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Trump is Smart Like a Fox

trumpTrump is smart like a fox.  The Democrat-dominated media is all awash in the latest fundraising numbers, showing that – ever since Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett, soon a Justice – Democrat fundraising has exploded.   The media miss a key point.

Yes, Amy Coney Barrett is a strict constructionist, textualist, former Scalia clerk – judicial conservative.  Yes, she will soon wear the robes of a Justice.  Yes, she will bring considerable intellectual firepower and judicial acumen to bear – reviewing Obamacare and Roe v. Wade.  Yes, the Democrat obsession with socialized medicine and abortion was triggered.

But bigger things are afoot.  Trump knows it.  First, the Republican base knows restoring the judiciary to a faithful reading of the Constitution may be Trump’s most significant and enduring legacy.  Saying “go” to Barrett’s appointment did three things.  It reminded us the next four years decide the next 40, Trump never backs down, and Trump keeps promises.

Second, it lit a stick of dynamite, bringing back to the surface two wedge issues – the failures, premium hikes, and unworkable nature of socialist Obamacare, and the morally indefensible nature of on-demand-abortion, now including at-birth – both defended by Democrats.  The fact that these two issues are now in play – although Democrats do not get it– is huge.

Understand that, on broad polling, Obamacare is favored by a small minority of Americans.  While 8.5 million signed up in 2019, many younger Americans are taking a pass – and most working Americans prefer coverage through better private insurance from their employer.

With Biden-Harris vowing to end private health insurance, pushing Americans into high-cost-low-quality care, Democrats misunderstand the American temperament.  Americans prefer higher quality, personally tailored, affordable, private insurance.  Just as they prefer to work than be locked down, they prefer their employer’s insurance coverage to Obamacare.

Likewise, the numbers on abortion are stunning.  Please read slowly:  A Harvard-Harris poll shows only eight percent of Americans favor third-trimester abortion; only six percent favor it at birth.  Put differently, 94 percent disapprove of the Democrat position.  This is significant.  See, e.g., https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/06/01/poll-8-americans-abortion-legal-third-trimester/.

Notably, Trump knows it.  Like President Trump, AMAC has staked out a strong position against abortion.  Most recently, AMAC supported the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,” protecting children at birth, imposing consequences on those who do not.

But the bigger point is that Trump understood where Democrats would go, beat them at their own game.  He knew they would play their extreme positions – in a time when Americans were no longer willing to play along.  Americans are – on balance– not stupid or immoral.  They know Obamacare has failed; they know later term abortion is wrong.   So does Trump.

But Trump’s biggest insight – believe it or not – was on media.  He knew, appealing to their extreme base, that Democrats would jump on Barrett.  He knew she would acquit herself well in congressional hearings, was smart, poised, honorable, affable, and irrepressibly irrepressible.  In sum, she was what America needs on the High Court.  He knew the media would trumpet the hearings – and thus her acumen, decency, and innate goodness.

At the same time, he knew that this nomination – together with the constellation of issues afoot at this moment, from foreign policy and national security to border sanctity, threat of unrestrained socialism to Biden’s fragility, economic concerns to an independent judiciary- would enliven, perhaps even enrage, the Democrat media.

The result has been remarkable, and predictable.  While Democrats raised money on the Barrett nomination, something bigger is happening.  President Trump is producing billions of dollars in earned media.  In 2016, a relative unknown yet admirably defiant Trump earned roughly two billion in “earned media” – that is stories, for which he did not pay.  This cycle, the numbers are well beyond that.

Most interestingly, as Biden camps out in his basement – “poster child” for political cowardice, personal arrogance, and socialist assumptions about  indifference or naivete of the American people – Trump is on the trail, fighting, working, advancing the cause of the Constitution – and gaining earned media daily.

Trump knows that high office is earned, never given.  He knows effort is respected, along with fidelity to principle.  He is a born fighter, not interested in a pass, bye, or basement.  He set up the Barrett appointment, and advanced it as methodically as any president in modern history.  He was surefooted, his faith in the future and American people unbounded.  He is now pressing his advantage – and to good effect.

While the media mumbles and fumbles, reporting Democrat fundraising numbers, do not doubt the wider strategy.  Trump is pulling billions in earned media – and for all the right reasons, on all the right issues, for all Americans who believe in this nation.  Trump is ahead by several moves, as Biden takes America by bunny hops.  Trump is … smart like a fox.

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Linda K
1 month ago

I hope people realize it’s about more than abortion or Obamacare. It’s about keeping our freedom vs living in a communist country. Too many people have had it too good for their entire lives and have no idea, either that they do or what it could be like to lose the freedom they take for granted.

Donna Crisler
1 month ago

Your writings always encourage me in this time of overwhelming fear that we might lose our country as we have known it. I really wish that all Americans were seeing the SAME, TRUE news. It would make such a difference. Thank you, Mr. Charles, for your educated and well-written articles! Along with so many others, I am praying daily that Americans are going to vote FOR America!

1 month ago

If Americans are still thinking, President Trump will be re-elected. But should the election fail, the smart start to peace for Israel with neighbors and the appointment of great judges will be two historic accomplishments. Biden says “The green new deal will pay for itself” . If you believe that “I have ocean front property in Arizona.” People who are hoping for a blue wave cannot be thinking people.

