE CHOICE this November – The United States of America OR The United Soviet Socialist States of America!!!!!  Stand-up for America.  Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

Bill Brown
6 months ago

IF YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN, find an alternative to Public Education.  It destroys individual thinking!!  Charter and Parochial Schools can be OK but Home Education is best although it may require lifestyle changes.  EACH OF US MUST CHOOSE!  “IF YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN…”

Bill Brown
6 months ago

We left Europe because of stifling regulation!!  Stand-up for America!!  Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

Bill Brown
6 months ago

Thank God for President Trump!!  Americans, we are in the middle of a Communist Revolution!!  Stand-up for America!!  Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

Arizona Don
6 months ago

There is little doubt President Trump will go down in history as far and away the best president we have had since Lincoln perhaps since Washington or maybe even ever. And both Lincoln and Washington were absolutely tremendous. Every “real” true American knows that. Therefore it is no big deal if these make believe democrats do not. Ronald Reagan was extremely good for America and got her back on track after Carter screwed everything up. However, Carter was not out to destroy America these so called democrats and Obama were/are! The difference between Carter and Obama is Carter loved America (and still does) but was way over his head and unqualified for the presidency. We know that now we did not then at least at first. Whereas Obama’s goal and the goal of his supporters, and henchmen was, and still is, a fundamental transformation. He told us that! Has anyone ever asked what happens to the original after a fundamental transformation?  While considering that remember Obama did not like the current constitution. He thought it to restrictive on the executive branch (when he was president). However, the constitution was written to restrict centralized government. That was and is the reason for the bill of rights. That pesky constitution protects individual rights. Like no other nation in the world. As, by-the-way, it was meant to!  
I have to say even Reagan can not compare to the successes President Trump has accomplished for America in record time and I liked Regan. President Trump’s accomplishments cover ALL Americans and in such a short time. Not because of but in spite of the so called democrat obstructionists and in spite of the Chinese corona virus. The democrats are in reality socialist of some kind. Either communists, marxist or fascists. It seems at this time they lean toward marxism. Antifa even brags about that. They are even trying to use the Wuhan corona virus to interfere with Trump to make him look bad. Another failure on their part. Some may not even realize it because of the propaganda of the main stream media. They no longer seem to he hiding the socialist part at least. All of those regimes have an oppressive base of socialism. All are ruled by an iron fisted dictator. However one question lingers that needs to be answered; when was socialism ever successful? And when did it ever lead to success and economic prosperity for a nation or the people of the nation? The answer an obvious NEVER. And it never will!
Obama promised five days before being sworn in a fundamental transformation (unexplained but a transformation none-the-less) which thankfully he failed to fulfill because that transformation goal was obviously communism with a touch of Islam but he could not get our guns. Such a transformation would certainly require force. Which he knew and that was his reason for also promising, in his very next breath, a federal police force just as well trained, funded and equipped as the US military. Every dictator in the past hundred years or so has used a federal police force to solidify their total and complete power over the people once the guns were “gone.” Consequently we have realized just what it was he was promising. That is also how hundreds of millions of law abiding citizens throughout Europe and Asia were murdered (executed) by their own governments during that bloody twentieth century. We should have known that as well.  As a matter of fact more people have been murdered under socialism then all the wars combined. Is that the reason these make believe democrats desire socialism? So they through a dictator could murder those of us who are conservative? For we are seen as a threat to them and their goals. Just look at the hate in their eyes right now for conservatives!   

It is obvious these so called democrats who are in reality communists think they can confiscate the guns if they can somehow get a law passed making them illegal. They seem to think everyone, including the criminals who process guns illegally now, to just hand them over if there is a law saying that is what they must do. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We just learned how difficult it is to do things in mass numbers with this Wuhan corona virus. And the population was cooperating in that effort. What would happen if the population refused to comply (cooperate) with any law regarding the registration or collection (confiscation) of firearms in America?  How would the government get them. Although no one knows for sure just exactly how many guns there are in the US. There could be anywhere from a few hundred million to over a billion. Even many hundreds of millions over a billion. That number, by-the-way grows daily. Especially right now. The task of confiscating so many guns from a population that refuses to comply is or would be an impossible task and could not be done.  These so called democrats are not bright enough to see that.  Furthermore, the attempted confiscation of the guns in America would or could start a civil war unlike any war ever experienced in the world.  Millions of Americans would die. However, a civil war here could involve other nations as well as America. Something Lincoln feared during the civil war of 1861 – 1865.  However, rest assured it would happen now!
They who claim to be democrats even socialist democrats, are for some unknown reason unable to even see that although they did support Obama’s attempt to destroy America and all she stands for. Therefore they may not ever see a clear picture of what is currently going on. That also is becoming quite obvious! Those people who watch or only have access to the main stream media in other words MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS CNN and PBS (or any part of them) for their news as well as most major newspapers have no access to the actual news. But considerable access to far left opinions and propaganda (lies). Those on the left would, if they got their way, transform America into a communist state and get rid of the constitution all together. This is in spite of the fact they claim it is they who are “saving” the nations freedoms from the destructive conservatives. Of course nothing could be farther from the truth.
The recent impeachment fiasco was a demonstration of things to come if these communists disguised as democrats, or make believe democrats, get back into power any time soon.  However in the final analysis if anyone wants to know what these so called democrats have done or are doing just look at what they accuse others of especially conservatives. That is what they themselves are doing!  
Electing Barack Obama even once, not twice, was the biggest mistake Americans ever made. That mistake we will be paying for for a century at least perhaps with millions of America lives in another civil war. Let us prey not! But let us also act so that never happens.
Vote conservative next November 3.  

Glenn Lego
6 months ago

But did he cut any of the Covid regulations? (Cricket chirping)

6 months ago

Regulations are “laws” disseminated by unelected officials of the executive branch, purportedly under the approval of the president of the United States or a court judge as presented by a government official. The majority of fines and fee collections are made as a result of regulations. Regulations are historically devices that strangle the economy and limit liberties because of what an extremely small minority feels should be implemented to correct a perceived problem. When the unelected officials cannot get regulations passed, they rely on sue and settle, where government officials contact interested outsiders to sue the government on an issue or issues and then settle the issue out of court – now the issue becomes law. The majority of EPA issues were made into regulations this way. Problem: only congress should enact laws and regulations should be presented to congress for approval…ditto with court decisions that are to become regulations.

Ed J
6 months ago

If Shillary Clinton had been elected president in 2016, our country would now be “in the toilet,” with all of us wringing our hands waiting for “the final flush!”  The Demsheviks and their Deep State cronies would actively be putting the lid on the coffin of our nation’s Constitution, along with all our liberties and freedoms. American would inexorably and rapidly be descending into an inescapable abyss similar to that of socialist Venezuela. The tragic part of all of this is that there would be a large proportion of the population cheering Shillary on, oblivious to what they are truly supporting.

P.S. Under a Demshevik administration, the death toll from COVID-19 would also most likely have been much higher, on the order of 10s of thousands or even several 100s of thousands more Americans.

6 months ago

Go Trump Go

6 months ago

A prosperous people THINK for themselves. This is what the left does NOT want. bho said that we didn’t make that ourselves when talking about businesses people have started and doing well in. In my experience, a business didn’t make itself, SOMEONE had to build it and run it. President Trump KNOWS this and is trying to bring AMERICAN made products back. I can remember when something made in America was something to be PROUD of…MADE IN THE USA was a label of pride and workmanship!!!

Charlotte Brock
6 months ago

Under Obama, a legislator informed my Alzheimer’s group while visiting the state capitol, that we send $200,000 to Washington and receive back $100,000 with $100,000 in regulations.