1 month ago

As I’ve mentioned before, I do petitioning. I have heard that when President Trump is re-elected, that I expect many new petitions. Locally, here in California, there is talk of Recall petitions on Pelosi, Schiff and Maxine Waters if they all win. And best of all, a Nationwide petition on Term Limits! Go President Trump!!! … Though first he will have to putdown the nasty rebellious BLM and Antifa rioters. I welcome Martial Law and mobilizing the National Guard to quell these uprisings. A Trump re-election signifies an official end of the Progressively Communist Democratic Party as we now know… Read more »

1 month ago

AMAC is MY kind of seniors organization. It’s why I’m a member and NOT a member of AARP!

1 month ago

This is an excellent article! I hope everyone will read it from beginning to end. As far as the Dems go, all they do is call the Republicans names, the latest one being CHUMP by, in the basement, Biden. Then when Kamala is asked about Socialism, all she does is laugh. What does that tell you? They won’t tell the American People the truth about their Socialistic Policies and who will be running the Country, heaven help us, if they get elected. President Trump deserves so much credit for everything he has done for WE THE PEOPLE and now with… Read more »

1 month ago

I have always thought Trump used the liberal media better than anyone ever has. Trump’s name is on the liberal news networks and face time on TV counts. Biden is hiding and they have nothing to give about him except he was out and bought an ice-cream, big deal. TRUMP 2020!

1 month ago

So happy to read this article…I have felt that President Trump has good instincts and knows or sees more than he publicly admits. We are lucky to have someone who out thinks and is a few steps ahead of them. I also know it drives them crazy ..Hooray to our side ..!!

1 month ago

AMAC is AWESOME! Pick the right side of the debate and stick to it. It’s the only way we dig ourselves out of the quagmire that has been engineered around us by the SWAMP.

Trump Delivers while Biden Dithers. There is only 1 clear choice. Trump in 2020, or Biden/Kamala destruction in 2021.

Stephen Russell
1 month ago

More 2 do:
Fire Wray & CIA directors, purge both
Purge DOJ
CUT Deep State ALL Govt wide.
Privitize Govt roles IE Food services (even land bases for defense)
Cut budget & deficet

Julie Kane
1 month ago

SO TRUE !!! Smart like a FOX is a BIG AMEN !

Linda Hutson
1 month ago

Everything is looking good for a Trump/Pence 2nd term, but we mustn’t become complacent! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE OUR VERY FREEDOM DEPENDS UPON IT. It really comes down to just two issues, FREEDOM or COMMUNISM.

Patriot Will
1 month ago

Robert B. Charles has done an excellent job at expressing concepts of concern that many different types of Americans can agree are important to the welfare of this country. Consequently, even Americans that are not that politically aware, may end up voting for President Trump, because they realize that even though all of President Trump’s policies are not to their liking, at least some, or even one, of his policies are/is very important to their way of life. Biden, on the other hand, is a big “nothing burger” who promises the world, yet has been lazy, divisive, and incompetent for… Read more »

FJ Miller III
1 month ago


Matthew Gabor
1 month ago

President Trump is amazing! Each day there are new attacks, plots against him and he comes back fighting stronger than ever! The 60 Minutes Debacle was proof there is no fairness with The Left Wing Media! When Harris was asked about Socialism she sidestepped the question and laughed! Then she went into her actress mode with the “Crocodile Tears”! I wonder if during Biden’s Concession Speech he will call our President “George uh er uh!” President Trump’s energy comes from The Lord. What other man could travel day after day to 3-4 Rallies, accomplish what he has and never get… Read more »

1 month ago

It is so refreshing to see a president who is not under the thumb of the lobbyists, under the thumb of the Big Pharma, Chems, and people like the traitors called schumer, pelosi, nadler, soros. It is so uplifting to see that the left’s stupidity is only jumping as high as the little bunny, LOW ON BATTERIES, called Biden. The left has NO IDEA how the people of the US will vote. The clunt called clinton has NEVER been prepped for the country run by President Trump. She has sold the US to the worst enemies, with no look back,… Read more »

1 month ago

I’m glad to hear that Trump’s campaign is benefiting from earned media. I gave money to the campaign and now I am bombarded multiple times a day to give more; made to feel guilty that the Democrats are raising more money. I have long held a belief that money is not the be-all, end-all in politics. This story provides some measure of vindication to my views.

Sue Watson
1 month ago

I addressed, wrote notes on, and stamped 498 postcards to inactive Christian voters in Florida as part of a huge campaign by My Faith Votes. No candidate was mentioned, but some Christian values were enumerated. The grassroots efforts have been phenomenal. I’m prayerfully optimistic.
P.S. I had 500 cards; somehow I skipped two names.

1 month ago

I have been a Republican, a Nationalist and a firm believer in Democracy ever since I immigrated to the US from Canada in 1949. I believe in the president and the conservative way. Capitalism is king over socialism. However, I fear the reactions of the Democrats, BLM/Antifa and the liberal mob that is name calling and threatening conservatives every day should President win in a landslide? What assurance can you give me that there isn’t going to be terrible violence and something akin to a Bolsheviki Revolution when a president, whoever it is takes office? Considering the threats and name… Read more »

Gram Cracker
1 month ago

Great insight, great article!!!

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